There are many contextual and factual errors/misunderstandings made by the Operation RedTape authors. Many of the accusations are demonstrably false. We'd like to offer real transparency by offering corrections to their mistakes, and show you proof of our own claims. Something the RedTape document sorely lacks.

— p0358, L0s7, MrSteyk, dogecore, mrvn4


Buckle up!

This document will go over the background in the Titanfall community. It will be long and not as sensational as the RedTape's PDF, but it aims to give people the actual facts and story, rather than to stir up some cheap drama.

We will provide the context for every screenshot included, some of it going as far back as 2017. The long story of Titanfall 1 issues and the arms race between the good and evil consists of many chapters, but most of the community was not aware of it up until late 2020, where Jeanue has eventually killed Titanfall 1 with its servers becoming a ghost town, and after a period of boredom decided to go after Titanfall 2.

If you want to download the original RedTape report we were basing off, you can search the MD5 hash on the Internet and in various messengers: fc55dab68cf6182eb30eeb69a3da0d55

It will be a long read partly because of the sheer volume of the screenshots, many of them unrelated to the case in any way at all.

It is worth noting that when we refer to "Jeanue", we in fact refer to the group of people that's been behind the Titanfall attacks. It is hard to tell them apart, and the fact that they changed their names multiple times a day back in 2018 and 'till the present day made it impossible to always know who is who. However, the first speedhacker from their group that's been known for the longest time went by the handle of "jeanue" before the name changing fest has started. Other members of the group ended up using the name for themselves as well on various occasions, given it was the only known name that people recognized in the long run, complicating the situation further.

We will elaborate on the attackers in the later sections, but for now remember that “Jeanue” can refer to any member of their group.

Messages from the contributors


For those that know of me, it should be pretty clear that I’m not cool with Jeanue. I have gone to some great lengths to try to find a way to stop s/he/them. I believe each of us (contributors) do not approve of what ‘Jeanue’ has been doing, we have different methods, and have disagreed with each other about them. But we are still able to have civil discussions and recognize that we’re on the same team. Yes, Steyk develops cheats, which is interesting at a technical level but I don’t appreciate them being used in legit lobbies. Yes, Steyk admitted to me he was doing Apex at the time, which I also felt was probably a bad idea. But we do both agree that Jeanue has gone too far.

Re: RedTape

It seemed immediately obvious to me how far-fetched the accusations in UE/Redtape’s contents are, especially in the PDF file — screenshots cut crucial contextualization that makes or breaks the argument. I assume this is for the sake of brevity, yet they have tons of screenshots that don’t really serve any purpose. RedShield is a young man, why are you trying to make him look bad for hoping he can get a job at Respawn? Even in chat threads about this topic I’ve seen people that are outside of the situation recognizing this (MoDen says his BS detectors are going off). Frankly, their argument is poorly constructed. One of the limiting factors in creating private servers for Respawn games is that clients did not ship with a server.dll file, which contains essential code for running a server. For years people have brought up the idea of private servers without Jeanue; however, the answer was simply “we don’t have a server.dll, nothing we can do.” p0 et al initially believed it’d be too involved to create one that works for r1. Despite this huge technical hurdle (big maybe) for a low pop game, the group behind SaveTitanfall allege that:

  1. p0 concocted a multi-year plan to crash and kill r1, hoping that he’d…
  2. eventually be able to (maybe?) create a working server.dll, so that…
  3. while r1 is dead, spend hundreds/thousands of hours developing TFO to (maybe?) be able to make it a playable alternative to r1 with no plans for monetization, then…
  4. provide TFO to the community for no gain, for the 50-100 people worldwide that’d be interested enough to jump through hoops to play it?

Seriously..? It reeks of a conspiracy theory.

IMO, it is very clear. The people behind the RedTape doc and SaveTitanfall have absolutely no business being in charge of anything. They are clearly incapable of properly vetting information, and use their assumed positions to steer people in completely the wrong way. All are demonstrably, dangerously irresponsible by their actions. If I were to liken this to a much more extreme example, like say... They were generals sending troops in to battle: they sent everyone in to certain death based on obviously bad intel. But they were too inept to pick up on it. Is that the leader you want?

Jeanue Background

Jeanue has been learning about the Titanfall infrastructure since at least 2018. I know as I’ve been around since the very beginning, playing many games with Jeanue before he went illegitimate. I’ve watched his/her progression (and been a prime target). For those that don’t know, Jeanue was an extremely bad player at the beginning- and rather petulant. As after losing badly for a period of time he’d essentially stop playing and non-stop throw insults (racist included) at those beating him. Obviously, most of us just gave him shit right back and it blew his lid off.

He eventually started speed-hacking in 2016-2017, but the better players would literally team stack against him — he’d still lose. Due to this Jeanue would begin going farther and farther down the rabbit hole of trying to ‘win’. At first this person would, no joke, impersonate the people he hated while cheating (by mimicking their names) to try and turn the community against these people. He would use the name Salty-LOs7 for, like, 12 hours a day at the beginning. Because of the font TF1 uses in-game, some characters appear identical, such as 0 and O, i.e. there are screenshots of Jeanue using ‘pO358’ and asking for donations to p0’s actual PayPal donate link, but in-game his name appears as p0358 in most spots. Fortunately, it didn’t take very long for people to begin wising up to this obvious ruse. How come there’s a Salty-L0s7 and a Salty-LOs7 in the same room? (The first time I ever played with p0 in game, people were telling me he thought I was a hacker for some reason I didn’t know? Turns out p0 had seen Salty-LOs7 so much that he assumed I was Jeanue)

The first time I had heard of p0 (EU player, I’m a NA player so we didn’t cross paths) was through another player. We were in a lobby with Jeanue and my friend started telling me he’s going to message “p” to come boot Jeanue from the game. Apparently “p” knew some commands and could break the matchmaking temporarily for a specific player (Stryder would not put you in a lobby for 30-45min or something). “P” had used this on Jeanue a couple times to get him out in order that people could play normally. Once Jeanue saw that this was possible, I guess his interest was piqued about how. He would constantly ask p0 how to do it. I can specifically recall playing a match on Boneyard in 2018 that Jeanue was in and he was telling me that s/he had been studying the server API through p0’s TF stats page, and that ‘we’re fucked’ or something like that when s/he’s done. Remember that at this time, TF1 was perfectly playable (aside from Jeanue just annoying lobbies), no one talked about private servers, etc. Well not too long after that, Jeanue figured out the long name exploit, then scripted it to run 24/7. TF1 was unplayable for more than half of 2019.

p0 and RedShield started Remnant Fleet and organized TF1 events, since p0 had discovered a way to bypass Jeanue’s bots. I participated in some of these events, which Jeanue also tried to forcibly join multiple times and try to crash our games. All of this to basically say that I still consider p0 to not be the bad guy here.


I was always a fan of Titanfall, ever since seeing its first announcement at E3 in 2013. I even got a Titanfall-themed Xbox One console bundle back in 2014 to play it, months before it was officially available in my country. After completing the games on both Xbox consoles and getting a new PC, I got Titanfall 1 for PC as well, in early 2016, and it became my main platform.

I got interested in reverse engineering this game in 2017, after seeing the domain name of Stryder's matchmaking backend in my DNS server logs and got interested in analyzing how is this game's networking designed, knowing that Titanfall is based on Source engine, the engine of many games I played in childhood, yet heavily modified. You know, I always had that passion for checking how things work under the hood. But in computers, not cars.

As a result of my data-mining, I have found many cool and interesting things in the engine. I also began to understand how does the matchmaking system work and how the entirety of server design is functioning together. For example, I found out some hidden playlists, or how to modify your weapon skins without repacking the whole 60 GB of VPK files, or record demos to replay matches later. Yes, my findings also included various exploits and oversights, but those I have kept to myself, recognizing their potential danger if they ended up in wrong hands.

With all that knowledge, I wanted to created something cool, so I have created my Titanfall status website, inspired by tracker websites that many more popular games do have. It allows people to see the current player counters, along with details on which playlists are currently active, allowing you to check out, for example, if there are people in CTF, without launching the game. It also shows some player counts statistics and allows searching by player name, to see their playtime, skill and what they're doing in-game, for example to justify if the game is worth joining.

Afterwards, in later 2017, I had my episode with Titanfall 2. I have added support for that game on my site, and while player counters display was fine, the player search was never working well, due to the large number of servers and players that overwhelms my server. The full server scan had to take at least 15 minutes and the data was often already outdated. Of other things, I created two overlays for Twitch streamers, one about generation display, the other about current kills counter. I honestly tried to like this game too as much as I liked the original one, but I couldn't, so I ended up coming back to Titanfall 1 and not touching Titanfall 2 again (apart from playing at the free weekend in 2021).

In 2016 and 2017 it was rather rare to encounter a cheater in Titanfall 1, at least on European servers. However, in 2018, a quite unique group of cheaters was formed: it was "jeanue", the original one, from USA, and a Polish guy who would change his name every couple of days (Origin used to let you change your name once per 3 days, before they lifted that limit). Connected by their hatred towards the game and its community, they were unable to play and were always owned despite the use of cheats. Later on, the group would be joined by a third guy, supposedly from Philippines. All three proceeded to change their names daily, banter the players in lobbies with the nicknames and their behavior, including being extremely racist.

Their prevalence on the servers was causing a lot of disruption for the tiny Titanfall 1 community. It was not possible to not encounter them somewhere on the servers, and playing against three cheaters at once barely made sense. Numerous complaints and reports of their accounts in every possible channel were left unanswered. It was weird, because in 2016 there was a clan of five Titanfall 1 cheaters who would record their gameplay to YouTube, whom ended up getting their Origin accounts banned. As such, the community could not understand the lack of reaction roughly a year or two later.

With that, I decided to take matters into my own hands. The cheaters felt basically immortal. They were unafraid of anything. I thought that it is not fair that they got so comfortable annoying the playerbase with nothing to stop them. So, I decided to use my knowledge to mess with them and let them feel a taste of what they do to others themselves:

While this approach was perhaps questionable in some ways, me and others felt it was justified.

Unfortunately, while some random cheaters got the memo and either abandoned cheating or the entire game, the Jeanue and his friends turned out to be special. They did not give up. And seeing how much the game is broken, they begun to research vulnerabilities on their own and use anything they have found against all the players. And they did find more than even I had known, their day-long attacks rendering the game completely unplayable in 2019. Initially they would do this manually, switching up, using the fact that they are in three different timezones, later (most likely) developing macros to automate their actions, before ending up with bots.

I didn't feel like there was much that could be done at all at that time, except beg Respawn for help. We ended up getting the first media article after a few months of this tragedy, with other media outlets following. We felt that "now there's no way Respawn wouldn't notice and save us". But we were wrong. Nothing happened.

Then later in 2019, a server named "Remnant Fleet" was formed by RedShield. He read up that the attackers are helpless if the server is full and thus they cannot join. So with that idea he decided to form a server to collect a group of 12 people willing to coordinate and join the servers at once, before the attacker could crash the lobby.

I learnt of that server soon after and joined. The idea was very refreshing, since none of my previous thought processes around what could be done next assumed having a coordinated group of people. Thanks to my knowledge we could gradually automate the game-forming process over time. Without me, the whole initiative would have probably died within a few weeks. In the course of months, from having two team captains get joined by teams and go to matchmaking (where any failure, including someone randomly disconnecting, would mean jeanue would join within a few seconds and screw up everything), we ended up with a fully automatic and reliable solution which required a single button press in a program, and once everyone was ready, it would connect everyone directly to a matchmaking server, a trick which was possible thanks to my knowledge of how Stryder works from two years before. Then we didn't even need 12 players, because friendly bots would guard the missing spots, with the ability to replace them with incoming players on demand.

Under such scenario, RedShield has commented that at that point in time, we almost have forgotten about jeanue's existence at all, and no games of us would get crashed, despite the general population being unable to play for long months — due to the game being under constant attack.

A major breakthrough was after MrSteyk developed his patch, after which the attacks stopped for a few weeks or months (though people from Jeanue's team were still cheating in the game and reminding us of their existence constantly).

Unfortunately, it was a silence before the thunderstorm, because Jeanue ended up coming back with new waves of attacks, ones that were not patchable from client side, and ones for which workarounds were hardly possible. At that time I became busy with other things and didn't try to work on Titanfall, or to play much.

In later 2020 we found out that he's using some ways to lag the servers and make them appear as if they were completely dead and unconnectable despite responding normally to queries. We later learned that this is what we recognize now as "DoS". I recognized the shape of this attack once we managed to go into actual match and encountered the characteristic symptoms. Interestingly, after the game got released on Steam, Jeanue stopped the attacks for around two weeks. After that period of time, he completely annihilated it again. There were some rare short periods of time where they'd go down and the game would work for a couple of hours. However, in their eventual attempts to fix the situation, Respawn only broke more things while not slowing the attacks down even a tiny bit, instead of fixing the root cause of the exploits.

This was when I realized all hopes for this game and for any improvements are completely lost, and while thinking of our options, I also remembered that TFO was a thing, and thus begun trying to launch that game, having more reverse engineering experience than years ago when I failed. Those fresh attempts did succeed, and as such, the slow progress there has begun, in order to reincarnate our favorite game under the form of that bizarre spinoff. Yes, you read this correctly. TFO project was born as a direct result of Titanfall 1 being already dead for long time, with no hope of that situation ever changing. It's an innocent project. Not to mention all the positive changes that were made: new weapons, new maps, new UI, improvements in the engine, increased tickrate and wide modding possibilities. It could be an environment which we could secure against hacks ourselves, without relying on Respawn's mercy. Sadly, the work on this was painfully slow from the beginning, with many things removed/missing and in need of being rebuilt.

Along the way, Titanfall 2 became a victim of Jeanue attacks with the same exploits that he used in Titanfall 1 since late 2020, starting with attacking streamers and ending up with attacking the whole community. "Creator Circuit" was formed as a response to that, where current information on attacks was gathered, and I, along with a few people from Remnant Fleet, were invited, and I strived to share the knowledge that I had and help out as much as I could. I even wrote an article describing in one place how to fix the game against all vulnerabilities that jeanue was using in the wild, having gotten a new hope of Respawn wanting to fix the game, after they pushed a server-side update for the first time in years.

Unfortunately, when I went on vacation in August to take a break from everything, I got stabbed in my back by a few people, when they apparently decided to release their funny document and accuse us of everything instead...


My journey with this game began with my pal explaining the situation that's been going on with Titanfall 1 and asking if I can try to leverage that. I naturally agreed, got an invite to an intermediate Discord server and filled an application to RedShield. In the meanwhile, I've been reversing the network flow specifically. I knew you can't simply make a client disconnect without forcing it to (timing the server out, using a command, shutting down netchannel and sending a disconnect packet, etc). That's how the original fix surfaced. After that time (December 2019), I was barely seen in-game and played enough to be level 17-19 Gen 1.

About the / NoSkill Team

Initially claimed to have no knowledge of who the Apex attackers were, yet now they do and have known for a long time.




iiishiii aka "I'm out" (not part of NoSkill)

Wanderer aka r3muxd

We will elaborate on these people and their actions in the bottom sections of this document. For now we will focus on the allegations made against us.

Commentary on Operation RedTape’s Evidence

For this section, each relevant point will be responded to (a significant portion of their “evidence” is superfluous) with the contributor noted. Quotes are from the “Operation RedTape” PDF.

RedTape Section 2.1 The problems

Not only are doxxing, harassment, and hacking illegal, but they are also destructive towards the Titanfall community. We should not let a handful of individuals speak in the name of what we’ve built — they are willing to sacrifice this for their personal interest.

Their campaign of misinformation led to many victims due to doxxing and harassment as well as lies and manipulation.

L0s7: To the best of my understanding, doxxing is a generally grey area — ethically wrong but technically legal in most circumstances in the USA. A ton of information on US citizens is publicly available with savvy use of keywords and searches. Also, the prime suspect in the “Jeanue packet” provided to police could not have been considered to be actually harassed. When confronted it was a brief conversation that was allowed to end after the suspect denied knowledge of Titanfall. I will note here that reportedly, the virtual number used to call the suspect was signed up to bot spam lists after the call. Some of the spam bots addressed the recipient by their gamer tag in texts and calls. This person could not know the gamertag if they weren't the hacker. Also, the relevant comments, uploads, and accounts that led to the suspect were deleted within two hours of the phone call. Let’s not get more into the mountain of evidence against this person here, but SaveTitanfall’s claim that the evidence is bunk is tissue paper thin at best.

The person that we could agree was harassed was JO (abbreviated for attempt at anonymizing). Through a series of misunderstandings, JO was presumed to be Jeanue. Cliff Notes: JO bought TF1 and was trying to log on to play, when he got a weird error message and he posted to a Facebook TF group asking how to play. Unfortunately for him, his name was similar to Jeanue, and he posted his question right as a couple people were testing a client patch for TF1. Some people ran with that. I’ve no doubt many people DM’d him, or called his work to trash talk him. When it was clear that JO was innocent, a point was made to inform the community that Jeanue was not JO, and at least one apology was sent to him on behalf of the community.

BY THE WAY, to you people over at SaveTitanfall/Creator Circuit who aggressively denounce doxxing, and also did so in the Operation RedTape report. You published JO’s, an innocent man’s, full name in your evidence without censorship.

p0358: While the circumstances aligned up really badly for JO, I never encouraged people to harass him or shared his details any further. I was not the person who found out that Facebook post, it was only shown to me. And even though everything really seemed like it's that guy, I was always reminding people that there's no direct and undeniable connection between him and the attackers, despite being myself convinced it was that guy back in a day. By the way, he was able to provide materials that cleared up his guilt — proof of game purchases with dates that lined up with the Origin account and its first/last play dates, along with the username. I was always bringing up the case of JO to NoSkill et al who collected all info on the attackers — to make this case a lesson we all should have learned — that facts seemingly lining up are never a proof of anything, and we really need to be cautious before drawing any conclusions. It seems they really have forgotten about this when making the RedTape report, publishing this guy's full name was only a cherry on top from their side.

JO himself:

We as the community have fucked up back then. And we really did not want to let that mistake be repeated ever again.

Now, look at this quote from the RedTape PDF file again:

Not only are doxxing, harassment, and hacking illegal, but they are also destructive towards the Titanfall community. We should not let a handful of individuals speak in the name of what we’ve built — they are willing to sacrifice this for their personal interest.

And now look at this message from RedTape authors:

We will come back to this screenshot later.

Redtape Section 3.1 Hackers

Their collusion led to coordinated attacks on the 3 games of the franchise: Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends. Through their research to find new bugs and exploits, they were using different kinds of vulnerabilities in order to render the game unplayable to help them achieve their personal goals

MrSteyk: First of all: “we” (me and doge) only ever attacked TF|2 and Apex (still do Apex from time to time, nothing destructive 99% of the time). “We” have no personal goals other than to fool around. (By “we” I refer to a group of Russians I’m (and dogecore) in which is not affiliated with Remnant Fleet in any way.)

p0358: I've been reversing this game out of curiosity since 2017. Since the engine is damn vulnerable, I found many loopholes in it, as any reverser would honestly probably find along the way. The only people I've ever used those against was Jeanue's team and other cheaters, mostly in 2018 or earlier. I figured that if they get to mess other's in-game experience, including mine, with their actions, they deserve to feel some of that on their own skin. I even have an old video from 2018 where I was messing with someone from Jeanue's team by pulling them out of the game when they were cheating:

And okay, while that approach is questionable, I don't think that many people could complain about someone trying to actually do something about the cheaters. Most people have learned their lesson with that. But unfortunately for everyone, Jeanue and his friends were different.

Nonetheless, I obviously knew the exploits he ended up using, way before him. If I wanted to be an attacker, I could take both games down completely even back in 2017. But I did not, because I'm not a dickhead and Titanfall is my favorite shooter after all, why would I?

We tried to report the exploits we encountered to Respawn/EA all that time, but to no avail. "Thanks, we'll pass this on" was the only response we could ever get. Since 2018.

Additionally, it's worth to note that I never owned Titanfall 2, and the only endeavor I had with reversing it was in 2017, where I added its support to my tracking site. I never played Apex Legends after its release in 2019, besides a few times shortly after it, nor I ever reversed it.

Generally, the assumption that me knowing the exploits equals me having to use them against innocent people is as naïve as concluding that someone owning a knife or gun and knowing how to use it is automatically a murderer.

They have successfully spread misinformation regarding the identity of the infamous hacker “Jeanue,” which has resulted in the doxxing, harassment and threatening of innocent people. This was done to send people on witch hunts and therefore draw attention away from themselves © page 10

MrSteyk: This is straight up fact twisting. JO was innocent indeed and he was harassed by the community even though Red and p0 were against this, and JO was indeed found innocent and a community apology was made. Me and Doge were not in the community at the time.

p0358: Apart from that mistake about JO, about which we never were sure in the first place, all the information we ever shared about Jeanue was true and based on actual findings. People from RedTape have never presented any clue whatsoever, based on which the materials were supposedly false. They just called them fake and silently moved on. Should I mention the irony of including the accusation of actions resulting in harassment and threatening of innocent people in the document which did exactly that?

The following individuals are directly responsible for the July 4th Apex Legends hack as well as the blacklist that has been impacting streamers (and more recently, the entire playerbase) for months.

MrSteyk: I somehow missed this part the first time I read it. What will you say about doge getting blacklisted? Is he blacklisting his own account while he is playing for no real reason? He was forced to switch accounts.

Now let's talk about blacklist actually: amongst blacklisted people there were individuals such as “taskinoz”, “Salty-L0s7”, “RTL-Manu” who were in the close circle related to TFO development and playtesting, why would we do this for prolonged periods of time? This AGAIN doesn’t really add up to the whole picture.

The only targeted “attack” that was condoned by me targeted a random Twitch streamer whose nickname I don’t remember anymore. It was literally months ago (at the time of publication), lasted for just 10-15 minutes, and ended either when he quit the game or I got bored, I don’t remember. Again, no one other than me is responsible for this “attack”. Both Red and p0 didn’t know about it at the time.

p0358: MrSteyk and dogecore were responsible for July 4th, but I have no idea how you drew the conclusion of responsibility for Titanfall blacklists from that, or how did you drag me into that, if I never even touched Apex's code.

Also it's worth to note that the single Titanfall 2 attack that Steyk has done was after he tried to reproduce Jeanue's existing method that he used to mess with the server. And while one of the symptoms (disconnect message) was indeed the same, months later we realized that Jeanue was using an entirely different method himself. The only way people connected his one-time incident on those servers (which was admittedly very stupid) was the same disconnect message. Which is not enough of a proof to draw such a connection. It's not a proof at all. It's no surprise at all that the message was the same if he tried to reproduce the existing attacks at all though, is it?

And the reason we were all so curious about it, is because this was for the first time ever that Jeanue has used something new, and he has worked on his bots for months. And for the first time ever we had no clue what it is.

Note: These individuals began planning months beforehand, primarily utilizing private channels in the Remnant Fleet discord server (owned by p0358 and RedShield) to discuss methods and delegate tasks. All of these channels have been backed up and they are unable to delete any evidence of these actions.

MrSteyk: Explaining how this is wrong on so many layers is a bit too difficult to put here. Wait until the detailed timeline section of the 4th July attack.

It’s true that we knew about the methods, but everyone with the glimpse of a brain and ability to reverse engineer would’ve found same stuff we did, we just didn’t want to put into the wild, because we would rather let the malicious party take time reverse engineering everything rather than using what’s been already publicly exposed. Also thank NoSkill for showcasing the methods “we” used and everyone mentioned knew, the game is gonna become so playable after that, boy I tell ya.

p0358: You will need to see the later sections with comments on the screenshots to understand how ridiculous that statement is.

p0; “He and his associates worked over the span of years to target Titanfall, Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends in the interest of his personal project TFO. “

MrSteyk: Which years? I’ve joined the TF|1 community in 2019 with the sole purpose of fixing the game. I was dragged in by a pal of mine. In the end I found the exact issue Jeanue was using to make the game unplayable. Spoiler: it was long names.

p0 only specialises in Titanfall 1, he doesn’t own Titanfall 2 and Apex.

Titanfall 2 was not the game to target for “us” (the Russian group me and doge are in) because it’s so small and fragile even one fully connected client and one person made it half unplayable (context is from the only attack I ever did on TF|2). It also isn’t popular even now compared to Apex Legends. It’s true that “we” target the Apex, but as I said before - no personal goals, other than to fool around.

p0358: Again, pure fairy tale, as you'll see later. Titanfall 1's issues began in 2018. In 2019 it became pretty much completely unplayable. I could not find any solution to this, until TF Remnant Fleet discord server was formed up. Having a team of 12 players ready to challenge the attacks enabled so many new possibilities. We could coordinate together and use various tricks I've known thanks to reversing Titanfall's code for 2 years and get on servers and play, bypassing the attacks and being secure against the crash bots. The whole story here is too long to tell.

I have mentioned Titanfall Online back in those days once. That there might be a possibility of reviving it. The possibility was always tempting, because having custom servers could mean we could really effectively fight attackers by fixing exploits at their root. Or even if not that, by just using IP whitelists/blacklists and physically stopping the bad apples from connecting. Unfortunately at that time my reverse engineering skills were still much worse and I failed even trying to launch that game big time. Using my existing knowledge on Titanfall 1 to let people play was much easier and actually worked, so the thought of reviving the exotic game was forgotten.

Later in late 2020/early 2021, when the game of Titanfall 1 has in fact became fully unplayable, with no trickery and bypasses possible (ironically Respawn changes to their matchmaking backend did not stop Jeanue, but I was no more able to connect to match servers directly to bypass the private lobby bots), I sit on the attempt to launch TFO again. Because it was the only chance to ever experience Titanfall 1 again, with no further client-side trickery possible to play this game anymore — only a server-side patch could help the situation, which Respawn has always refused to implement.

And that time, I actually succeeded with TFO, empowered with more reversing skills than before. And thus the silent project has begun. The fulfilment of the dreams of many. Custom servers, wide modding possibilities, better gameplay experience, possibility to secure the servers against any attackers lying in our hands. Remember, the project started as a direct result of Titanfall 1 being broken by the attackers and our will to again, do something about this fact ourselves, rather than just do nothing and cry.

Truly, the only people who could hate such a project were Jeanue et al. Jeanue himself has come to our Discord server after finding out in order to insult us at that time, as TFO meant the end of his control over the servers and he knew it. (link requires presence on TF Remnant Fleet to work; messages from Jeanue himself got deleted when he got banned by RedShield, due to excessive usage of n-word and thus breaking Discord ToS, but you can gauge the context from the messages of others)

p0; “Multiple times, he gave information about “Jeanue” to people with the intention to instigate “witch hunts.”

MrSteyk: Story is mistold, he never gave personal information about a person called Jeanue. Only thing he provided were IP addresses of attackers, IPs are not personal information, you need to be some sort of legal force to be able to conduct the person with just an IP address and a timestamp.

p0358: In addition to that, you asked for all this info yourselves. "Send me everything you have." I never shared any personal info on Jeanue publicly either, apart from the IP addresses on Creator Circuit server, one you considered to be "secret". For other information, I forwarded you to people who were the source of that information and who thus knew the best. The only info I could have ever mentioned was the first name of one of the guys there. And the countries of origin, again based on the IP addresses, and other information we collected, which was the only info I could really be sure of. This does not align at all with the tone of that statement, especially about witch hunts, where none of that was personally identifying information.

p0; “This information found its way across Discord, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter, and ultimately all comes from this source.”

MrSteyk: p0 never shared any personal info, all he ever provided were IP addresses and info everyone could’ve scavenged from them.

p0358: Exactly, none of the information shared was coming from me or given to these people by me.

Dogecore <...>

MrSteyk: Believe it or not — everything stated is correct.

MrSteyk; “Develops and sells cheats for different video games, including Apex Legends”

I don’t sell cheats, the only cheat I ever sold was for PUBGM that wasn’t even developed by me. Everything else stated seems to be accurate.

RedShield; “he had a major hand in their planning and execution in the public eye.”

He never had control over “us”. If anything, “we” had control over him. “We” decided to put such a message, “we” decided on a date, “we” decided that on a whim. Literally everyone who knew can tell you that.

Timeline of 4th of July attack (by MrSteyk)


One person shares how private matches work in TF|2 in a public Discord server. Not so long after, it was tested if this thing even works on Apex (Apex is based on TF|2; mod name is still r2). The only message we could decide on was about infamous Russian exploiter autismgaming420 having countless videos about how bad Apex really is.

3rd of July


We tested it again, but with different things, like “suck my dick RSPN” and "Allahu Akbar":

We decided to wait for the Sunday. This happened to be the 4th of July, which is not a holiday in Russia, so we were not aware of it being a big holiday at the time.

4th of July begins:

Now that’s where the “SPECULATED SECTION 1” comes into play. Somewhere in that section someone from the community supposedly (we can’t know for sure) messaged fixes to Respawn, but it’s still a mystery why RSPN didn’t listen straight away.

As a result, no accounts were banned, no accounts were disabled. We used just one and it was enough for the attack. That’s because the fix was spoon-fed, they usually disable accounts if they find out “we” did anything of that sort.

RedTape Section 4.0 Evidence

MrSteyk: It is true that some of the evidence is true, but it’s still a mystery why Remnant Fleet was dragged if there was no malicious intent. Wanty knew himself that me and Doge are responsible for the 4th of July, yet he remained silent.

More recently, Titanfall 2 lobbies began to suffer crashes, too - seemingly due to a player or players overwhelming a server by sending commands en masse to it. The affected server will start to lag, and players won't be able to move. Then, if a threshold is hit, players will be disconnected. Is this the work of Jeanue? No-one knows for sure. "Whether it's actually leanue, someone who's imitating Jeanue, or perhaps superstition is up to debate," RedShield said.

According to RedShield, this new series of Titanfall 2 crashes was targeted specifically at streamers, and is thought to have pushed Respawn into action.

MrSteyk: This is true. Ask any person who was playing the game and was streaming with big amounts of viewers and spoke English on stream: they had accounts such as “xxx_titanfail_xxx” come into chat and just be a dick to everyone.

p0358: And logistically it's not a surprise at all that they attacked the streamers. From our observations, they always wanted to destroy the games and aimed for actions that have the most impact. This is why in 2018, before discovering the game exploits, they were playing in parties of 3 in Titanfall 1, changing their names every couple of hours. Even though there were just three of them, their goal was to create an impression that the game is filled up with cheaters. And they did succeed with that sadly, the game's population was decreasing rapidly at that time, because they sat in the game all day and it was hard to not come across them.

MrSteyk: We (Remnant Fleet here) were trying to persuade RSPN to fix the Titanfall series. Look at the dates — both games were unplayable, second one to a lesser degree compared to the first one.

Doge and I didn’t want him to say anything about Apex because it worked and still works fine, and “we” wanted to keep the exploits to ourselves.

The screenshot and Reddit posts I sent refer to that one “attack” I did months ago at the time of publication.

p0358: And do you realize why we were so cautious about telling anything about the exploits publicly? It's not really a mystery. Me and RedShield were always very cautious and paranoid about not revealing any more information to Jeanue than what he already knew, in order to not help him in his destruction goals in any way possible. And I knew sometimes even small clues could suggest him new methods, especially that he was usually pretty blind in what he was doing, and the bad logic of his bots could be used against him many times.

At that time, Jeanue himself was still annihilating Titanfall 1 24/7, but Titanfall 2 was fine. However he was working already on porting over his bots to Titanfall 2, which is made evident by random posts from February where servers were strangely lagging. It's possible he was attacking streamers silently too during that period. At that point I myself wasn't sure at all whether it's him or if it's just random server issues. The reason was that I could not believe Jeanue would ever come to Titanfall 2, if Titanfall 1 was the only game he ever targeted before.

MrSteyk tried to reproduce the issues from Titanfall 1 in Titanfall 2 to know whether they work there as well and whether Jeanue is to be feared of in Titanfall 2, and turned out so is the case.

You also see the wording very clearly saying it's not us being Jeanues + that what MrSteyk done was just a test conducted on a single day. The whole question on whether anything related to Titanfall 2 or Apex should be said was because the article was meant to be about Titanfall 1. Thus the concern on whether they should be mentioned as something that could potentially be vulnerable too. The question of comfortability with sharing those arises from the fear that it could suggest Jeanue to look into crashing those games.

"Thankfully" NoSkill never had such dilemmas and just dumped all the conversations with descriptions of the exploits publicly. Jeanue must be thankful to them for their help.

MrSteyk: The GLL thing is a fun meme (for our Russian group, unrelated to Titanfall or RF) if you were around at the time.

Yes, I did that one attack a month ago at that point in time. Thanks Wanty, this will surely make the game playable, just you wait until you can’t even log into the lobby because of this screenshot publicly showcasing info about how I did it for everyone to see.

p0358: I was surprised to see "overflow error" in Titanfall 2, because Jeanue has usually used the method that shows "ReadPacketEntities: failed". "Overflow error" was what he used more frequently in Titanfall 1, along with the exploit that he used in Titanfall 2. This is where my "but we weren't fully sure what Jeanue did in r2 I think" comes from, because "overflow error" was just one thing, and even that, as it turned out, was reproduced by MrSteyk using a completely different method.

"The command I was using back in a day" refers to me messing with Jeanue in order to prevent him from playing and messing with the players in Titanfall 1 and destroying that game back in 2018. I gave up on doing that when he found an exploit in EA Origin itself (!) that allowed him to play regardless.

It turned out that the post I linked was, however, result of what MrSteyk did on a singular day of March 12th and not Jeanue, who targeted streamers exclusively at that point, if anyone, in-game.

It's worth to pinpoint that Jeanue was only ever attacking servers of ongoing matches, while MrSteyk wanted to test how easy it is to cause disturbance on Titanfall 2 lobbies with their modified design compared to Titanfall 1, and a few moments on an English-speaking datacenter was enough to make reddit posts about the issues appear. While it was an interesting insight, I don't think he should had been testing things like this publicly, even though there was no other way to find that point out. Nonetheless, while certainly wrong, it's still a tear in the ocean compared to what Jeanue does. I don't think what MrSteyk did really mattered in the long run. But yes, he did mess with some servers on that single day and undeniably got exposed for that here.

MrSteyk: See previous comments.

And yes, Doge and I liked doing what we did. They fixed the issue I was talking about in this screenshot a long time ago, even before the 4th of July happened, just before the official EA tournament.

p0358: Okay, so first thing is, we mock Respawn for removing existing Source engine's protections against DoS. "One simple trick" to make sure they don't accidentally hit rate limits, by removing them altogether, is a sarcastic part of that mock.

Me saying it's unfortunate if they fixed it in Apex was a direct result of how Respawn acknowledged Titanfall issues, finally, after 3 years, and the reactions under that post and my anger about it. Thing is, all their tweets were about Apex, for the past 2 years. They ONCE mentioned Titanfall and Apex community went apeshit. The saltiest in the replies were the so-called "pros", big influencers who should set out to give a good example to the community, and not bitch like a bunch of kids that the developer wants to dedicate some resources to fix the game that suffered from issues for so long. With their attitude against another game's attacks getting fixed, I concluded that they themselves deserved the attacks that they got. And this is something that most of Titanfall community agreed with, they were pissed about Apex players reactions.

It was also an acknowledgement of why they don't want to talk about some exploits, because the reason was just simply logical, agreeing with it or no.

Then there's a mention of TFO. Where I worry that jeanue might try to attack this project with the same exploits. Notice how we always refer to him in the third person and how we want to combat him. This is something that will appear many times in the screenshots supposed to be "incriminating" against us...

Also, the motive of "Titanfall 1 being dead turning out better for TFO" — it's just an analytical observation based on the fact that Titanfall 1 and Online are just so similar, and thus would share the same playerbase for the most part. Thus ironically if both games were to be alive, it would hurt the population of both at the same time. Of course Respawn should fix their games and not sell broken stuff on the stores, it was never ever denied by me or anyone else. But the ironically positive attitude of finding good things in a bad situation led me to draw the conclusion that Titanfall 1 being dead might actually be better for us in ways. Which again does not imply that I'd WANT it to be that way. Just accepting the reality that I cannot change. It was also a part of the general attitude of being mean to Jeanue — "okay, you killed Titanfall 1 and won on that, but we still have that thing up our sleeves, and you can't do anything about it". We'll come back to this point later.

MrSteyk: Regarding the fixes: we were working on TFO, which is based on a really old TF|1 version, so it’s only natural that it has a lot of the vulnerabilities that have been patched now.

I was taking entrance exams at the time, so it’s only natural I brought up the army and then we switched to Russian during our pointless conversation.

I know that the whole NoSkill team is American, but do you fear Russian language that much? LOOK I SPEAK YOURS (kind-of, I mostly use British writing).

Original text for the last few Russian messages:

  • video
  • ты ж очкастый
  • да
  • но не -12
  • у меня -7
  • хотя на кпп у маман все стоят в очках блять гигантских
  • чуть больше половины
  • значит снайпером буиш
  • разведка
  • на морде грязь
  • а в эйнал ветка

Rough translation:

  • video
  • cuz you wear glasses
  • yes
  • but not -12
  • I have -7
  • everyone on the military checkpoint where my mother lives is standing in giant fucking glasses
  • [my vision is] about more than half
  • then you will become a sniper

The remaining ones are a shitty Russian joke about scouts having dirt on face and a branch up in the ass.

MrSteyk: What does this series of screenshots imply? Yes, I know who did that. I do (not) “enjoy” being blamed the instant something happens, only because they knew about me from “that group”. Keep in mind they didn’t know about dogecore until much later when I invited him to help with TFO development and everyone agreed. The only person (mentioned in the RedTape PDF) who knew about dogecore before was p0, though his opinion of him was really sketch at the time because the only thing he knew him for was screwing with Apex.

Also, as you can see on the Apex screenshot, there was a code leak. I wanted to play in the private match in Apex for the first time, albeit from a shitty hardware, because another machine was running Linux at the time IIRC.

p0358: Not much to add here. Notice my mention of jeanue. It's possible that with him using all methods to screw with us, he'd pull out his bots in Titanfall 1 just to mess with us and decrease the potential playerbase. Like look, we started TFO because he killed TF1, so he'd take the primary reason we put so much time into reviving that game by then bringing TF1 back to life when it's ready.

That's also in line with how he was stopping all the attacks for some time when any of the Titanfalls was getting any media spotlight and Respawn looking into it, probably to make them think their workarounds did the job and "their job here is done". It's something that he himself confirmed months later on random Twitch messages that we got sent.

MrSteyk: This series implies that we had bad intentions? Titanfall 2 was being attacked in every game that had more than one player by, supposedly, Jeanue (it’s not hard to look like him, I’ll be honest, that’s why we are never sure who the hell is the culprit exactly, they all blend like imageboard users).

The email is technically correct and outlined every aspect in as much detail as we could without making it seem like a joke (go in details too much and people will think you see them as dumb fucks). Guessing Ryan K Rigney’s email wasn’t hard, literally almost every enterprise uses the same email format…

Yet again we thank Wanty for sharing something that Jeanue, supposedly, didn’t know.

And yes I wanted to keep the communication channel active and actively aid as much as I could without breaking enterprise boundaries (Respawn simply would’ve not allowed this to happen, but come to think of how FIFA was dumped...).

And yes that damn Protocol 3 Weapon Charm was literally the biggest mock at the time. TF|1 was unplayable, TF|2 had almost every match DoS’d at the time, and instead of doing anything about it, they release that thing for Apex. For some reason people disregard the dates and think this all happened as one continuous flow.

p0358: These screenshots literally show our care for Titanfall and fear that if they fix things, they might not manage to fix everything and then Jeanue would still mess with the game they'd think got fixed, because the list of exploits stacked up. And at that point I didn't believe they'd ever fix it, based on my 3 years of experience of watching them do nothing. It has changed later in July when they pushed a first ever server-side update to Titanfall 1 in 6 years (!). Then I wrote my article detailing all the things I know, so that they can fix them if they're into fixing the game. I was hopeful, but they ignored everything. Yes, nothing from my article got implemented.

Not to mention you have a proof that MrSteyk has again sent some of the exploits to Respawn to have them fix that, not that they were not aware of this already. Such a bad guy, right?

MrSteyk: I was talking about the overflow issue and it’s indeed the issue only RSPN could fix, cuz if previously I could just fix the netchan after a long name overflow, I can’t unfuck the server. TF2 also refers to Team Fortress 2 (remember the context?), Titanfall 2 didn’t have anything remotely close to Jungle inferno.

Overflow issue is mostly due to server lagging too hard and trying to send a bit too many packets resulting in sizes that were not designed to be transferred by Source Engine’s netchan design. I’m getting a bit too tech-y here, but most of those conversations are really technical…

p0358: Yes, I compare the current attacks from Jeanue with what I myself did to cheaters like Jeanue in 2018, so they don't feel too comfortable terrorizing the tiny playerbase of Titanfall with no obstacles whatsoever. And perhaps it was wrong, but people did appreciate there's in fact anything being done about the cheaters when the state of the game was being ignored by EA.

MrSteyk: Doge and I already claimed responsibility and don’t deny it, what else do you want for this picture? The video (009_chatLog.mp4) also showcased BlackHawk missing playtest of TFO that happened in VC with: me, dogecore, MOM-2236 and RTL-Manu.

p0358: From my talk with dogecore it seems that this actually referred to the playtest that happened in voice chat, and I remember it very well, they played on Haven and I either could not participate or had visual glitches and just watched it. Pretty bad naming considering what they did a day later, perhaps it referred to the plans of that, perhaps not, this is said with recognition that they did the Apex hack a day later. Congratulations, it's the only thing the doc was right about pretty much.

MrSteyk: Yes I cheat, I literally have videos on my YT of me cheating in different games…

The first pic doesn’t make any sense for me as in why it’s there? The only context I can give for that is - yes, Discord uses minhook, run strings on it - functions are prefixed with MH_; the origin API talk is nothing sus, Origin client/website and EA Desktop all use it - does it make even you sus?

Also, Wanty appears to be using BetterDiscord and that’s against Discord’s ToS, same as cheating, can I go home now?

p0358: Myself I only talk about unrelated things here, formats of user IDs and one weirdness of Origin's web app, nothing interesting. "We're mostly interested in the first one" means profile ID is used everywhere on Origin and in-game and persona ID is pretty much irrelevant to anything, apart from the fact it exists.

MrSteyk: First two pictures are like fucking yes “we” did that.

Last two are what happens if you don’t provide RUI (Respawn User Interface) any data - ask anyone who works on “Amos Legends” (Apex Legends Season 3 restored to be playable even locally, jokingly called that in the community. Now it surfaced with the name of “R5Reloaded"). Why did this happen? Wanty didn’t show that we were talking about running shit fully on a client without any server for fun, someone even made a video about it or something like that. But that screenshot was shared in the context of funny Apex things we encountered. Also you can literally send this to Respawn and they will ask “how did this happen that this guy’s scripts didn’t have any data?” even if not publicly.

MrSteyk: p0 already provided fixes for free, of course he doesn’t want to fix this shit HIMSELF manually, they (RSPN as a company) have paid programmers and software engineers, who are somehow in position. I can confirm that even a code monkey can follow the instructions provided (at least for the vulnerabilities reports I saw).

p0358: As MrSteyk said, you can only do so much. If they already know the fixes, it should really be their well-paid developers implementing them. I think every adult is going to understand that.

MrSteyk: Now we make a wild cut from 13 to 25, why did you delete such copious amounts of evidence, dear NoSkill? Only if it showcased you actually enjoying 4th of July and being gucci with everything that happened, amirite?

Well, p0’s statement is true that he doesn’t want to do it and he didn’t do it for that shit, all he was ever doing is trying to help normal players play the goddamn game, meanwhile trying to get Respawn to fix their game he specialises in. Also his messages specifically mention “hacking” and hacking != cheating/using exploits, and even if in this context it’s the same, it doesn’t invalidate previous sentences.

Last screenshot is automatically irrelevant due to the previous statement.

p0358: In first message, I say that we cannot really do anything from our position to fix their servers. Only Respawn has the power to properly fix this situation and the exploits. Not sure what Red meant in his message, but I told him there isn't much more we can do. In the second one, yes, if I had access to the servers, somehow, I could make a binary patch to fix it. It's same as saying, if I was a president, I could change this and that. But I'm not a president and I don't have access to the servers. Neither is easy to get or something I'd actually plan to get. One could debate which one of these would be easier to get...

MrSteyk: Do you know what being “schizophrenic” from time to time means? It was clearly a big IF that we all didn’t want to accept, but look at the dates - game is fucking unplayable, Respawn kept radio silence on this for so long that everyone didn’t expect anything from them, hence it was only natural someone will eventually talk about that.

MrSteyk: Ok I will stop with this batch for now and explain everything.

First one is like - I’m saying the truth - Jeanue (or someone else) knows what they abuse and knows potential fixes, and those fixes can’t be used as a new vulnerability.

Next one - again stating the truth that “malicious party” still has TF|2 to break, and that what he abuses is different, since if you read the email you will know why I said that (tldr; GameEvent message was defunct and game now purely relies on scripts).

The third one - yeah there were a few Apex crashers that we knew at the time, all of those are fixed now.

The last one - it’s L0s7 being himself, can’t you see that MOM (a mod at the time) was against it? My help messages referred to aiding RSPN in resolving overflow issues in a shitty way since I didn’t know how he overflowed reliable subchans (technical Source Engine networking stuff) at the time.

MrSteyk: This series of idiotic screenshots deservers a paragraph on its own. I despise the person who made them - they are so poorly cropped you can’t get what I was talking about.

I get why Jeanue started the attack - he was almost being cyberbullied by the legits (normal players aka don’t cheat), and counting that people speculate he is mentally unstable we have what we have now, that’s why I feel bad for the guy and want to listen to his side of the story but never could cuz he won’t fucking open because of such dipshits in the community. Last sentence is also true. In my experience, HvH (Hack versus Hack aka cheaters “measure who’s dick is the longest”) is 99.99% cancer. And people were extremely toxic and were flaming Jeanue, and I don’t want to help toxic communities, who would?

MrSteyk: This series of screenshots is just L0s7 saying that Jeanue almost stopped because he got doxed and he also did some more shit to him, like talk in DMs, etc.

The exercise for the reader is now A REALITY THANKS TO WANTY, TF|2 doesn’t have those fixed to my knowledge, but Apex does, so whom are you giving a favour to? the “malicious party”(supposedly Jeanue)? What a nice “transparency” message.

p0358: Also a reminder from the last message, MrSteyk has literally bought Titanfall 1 in 2019 just to fix it, despite never playing any Titanfall before. The evil hacker guy, right? Empowered with all the knowledge I gained before, he was able to create a client-side patch within 2 days (guy's so talented to the point it's depressing lol). And that patch was what made jeanue disappear in defeat for a few months, before he came back with some new shit.

MrSteyk: Tufi part is true, lmfao. He didn’t want anything to do with recent stuff though. This again refers to “us”.

Also part about flaming a company is true: why flame a company? It needs to fix stuff, not feel sorry for the community or some shit like that. Personal hatred is personal, I’m not spilling the beans. The game's company is not the same thing as the game’s community. I myself would never want to hurt the game's community. And yes, brilliant games are riddled with stupid bugs.

MrSteyk: Yes, I haven't really played Apex since S2, but do from time to time. Yes, I hate making cheats to some degree, but that’s all I know.

For the context on help 2 years ago: year was 2019 - game is fucking unplayable, I get a message from my pal with something like: “yo this game is unplayable, I know you have knowledge, can you try and fix it?” and I was like “k, I will try”, bought TF|1 for like 750 rubs and spent 2 days reverse engineering the net flow (see, I knew what to look for, because I know how Source Engine works - you can’t make a client disconnect without telling it to), then made a fix. If you want some more details - ask p0 or Red (p0 being more technical guy (he understood what I was referring to), Red more of a sidelines normal person side). That’s also how I earned the rep inside, that I have now.

p0358: And that fix was one of the greatest things we have achieved. Jeanue must had literally pissed himself in reaction to that. Suddenly at that point in time he was completely helpless against us.

Afterwards the attacks were gone for some time, but the Jeanue team was not, worth to note. They'd still appear in game from time to time to cheat.

MrSteyk: Those screenshots are like looking at the floor and saying “yes, floor is made out of floor”. I was only on that server to help the Titanfall community and did everything I could (overflow is not something I can fix), and it was only Titanfall oriented. NoSkill also has cheaters that I recognise, yet they are somehow welcome?

Making cheats IS NOT ILLEGAL in Russia, hacking IS, I never hacked anyone outside from what was written in tasks of CTF cybersecurity tournaments.

Last screenshot is like - yes, Titanfall uses Portal 2’s branch with additions of multiple other branches and was also heavily modified to look good and to perform good at the same time (CPU bound engine became GPU bound, unless we are talking about modern Apex, they somehow fucked up the CPU usage). Doing stuff without full connection was unheard of for me because I didn’t know of anything in vanilla SE that’s like that (up until some leak recently, but again we talk about what was happening at the dates of the messages).

p0358: And because of that, MrSteyk was around. He did a lot to help Titanfall games. Most notably Titanfall 1, but he also contributed to some research on Titanfall 2 modding and even made some tools for it. His contributions were purely positive here. And as I'm not an Apex Legends player, I did not care what he did there, it's completely not my business. We can't "background check" what everyone does in their free time, because if we were to ban anyone who ever did anything we don't support, we'd need to ban pretty much everyone anywhere and be left alone. It is not an approach I would ever take.

MrSteyk: Again some wild cut from 29 to 36, what the fuck? That’s like approx 5*7 screenshots of the “evidence”. Maybe some of that evidence included something that NoSkill didn’t want everyone to see about them?

MrSteyk: “I hope he does” + “Titanfall 2 fanbase is one of the loudest and most vocal fanbases'' boats well for everyone who was mentioned in the doc - this would’ve let to more public exposure and either forcing Jeanue into dark again or RSPN fixing issues. Look at the dates again - that “evidence” is scattered all around the years, TF|1 is unplayable, TF|2 was perfectly playable back then, well maybe you could run into supposed Jeanue personally.

The “friendship ended with BLAH, now BLAH is my best friend” is a fucking meme, keep in mind everyone was frustrated that Respawn didn’t fix the game and kept radio silence at the time (even though Russian support ON THE PHONE was saying that THEY (EA/RSPN) ARE AWARE OF THE ISSUE).

p0358: Not only Russian support. There was a period when the game was completely dead and we encouraged people to contact EA support massively. The volume of these must have been so big, that EA support had to research the issue on their own and inform players, probably against their protocols, out of pure helplessness on this topic. But when that period ended, they went back to convincing people the game is perfectly playable and works fine and to trust them on that. However, EA support is irrelevant here for this topic, so enough about it.

MrSteyk: Ok, guy wants a job at Respawn, what’s next? Is he gonna get the accursed source code or sabotage the company by being a mere “Community Manager”? If he tried he would get fired almost immediately and it won’t look good on his past career stories. And to be honest I never heard any “Community Managers” sabotage a multi billionaire company.

Also consider that Red actually enjoyed Titanfall. Who made that game? Respawn. Working at the company who made the game you are a fan of is a dream job to many.

L0s7: Agreed with Steyk. Isn’t RedShield a young guy, he made Remnant Fleet while he was in high school iirc? Trying to twist this into a Palpatine theory of p0/Red trying to get jobs at Respawn through corruption and deceit is pretty despicable. It’s so innocent of him to share his resume/excitement for it and ask for feedback and approval.

The people behind this theory should feel ashamed of themselves. It’s absolutely clear they are incapable of reading the room (like a Karen). They are clearly not capable of using their voice/position in the community responsibly.

p0358: So, another teenager counts on a job in the company that made his favorite games. What a terrible person, right?! Smh.

MrSteyk: This just doesn’t make sense in the context of “evidence” - all I see is civil discussion between a guy who has been writing articles and people fooling around.

MrSteyk: This IS manipulation. The Remnant Fleet community never did that, and the supposed Jeanue himself only focused on the racist part of things. (Idk if it’s part of being a stereotypical gamer or something)

p0358: He mentioned trans people once, when he was impersonating me. He claimed that "I'm" trans and other strange things. It was obviously fake, since people can take any name they want in-game. We'll come to that point later.

Nonetheless, Jeanue team was always extremely racist and saying things we don't want to quote in this article. Using hard n-word wasn't big biggest offense there. Racism is indeed obviously something bad and something that rightfully makes people angry, so I guess the thought of pointing that out to the media makes sense, right? Respawn supported Black Lives Matter initiative, I guess it would make sense from people to demand from that company to do something about an extremely racist hacker.

MrSteyk: This one is interesting because we never saw bots go out for such a prolonged period of time without a reason like media resonance or some technical issues on his (supposed Jeanue’s) part. Last messages are a normal discussion, the original purpose was to make a game that some players can enjoy while RSPN fixes their game, KEEP IN MIND: issue hasn’t been fixed yet (it’s only April), and temporary bot outage != game fully playable

p0358: His bots went out for a few days. Doge asks "and does that mean tfo is now obsolete", reason for that being that TFO revival was born purely because TF1 was already killed by Jeanue, and we wanted to have some way to play our favorite game. So does it make sense to continue the project if the game is alive again? However, V3X shared an opinion that we should work on it regardless, and doge below confirms the project was resurrected because of the bots invasion, and perhaps in case of bots being down we should resurrect the project with more focus on the modding part.

Just another screenshot that actually proves our innocence if anything.

MrSteyk: Do you know what 2+ years of frustration are? That guy has done so much for that game and it’s all gone to waste, everyone would’ve wanted it dead alongside all the effort you had put in. This doesn’t mean that it’s a real intention to kill the game, we all (Remnant Fleet part who had access to that channel) understand that because of the years long context.

Also, notice the “xD” and “ECKSDE”, no one writes those when serious. This all boils to a fact we know the same vulnerabilities he used to do what he does.

p0358: Yeah, as said before, I'm joking about theoretically both games being alive splitting the population between the two. In reaction to that doge and steyk are basically facepalming. Below I confirm that nonetheless Respawn should fix that game, which shows I don't have actual desire of the game staying dead.

Then me and MrSteyk joke about the fact that we know the vulnerabilities that Jeanue used before and even more, so physically we could do the same thing if we were evil. Sarcasm is just pouring out of these messages. Then I share an interest in what changed on the Stryder backend that supposedly stopped the current Jeanue bots, because previous break of their uptime was found out to be a small change in Stryder matchmaking backend — change that stopped the bots for like two hours, but at the same time broke trainings and private matches for two months — something they fixed only after these tweets from me. The fact that they listened to the issues I pointed out was another thing that made me believe this time they are interested in actually fixing the game, and another thing that pushed me to start writing my article with fixes a few days later.

MrSteyk: The part about chat logs from a few years ago: it’s supposed Jeanue (pO, notice the O as in Omlet, you can also see that same nickname used to impersonate p0, and some people can’t notice the difference and think it’s p0 and not pO who is supposed Jeanue) and p0 talking back in like 2017-2018, back when Jeanue wasn’t doing what he has been widely known for, I wasn’t in the community at that time, chatlog was shared through private messages, I have that saved in my iPhone’s notes.

Later parts look like normal conversation - we just wanted to finish the project for the sake of finishing. It has the biggest mod potential due to server part being included, allowing for custom gamemodes like “Tag”, “PropHunt”, “Hacker vs Everyone” (dataknife meme) etc. etc.

p0358: And me at the bottom is trying to decipher what are Jeanue's tactics after the Respawn acknowledgement tweet. And to the fact that at that point he kept attacking the game still, which he was usually stopping right away. But it seems he later did, perhaps didn't realize they made that tweet at that time?

MrSteyk: This makes no sense other than a normal conversation. Experiments in this case being getting TFO to be playable (remember - it’s an ONLINE game by Nexon, servers are DOWN, so we naturally needed to hook the game to make it playable again).

p0358: "Gossips" refer to the fact that multiple people have sent the info on exploits towards them in private messages. Practically, before any loud media articles were made at all, we tried to send them the exploits Jeanue team used at that time privately, hoping that the situation can be resolved in a simple way if we let them know how, and these fixes were resent to many people many times later. Second sentence is thus factually correct.

Titanfall 1 being dead "in favor" is the funny observation that was already explained before.

And again, in 2018/2019 I tried to start the experiments to revive TFO in face of the server issues, but these attempts have failed at that time due to my smaller reverse engineering experience and the fact that Titanfall 1 still had workarounds that allowed us to play. Thus, I forgot about TFO until very late 2020. If you go into NoSkill discord server and search for my messages at that time in #titanfall channel, you will find out the messages where I slowly realized the game can be launched, before starting the secret revival project.

MrSteyk: This is just personal hatred to Jeanue and a way to flex on him and piss him off, nothing “evidential” so far yet… (if you don’t count me saying “yems I cheat in vidyagames” in public).

I don’t get why this was in the folder, everyone seemed cheered up by that statement, it was something like a little revenge after being on the losing side for too long.

Needless to say, “if this all succeeds” referred to TFO Revival project, Jeanue killing the game made a dedicated community trying to play no matter what aka Remnant Fleet, and because Jeanue was killing TF|1, p0 was pushed to try and revive the game known as TFO, and hoping the end result would’ve been better than what we saw at the time (TF|1 was unplayable still).

p0358: And we knew Jeanue would really be pissed hearing that. He came to our discord server and spoke to us after years after finding out we work on TFO just to angrily insult us. And ironically whole TF Remnant Fleet was formed because of his attacks. He wanted to destroy the old game that was slowly dying on its own due to being old, but instead he united a strong community around it that wanted to combat him and was very motivated to play.

Quite annoying for someone who wanted to kill the game, but instead achieved the opposite, isn't it?

MrSteyk: Here you go - the exact day when I did the “attack”. I can’t deny doing that, I was never so private about it to begin with.

MrSteyk: Again- nothing bad here - just a question “why did he attack TF|1 when TF|2 has a bigger audience”, but then BlackHawk reminded that originally whole story happened in TF|1, all the bad stuff (to the supposed Jeanue) happened there so it’s only natural why that game was being dunked on. Again, look at the dates.

MrSteyk: note the “if you get a server crasher for ANY amount of time your brain will automatically associate “Connection problem” with dopamine” as if he knows what he is talking about, no real value was given to that statement at the time. That guy ended up being banned (he left himself beforehand) and removed from the github organisation.

p0 meant all of this being a dead end circle, game was made unplayable - players left, not many players - game is not worth fixing in eyes of a big corp, obviously sarcasm was used and context was cut. The last parts seem correct to my knowledge, supposed Jeanue and his circle didn’t know all the stuff p0 knew at that point in time (that’s long before I joined the community).

p0358: Yep, the first message is a sarcasm that hacker killed the game's population and then the company doesn't deem it worth to fix the game because it has no population.

The same argument we tried to bring to the angry Apex players who were saying this game shouldn't get fixed at all because its population is low. But do you realize why it has become so low?

MrSteyk: Ok, those are normal conversation as in “I could’ve done it, I have the knowledge, but I won’t do that because that’s not the correct move in my book”, it’s like accusing of killing someone who knows how to use a gun, when it doesn’t take galaxy brain to understand everything.

Keep in mind - “p0 was one of” is referring to “if THEY wanted THEY could bring the game down”. Again analogy with knowledge of using a gun and accusation of killing.

p0358: I think "one of these people" referred to "people knowing some bugs". Because yeah, I did know the bugs. And if I was a bad party like Jeanue, I could abuse them much earlier and on a much bigger scale, that is just a fact. But I did not. Because why the heck would I want to kill my favorite game that I tried to save from hackers for so long? Basic logic.

And the top message refers to Jeanue's team being special retards for trying to kill a game for 3 years, because I've seen random people other from me and Jeanue's team who knew these exploits in the wild. Yes. And while they showed off they know them, they never abused them to the point of even a mere annoyance, aside from showing they know them.

This is the difference between a random "hacker" and an attacker like Jeanue. The difference that people need to keep in mind. "Hackers" are just humans like the rest of us. It doesn't mean they're black hats who want to do bad things. There are also white hats. It's a comment for people saying things like "but I will never trust a hacker". That belief on its own makes pretty little sense unless you have some personal trauma or something on that point.

MrSteyk: Trolling streamers is what “we” originally did like a year ago. Everyone wanted to do that. Is this morally correct thing to do? No. Is it fun? Only for the party doing the troll. Is it destructive? Depends, but I don’t think it was more destructive than what “we” did, streamers were literally forced to quit the game. Again, “we” are not connected with Remnant Fleet, only me and doge ever communicated with the administration. p0 dropped ONE streamer back to lobby AT THE START OF THE MATCH ONCE in 2017, just to see if the bug affected everyone, he found it funny at the time (2017), hence “troll”. We, again, thank NoSkill for leaking methods used.

p0358: Yes, some streamers in this case was a single streamer, once, in 2017, with an exploit that Jeanue didn't know before NoSkill posted their pdf. So that was a pointless overexaggeration on my part. I even remember the name of that streamer, it was KILLER1POINT. If you're reading this and you're mad that you got thrown back into lobby at the start of the match once back in 2017, I'm sorry.

The whole point of that, however, was to test if this thing only affects me, or everyone else too. And since I had nobody to help me test that, I went on Twitch, since that shows the screen of another person and it let me test that out quickly and easily. Afterwards I realized how potentially dangerous this thing could be in bad hands and I shut up about that thing and made sure nobody finds out about it. Again, thanks to Wanty for leaking that, you will surely improve this game's state with that.

While I don't believe that this old incident makes me such a terrible person to be hated by the whole community like a literal Hitler, I want to be clear and transparent on everything that I have factually done and let people judge the actual facts.

Also, I don't think hii was serious in his message, hating on Titanfall 2 is a kind of meme among some Titanfall 1 OGs, that message doesn't really tell you anything.

MrSteyk: BlackHawk and others fooling around, nuff said.

p0358: So a journalist contacted us and people are mostly joking around.

"Throwing original leads about Jeanue" refers to showing him the original information on JO and how many people believed it's Jeanue, in order to be really cautious about the conclusions we draw. We basically wanted to share with him that lesson that we as the community have learned, to ensure such a terrible mistake is not repeated in the future. And yes, we did mention that story to him.

"Brb telling him p0 is in fact Jeanue" is obviously joking, despite this hii comments after the series of jokes that such connection would be stupid and reminds us to underline how easy the exploits were to exploit by Jeanue, which they were, because these are stupid omissions that should have really been fixed back in 2018 and thus all the "hacker lore" avoided in the first place.

MrSteyk: All I did was a fucking overflow - literally look at your previous “evidence”. Some people also started seeing this thing more and more recently, but that’s nothing of my doing.

p0358: Seems that any error that happens in Titanfalls was now blamed on MrSteyk, where he said his doing was only that overflow on that day. And well, Respawn has a really bad track record on checking array bounds in scripts, lol. mrvn4 seems to be confused due to how they used to banter him in Apex back in a day, something that has nothing to do with Titanfalls whatsoever.

MrSteyk: First of all - I admitted doing an attack at some day in March or Feb but it’s confirmed March 12th now (this evidence folder is literally more than 150+ screenshots I have to provide context for). And I was even referring to it in the past tense on screenshots meaning it already ended by then.

“He’s also a furry /shrug” - is me being a dick, nothing more, everyone has moments like that.

Not being able to choose a target part is true. It boots off everyone who is on the server.

Wheelchair emoji is a local Russian chat meme that guy in emoji looks like he is a racer.

Also we somehow jump back to March 13th for idk which time, those guys had been planning this document for a month, yet they couldn’t order it by date.

Evidence numbers jump again (054 to 056 in the evidence folder of the archive), I don’t really pay attention to those, but it’s a bit too sketchy.

p0358: "I can't choose a target" "I hope it won't get abused" — pretty contradictory with the theory we ever were the actual attackers, isn't it?

Whole thing is from the incident he did on March 12th/13th (timezone dependent), which again was wrong, but it's still a tear in the ocean compared to what Jeanue's team did for months and years. I personally don't believe he would deserve all the hate for this thus, even though ironically MrSteyk and dogecore got almost zero hate out of the whole drama, compared to me, who haven't even done things like this. Where is the logic? (Not that I suggest anyone should hate on them, witch hunting is bad, and especially pointless if you do it to innocent people rather than the actual attackers)

MrSteyk: What do you want for this picture? We did test unblacklist (by spoofing server field, that’s visible), dogecore did break TF|2 in a way, but nothing destructive (since when unlocking stuff through console or testing speedhack in private match with me is destructive), he also might have referred to bricking his account due to not being careful.

p0358: I think testing "unblacklist" is a proof of innocence. They tried at that time to trick the logic of Jeanue bots and find ways to play Titanfall 2 and not get annihilated by bots at that time, despite being on the blacklist. And they did. One of the ways they found was to play in a private match alone, then the bots would leave the player alone (he already patched that). The other one I won't mention in case it's not changed.

"Reee I will never trust any hacker", even if all they try to do in the game is to help, right?...

MrSteyk: Game is unplayable (at the time) so it can only function as a conversation point, because it can’t be played, get it? useless piece of software, haha. Was this too hard to grasp properly? TFO, again, was meant as a replacement of TF|1 for some people. (everyone has tastes and right to like or hate everything)

Now we time travel back for some reason.

p0358: And TFO was meant to be a big launch that would throw a new life into the server. But it still wasn't ready at that time, in which Titanfall 1 was broken, so obviously if people couldn't play the game the whole server was about- it would become no more than a conversation point. It's not playable "for now", because TFO would be a new way to play with the Titanfall 1 experience, one that'd be secure from Jeanue's team and generally all the positive things.

I don't think there's anything that can be added here, it's really straightforward.

MrSteyk: I feel a bit of a dejavu to be honest, an exploit that wasn’t fixed at the time I was talking about was indeed Apex exclusive.

Here we see a mention of the same exact streamer from 2017.

“And now we have devmode” was in the context of Xbox modding, Microsoft released Developer Mode for Xbox One and Series X, which decreases the incentive of finding exploits to mod the console in question, every legit use case is covered by Developer Mode.

p0358: And me at the top, I mention the universal problem of the engine, that if server's script engine throws an error, the map is reset. So if someone finds a triggerable issue there, they have an exploit. Kinda basics of the game design there. Thankfully Jeanue doesn't know any of those. I also mention of another thing that achieves a similar result without script error whatsoever. Remember to thank Wanty for leaking that publicly for anyone to use once again.

MrSteyk: This is almost like looking at water and being like this is water. Yes, “we” are responsible for almost every publicly known Apex attack. The first and other screenshots were made by different people for some reason. After that there’s a normal civil discussion about Respawn’s decisions at the time. We mentioned opening source code/giving us access to it only because the game was unplayable for so long. LOOK AT THE DATES FFS. But most of the time it’s Linksys being in his world - he doesn’t have the best English and technical knowledge, might even be the case here, those conversations happened long ago.

I know that Americans fear Russian language, so I will put original and translated messages from the last screenshot:

If you don’t trust me, use OCR or copy this text and put it into google translate to get a glimpse of it being harmless.

p0358: Okay, as MrSteyk said about Linksys here. The guy does not speak English at all, he is using Google Translate and there are thus problems communicating with him. His place in this chat was mostly to translate the game into his language, because he wanted to do that. Picking up on anything he says is thus a real dick move.

And in spite of his lack of decisive power whatsoever in these cases, the thing he probably meant was counting on Respawn releasing the server files for Titanfall 1, to host community servers there, it's a desire many people have expressed since the very release of the game. He's not really technical, so I don't know if he doesn't understand the difference between source and binaries, or whether this was something that got poorly translated.

Nonetheless, nobody from our team has ever wanted to obtain any source code, nor was source code ever needed for anything we ever wanted to accomplish with TFO. You will not find any of the core team members ever mentioning such "desire" anywhere, because that part of the conspiracy is the most ridiculous fairy tale that they made up.

And even if Linksys himself really wanted any source code for whatever reason, he's not part of the core team, he's just a player/translator with access to the channel, which was given to him, because he wanted to help out and was also a very long-time and dedicated Titanfall 1 player. Even if he wanted anything like that, that does not project that on anyone else, just like any random person in the world could say such words.

I consider the story of "source code" fully explained and its case closed here.

MrSteyk: They fixed the issue in question, If I wasn’t talking about fucking EVO shields - I hate them with my heart and soul after having to deal so much with finding normal gear and getting to last squad with like blue body armour and gray helmet.

More flexibility is that TFO has almost everything in scripts and it’s always easier to edit those, hence “cause this gives us only more flexibility” compared to something that’s purely native (compiled binaries).

p0358: And me, I was talking about my very stupid idea of how to detect someone picked up a weapon from the ground, due to lack of better ideas. This is why MrSteyk asked "are you high?". Then I mentioned how some of the things in their scripts are implemented in very interesting ways, and how some of the comments mention that. Also lot of stuff was implemented in scripts that they believed should be moved to native code, but the fact that they were left in scripts, gives us more flexibility for modding and changing things, as MrSteyk mentioned above. Completely unrelated to the main point of their document, another random screenshot just to distract people.

Also contrary to what RedTape claims, it's pretty clear that here "sins" refer to them breaking up the engine even more in stupid ways while trying to fix/improve it. They claimed the otherwise was said in their doc, so they conveniently didn't show this screenshot in whole, because it would be evident that what they claimed is total bullshit.

MrSteyk: Civil discussion.

“Improvement” I talked about is really questionable and allows for a little exploit only possible in Apex and not in any other games because of the weapon mechanic.

p0358: With my message I jokingly refer to the naive belief out there that Easy Anti-Cheat can magically secure the game against everything on its own, which is contrary to its own docs:

Game logic errors, bugs, or edge cases are often discovered and exploited by players. However, anti-cheat understands the game code to be working as written and cannot solve these issues. As the game developer, you must fix these problems as you continue to develop and new exploits are discovered.

MrSteyk: THAT THING THERE is referring to an object of an exploit (a weapon), in the end I remembered how it works in Titanfall and fixing that issue is not really needed unless someone really takes advantage of that.

The RCE (Remote Code Execution) bluff part is true, there was some UC (UnknownCheats, known forum) member being a schizo saying he has an RCE. Idk why he did this tbh. After that it’s me being schizo and finding reasons why Frankfurt was so shit back in the day.

The last part is true, Octo (aka mrvn4 in the screenshot) was a subject of “our” trolling shit, as well as many more people. But nokokopuffs stuff was indeed wholesome, “they” would talk with him for a while and then puffs would be back to gaming again.

p0358: Besides that, there's an enlistment of possible theoretical repercussions of a theoretical RCE exploit, if someone has found one. The listed things aren't the worst someone could do with such kind of exploit, so we can hope none of the Respawn games would ever get something like this existing and found.

Besides that, MrSteyk refers to some exploit that Respawn has accidentally created while trying to fix something, a scenario that seems to be repeating frequently. I think I got to know what it was in the end. And said that he could look into TFO to check whether it has that to know whether there's something we could fear of being exploited and potentially fix. Remember he's on our side?

inb4 someone accuses us of any selfishness here, we can only patch any exploits in TFO, because only there we have a server-side access and the physical power of fixing anything, while Respawn doesn't fix even the most destructive exploits for years. So truly this is the only place where we could fix anything.

MrSteyk: This is literally us talking about an in-game feature of TFO. (It has some weird quick party thing)

p0358: Ah yes, another random irrelevant screenshot for distraction.

MrSteyk: p0 got IP banned because his servers were literally all querying servers every second 25/8 and making requests to Stryder (matchmaking backend) if there are any free lobby servers and stuff like that (to check if they allowed private matches again, if they allowed training again). Article is a blast to read through if you know every bug/exploit in question and know the technical details of it all. Also there was an IP ban if you provided an invalid token (there would always be 0 servers returned).

p0358: And here I think I referred to the latter ban. I basically tested if they fixed one thing at all, that is if you can get emptyservers without a token. And turned out not only they did fix that, but they also banned my IP when I failed that check. Well, in general it's good they patched this (finally some fix that was actually on point), but I still wanted my IP to get unbanned there to be able to play, I think it's logical?

The rest of the talk is me just wanting to publish the article I worked on for a few days. If I didn't care about the state of this community and these games, I wouldn't have spent two nights writing it and then proofreading. (btw thanks to people who helped me proofread it too and shotout to MrSteyk and wanderer on exploit research, even though the latter has later betrayed us lol)

MrSteyk: This is “TF|2 creators circuit” discussions, I never was there (and never will be), never really cared to play multiplayer of the second game (first one is multiplayer only lmao).

Follow probably refers to follow from Chad Grenier on twitter. Everyone was happy that a line of communication had been established.

p0358: And literally what is wrong about this? I offered to help Respawn with Titanfall, who currently undoubtedly lack employees able to fix security issues. Later everyone is happy that some line of communication got established and there's some new hope of the situation improving, including myself.

Oh yes, RedShield called me a HACKER. If you think this is incriminating, like RedTape seems to want to imply, you should definitely check out the definition of that word urgently, and that it doesn't imply any negative connotations on its own. The sentence literally refers to someone starting off in the community achieving someone — history knows many examples of game studios hiring people from community and having them add value to their products/environment. This did not happen here, but we had the hope.

MrSteyk: Now we get to the beef of this folder. This is speculated to be the reason that NoSkill went apeshit against Remnant Fleet, especially Red and p0, since Red is the server creator, p0 is a well known and respected figure who helped TF|1 more than anyone did, it also looks like he himself parted ways with SaveTitanfall (not to mention SaveTitanfall is irrelevant now, game is playable, their website still (at the time of writing) talks about Titanfall 1).

And we also change date formats again, this makes my head go apeshit and this also looks like some admin chat, I got zero access to those, got no proof since I was later banned. But remember to look at dates and keep a rough timeline if you are a sensible person. The 7th month being July, after the 4th of July incident Wanty perfectly knew about, also explains why they (NoSkill admins) removed the link at approx 11th of July (look through web archive if you want to confirm that). They didn’t remove it when shit hit the fan to redirect all the traffic of mad Apex players to the Remnant Fleet.

Secret project is Titanfall Online Revive - our project on trying to resurrect that abandoned and cancelled game, without making any profit (we would use our own money or ask people to host servers) - Wanty also perfectly knew about this part.

p0358: This is from our moderation chat. In addition to everything that MrSteyk said above, the whole disconnection between Remnant Fleet and was pretty weird, it happened after a talk that RedShield had with Wanty that I wasn't a part of, and I wasn't informed of the reasons thoroughly. I mostly based what I was saying on our previous talk (where RedShield was mostly absent on the other hand). I heard they claimed they recorded this conversation. Rest assured they will never publish that recording in whole if it exists, because it contains VERY incriminating things against them.

Basically, the whole disagreement was on our goals. We just wanted to play our game. If TFO was ready, we weren't really that interested in keeping asking Respawn about fixing Titanfall, if we have our way to play our game (that is better btw, due to things I outlined already).

Them on the other hand, they wanted to hold Respawn accountable. They wanted to portray them in the bad picture at every cost. They wanted to go as for as to fake the DoS or replicate it ourselves (!) if Jeanue was to stop his attacks, just to put Respawn in as bad light as it's possible. It was not an idea that I was really convinced of at all. I only informed them it's possible to fake the DoS effect client-side without attacking the actual server, a finding which wasn't even mine by the way.

Additionally, the things they wanted from us were really suspicious, they basically wanted to censor every word we say, they wanted everything to go through them, they wanted a total monopoly over any talk related to saving Titanfall. They used arguments that made sense, but the end goal that they were approaching was a censorship of me and RedShield. RedShield in particular didn't like what direction it was going to and ended up distancing himself and the server from them. For me it wasn't a huge red flag back then yet, because I believed that their intentions were genuine. They were not. We will come back to this point later.

MrSteyk: Red specifically says he doesn’t want this drama to be in any news article. NoSkill thinks otherwise, so much for the “transparency” bullshit. Nothing that brings dirt on anyone mentioned. What do those guys think for real? The only bad shit is cropped images in the PDF. They also run a hot link protection or whatever the fuck they call it so you can’t just link an old version in case they forgot to delete something that exposes their malicious intent.

Red again wants this drama to be as private as possible, I didn’t even know you guys parted.

MrSteyk: This screenshot literally works against NoSkill if you use your brain.

Also fucking time travel again. FFS, they had 4 people working on this shit. Even the cheater group evidence doc “the group I'm in” did had more believable evidence and more concise evidence of the wrongdoings.

p0 talks about worst case scenario that people can grasp if they are braindead (TF|1 is unplayable but TFO:R is playable somehow, doesn’t this seem a bit sketch? No it doesn’t - first one is done by the company who refused to fix the game for years, second one was done by fans who know their shit). TF|1 was unplayable in February of this year.

Also can’t you just see that Red uses spoilers? p0 even uses “xd” and no one in their right mind uses that when they are serious.

p0358: Hold up. Full stop. We need to get a few things straight here. Firstly, it's a jump to a different channel than before (not a channel of TFO project, mind you!), right in the middle of the discussion. Secondly, the topic of that thing, was what RedShield started, and his idea was to take down Titanfall 2 for 48 hours officially in order to bring awareness for Titanfall 1 issues and have Respawn fix it. 1!!! Titanfall Online was completely irrelevant in this discussion.

This was not a serious plan, but a mere idea/theoretical scenario. And everyone was basically roasting it, including me on that screenshot. It seems that RedShield has not understood that it's a roast, so I later replied: and I did say that it's a dumb idea.

My first message was a response to MOM, who said that doing something like this while we're working on Titanfall Online, a completely irrelevant project to what was discussed there, would be a terrible idea. Because if people who would theoretically hold Titanfall 2 ransom for some time to raise awareness, and probably get hated for it, if they turned out to be ones working on some Titanfall project themselves, this would be detrimental to its image.

AND HE WAS FULLY RIGHT — Operation RedTape exactly lied about such association and it did unsurprisingly make the community hate us when they believed those lies.

Which is the exact reason we did NOT want to do anything like that and would NOT and have NOT done anything like that.

I don't even understand why RedShield brought this whole idea to the table in the first place honestly. We did not need to save Titanfall 1 anymore. Having Titanfall Online, we could play this game on our own terms, not endangered by any hackers or anything like that, or with possibility to fight them, with modding, better servers, etc. Even if Respawn fixed Titanfall 1, they would probably not fix everything properly, because they had a track record of doing poor fixes before. Which means Jeanue would be back and the whole cycle of begging Respawn for a fix for weeks if not longer would repeat. This isn't a very tempting situation. Which is why this idea was stupid from top to bottom and everyone was calling it off.

I don't really like how RedShield handled this situation in the end, removing me as a Remnant Fleet admin and removing my access from the channels, making it hard for me to look up the context and defend myself. Selfishly clearing his own name at the cost of others, especially when he was the one who started off this dumb conversation in the first place (which seems to be the most "incriminating" screenshots they have on us, especially if all cut out of the whole thing), does not seem fair. I'm deeply disappointed in that. However, if one of RedTape's goals was to destroy Remnant Fleet, and everything suggests it was, they did thus succeed in that. Congratulations, two years of my work is destroyed thanks to these lies. I hope your four is happy now.

MrSteyk: I don’t remember the context for this clearly. All I recall are joke schizo ideas of Red trying to use other games to raise awareness (if you pair it up with the other “TF|2 fanbase is vocal” evidence it only makes sense this was brought up in the same context. p0 later down the message line said that this is too risky and called the idea off.

Brilliant mind bends by constant time travels to twist the story in everyone’s mind as NoSkill pleases.

p0358: Indeed this conversation is very cut out, especially of all the messages where people call this a stupid idea. Word of date context: it was before Jeanue has ever touched Titanfall 2, and we did not believe he could ever do it at that point, given he only ever messed with Titanfall 1 before. It was almost like an axiom.


Red clearly based his joke on incorrect wording. Leprawel just played along with the joke, being a nice guy he is.

MrSteyk: Imagine that you care about one thing with all your heart, put your free time and passion in it, and then someone does shit like “no one cares dood lmfao” - ofc you would be a bit angry at that, let’s not forget we are humans with emotions (some have less than the others but still has some).

My last messages are literally trying to talk him out of this mood.

p0358: And my messages here consider the only possible theoretical scenario of a temporary attacks, but I even point out the multiple weaknesses of it. Including that they'd probably only fix Titanfall 2 in such case and show a middle finger to Titanfall 1 and make it stay broken. As you can see, I was never convinced to this idea in the first place.

On the other hand, I was angry at the ignorance of the community supporting us with words "dead game who cares". Our own Titanfall community. The same people who later got mad at Apex players for saying the exact same thing, mind you.

And yes, at some point I angrily said "fuck it, if Respawn officially takes Titanfall 1 servers down, I'll do the same thing as Jeanue to Titanfall 2". Doesn't mean I'd actually do it after thinking it through, and this situation wasn't even what's happening.

All the messages here were basically an anger on the community belittling our small game's issues. Unless you're planning to lock up everyone who screams "I'll kill you!!!" at someone in anger...

MrSteyk: Here we go - p0 has emotions, are you happy?

We all hoped Jeanue didn’t have any exploits for the TF|2 so we won’t have two dead games, counting how little RSPN cared about the first (REMEMBER RUSSIAN EA HOTLINE LITERALLY SAID COMPANY IS AWARE OF THE ISSUE).

We also thought that even if he does find shit for TF|2 he would leave TF|1 alone, but that’s again people being people, he was literally in the bad mood a few messages ago, let’s not forget about that, ok?

People not caring is based on Remnant Fleet being TF|1 focused discord server. Leprawel is one of the old TF|1 players, and I saw a pattern with every old persistent TF|1 player I encountered - they didn’t enjoy TF|2. Again, we are all people we can love or hate anything we want.

Again look at the dates - it’s a different format every time (I swear to fucking God) but I have access and can provide a normal looking date that everyone can understand: Friday, 5th of Feb, 2021, 20:16 GMT+0500

p0358: I seem to be somewhere in between and pointing out some possible advantages, but then people talk them off. The discussion itself isn't finished yet.

MrSteyk: It’s true I told cathook developers some server crasher exploits that got fixed in Team Fortress 2 (remember? this game is relevant in this document, I literally started my cheating journey on it).

Everything else is just talking about how we can get some player awareness that TFO:R exists. Also: to play some of the modes - you need to legally own TF|1 because we used assets from it, and can’t just claim that we made that, hence the need for legal license (Origin is DRM platform) ownership.

Again this was in the same context of IN CASE JEANUE GOT EXPLOITS EVEN FOR TF|2… (I really feel sorry for the better part of TF|2 community, issue has been nailed and if I recall correctly someone from either “circle I’m in” or people mentioned in the docs sent the fixes, or even someone from the community).

And of course we see passionate hatred for TF|2 gameplay and maps coming from TF|1 veteran of sorts.

p0358: Yes, this part is mostly about importing maps. Leprawel's first messages there is a joke referring to how a game containing contents from both games could be the ultimate experience etc., which is a theme of joke he used many times over the timeline. There's nothing wrong in that message, it only sounds any wrong at all if you crop it out of context and put next to bullshit accusations.

MrSteyk: “It was a random failsafe” part is wrong - Team Fortress 2’s servers were literally asserting (at least as far as my current knowledge goes) or some shit like that, but smh they restarted so quickly I just thought it was a random restart map failsafe. Other parts of that screenshot are just a normal discussion happening.

p0358: And the rest of the discussion is just about modding/content/porting maps, nothing relevant.

MrSteyk: Leprawel and BlackHawk being TF|1 veterans of sorts - showing passionate hatred for TF|2.

Last part is something I don’t understand, honestly, this image is so out of context, but it looks like BlackHawk is not keen on this idea (attacking TF|2) at all.

p0358: And the "yes, im a tfo supremacist" part is a joke obviously enough that it shouldn't need a comment.

MrSteyk: Leprawel and BlackHawk being TF|1 veterans of sorts - showing passionate hatred for TF|2.

Hey look this screenshot is like right before some other evidence that I previously had put in context, so why was it split like that? It was on page 95 (this can keep changing). MOM clearly talks how bad of an idea it is - other games communities would have been pure salt mines. Leprawel also says “it's more of a meme than legit strategy”, this also applies to previous screenshot.

p0358: Besides, BlackHawk and MOM give very valid arguments against this idea still. And I kinda agree with what MOM said, looking how ridiculous it would look if these two things got connected, had the plan turned from meme into reality somehow. Also the chronology of these screenshots is completely messed up, this one was before some of the things said above, as you can see by my message being repeated, which makes the development of the discussion extremely hard to follow. Do you think they mixed those screenshots up like this by coincidence?

MrSteyk: Literally page 94 (keeps changing), I can’t really add anything, this is a joke, there were constant messages like that, you could’ve just compiled “evidence” of all the times someone suggests attacking other more popular and working games. Everyone was frustrated with RSPN being radio silent and not doing shit for years, we are all human beings with emotions.

p0358: I mention that: if we do that, people are going to hate us big time, EA could sue me. Big disadvantages, aren't they?

Later I mention they possibly didn't do anything to Jeanue because Titanfall 1 was too small for them to care, sharing the belief that anyone attacking Titanfall 2 would make them much more angry — again, another argument against the idea. In general, I'm getting convinced this idea is 100% from top to bottom stupid.

Then RedShield realizes the same! He says it's too much risk for too little reward and that this stupid idea is not even worth keeping in the back pocket as a plan B. That we should just work on TFO instead of anything else. And if we fail in getting it running, then fuck it — we did everything we could for this community.

MrSteyk: Thoughts about player amounts and awareness and about game balance and what to port, did you see that thread of p0 suggesting stuff like propaganda bots was dropped and not even brought up after p0 sent this?

p0358: DID YOU SEE THAT? If not I'm going to paste it again:

p0358: I have literally called off this idea here, completely.

They might as well do nothing — turned out to be the case after Jeanue went on to attack Titanfall 2, so I was right. Or nothing that would satisfy us at all — they could quickly fix Titanfall 2 like they'd fix Apex, and Titanfall 1 would remain broken as it was.

With that I ultimately conclude that sticking to r1o — that is to developing the Titanfall Online mod project — would be the most reasonable. Focusing on the positive effort.

After that the whole thread completely died up and we ended up talking about how TFO should be shaped up after I mentioned it and what approaches should we take in relation to various things.

As Steyk said, I mentioned propaganda bots too. It was one of the ideas, but it was never chased, due to being "too edgy" and just weird in the first place, requiring unproportionally huge amount of work that's better spent elsewhere, and even the servers didn't work in the first place for months after this discussion, so it didn't make any sense in the first place.

To sum up for people following us up until here. There was a discussion brought up of a theoretical scenario of killing Titanfall 2 temporarily to raise attention for Titanfall 1 and get it fixed. It was unrelated to Titanfall Online and on its own very stupid. After seeing all the disadvantages, we completely called this idea off. It's worth to note that it was all long before Jeanue touched Titanfall 2 and at that point we never believed he'd leave Titanfall 1, at which point was completely annihilated for three months.

With this, their "evidence" on supposed Titanfall 2 attacks ends. "More of a meme than legit strategy" called off as being one of the most stupid things that could possibly be done, completely dropped and never mentioned again. Seriously? Based on this you accuse us of Titanfall 2 attacks?

Not to mention the accusation says it's supposedly me and others attacking Titanfall 1 (bruh, I think the readers should already see how ridiculous that claim is when all of us fought for 3 years to defeat the attackers) and Apex Legends (which was only done by MrSteyk and dogecore, about which nobody seemed to care, given they got no angry messages about this whatsoever).

They could not find a single screenshot whatsoever that could even suggest we would attack Titanfall 1, or that me, p0358, would ever even touch Apex. But let's keep going.

L0s7: The top picture was basically captioned with ‘p0 sharing IP with IGN journalist’, but I’m not the IGN journalist. C’mon was it amateur hour over there?

MrSteyk: 095 literally shows NoSkill admins (DirectXeon, Wanty) participating in this fucking event, asking p0 to participate and tell everything he knows, but this whole thing is just VPN IPs (you have to be some sort of legal force to be able to get who the person was based on IP and timestamp). Like all I fucking see is people are trying to get their game fixed ffs, that’s why they messaged the (now former) lead engineer - Jon Shiring (he is not hiding his position at all). Pic:

p0358: Context for all of above was that the IGN journalist wanted to write a story about Titanfall attackers. A legit one, not based on some schizophrenic deliriums. His main focus was collecting info on Jeanue's team. It is worth to note that the journalist has originally invited them, NoSkill guys (Phoenix is now a former guy). They invited me and also our moderator MOM was invited. I in turn have invited L0s7 who had some info on the person from United States which he has found out, so he'd be the best to comment on that part.

So, to sum up, the authors of RedTape, minus iiishiii (who also spoke with the journo though), have invited me to share the whole story of Jeanue and any info I have on him, for which they thanked me later, in order to now put into the pdf screenshots proving that I fulfilled their plea. What?


Leprawel: message redshield or p0
Jeanue: But dear p0 would not want to talk with me
Leprawel: but honestly it's funny that it's now practically a polish-polish war
Leprawel: and why do you even block this game? even if it doesn't take you lots of time, you could do something more useful with a computer
Leprawel: mine crypto or something, I don't know
Leprawel: xd
Jeanue: Such things are not for my head and for my black workers.
Hacking is at least some entertainment.
Leprawel: yes, but for [some time] there is no progress
Leprawel: I mean first there was "atomic bomb"
Leprawel: and that thing we have patched
Leprawel: so then you filled up the servers with bots so that they would die
Leprawel: I see no technological advancement
Leprawel: though I didn't also follow this precisely, probably p0 knows better what were your bots doing
Jeanue: But it's the whole pleasure, to watch, how you're struggling with this, my dears. Why would I abandon such entertainment?
Leprawel: I mean
Leprawel: it's more of a hobby
Leprawel: fixing this game
Leprawel: I don't know for others, but for me it's one of the least frustrating things in life
Jeanue: When I see distress of others, I feel, that they're struggling with that mentally.
But you see, my friend, we complement each other. I'm breaking, you're fixing.
Leprawel: YES
Leprawel: you gave me the meaning of life
Leprawel: that's deep
Jeanue: I'll give You everything, whatever you desire
Leprawel: give me a break
Leprawel: and let me play [the game]
Jeanue: You will know no peace, until I come back to your discord server. Now go lick p0's dick and beg him for that.

MrSteyk: p0 shared this polish, I honestly don’t fucking know what the fuck is happening here. p0’s response:

p0358: Nothing to add here really, it's the incident of him joining our server to insult us after finding out about TFO project, which is the only real danger to his dominance over the servers, that I have mentioned already before. And then he added our moderator Leprawel to friends and begged him to come back after getting banned.

The screenshot of the mentioned part that was saved from this incident:

p0358: So yes, due to exceeding the range of n-words used, he was banned soon after that, with the option to remove his messages checked. You can still however find the remnants of this conversation on the Remnant Fleet.

Moving on.

MrSteyk: That’s the other part of the community doing shit, not the p0 and not the Red. I also messaged that guy on FB (if that shit refers to 2019 or so, I don’t remember the exact date) but I was calm and chill since I wanted to hear his side of the story (I still want to hear his side, god damn it, same applies to Jeanue - he never was nice to me and never spoke anything of value).

This screenshot was shared by p0 as visible by the 096_chatLog1.png.

p0358: And the whole share was also part of the warning and the story of JO. Who got unfairly accused and how things really aligned against him, and how everyone was fully convinced it's him. All the clues were much stronger than all the "evidence" in RedTape's report combined. And yet he turned out to be innocent eventually.

It was not me who have found the post or talked with the guy at all however, I had no control over what was happening, except sharing my slight skepticism, since there was no 100% undeniable proof. It was our mistake, as a whole community, but we admit it and wanted to learn upon the mistakes.

The whole screenshot was shared at the time to give some context on how we were deceived and to not repeat such mistake again in the future. By the way, notice it's mentioned the actual Jeanue was gone just for 3 weeks — so much for their claim that he supposedly was gone for a very big time after 2019 — simply not true.

MrSteyk: Ok now we share a huge chunk of IPs that have no meaning for any normal human being, only network staff when some attack is happening or legal forces care AND can use those effectively when trying to identify the guilty party. Thanks Wanty for showcasing how he tried identifying the personalities behind the attacks, they probably (Jeanue and his circle and alikes) will never make such mistakes again.

MrSteyk: What point does this serve again? I see nothing wrong here. EXCEPT NoSkill posting this image that clearly shows Jean Onion’s name, he was found innocent, why include his name unblurred now? According to some, NoSkill was railing against doxxing, yet we see this, not to mention the PDF.

p0358: Okay, so not only Tango was busy with irl things, but he simply doesn't talk to random people whom he doesn't know, not the only person to share this belief. I talked with you guys and see how I ended up like? So I guess they were right in that and I was the stupid one here.

Anyways, below this Wanty has showed me screenshots of a bunch of people harassing Jean Onion (not included here), in 2021, AFTER we've already established that guy is innocent. Supposedly from Titanfall 2 community, because I've known none of them at all. Nonetheless out of these people I would like to especially congratulate StrifePK from them, who also engaged in harassing me, steyk and doge — nice track record of harassing random people thinking they're the attackers when it's already known they're not.

MrSteyk: IIISHIII YOU WANTED SOME IPS. Context: Iiishiii is one of the PDF authors mentioned and owner of some TF|2 streamer discord.

MrSteyk: Those are just IPs, chill. They only tell you an endpoint, nothing more, IPs are not personal data (at least in the current timeline), and if in NoSkill’s opinion they are, then why didn't they blur them out? Do they think that IPs are not personal and/or meaningful data too?

p0358: Casual reminder that this game leaks the damn players' IP addresses to everyone. Not that I complain, because it allowed us to find and confirm the real IP addresses of the attackers, and that these are the same people in 2019, 2020, 2021.

MrSteyk: Me saying nigga is just me being me, nothing to add here. Keep in mind those channels were for a limited circle of people, hence I’m joking a bit weird. No one would’ve said “Real nigga” in widely public chats.

Last message is clearly a joke - I’m a university student (U.S. Jeanue is believed to be ~40).

MrSteyk: Again, everyone is fooling around in more private channels.

Two years ago (2019) I fixed TF|1, if I really was Jeanue that would've been the most extreme shit. TF|2 stuff joke is valid because it was in April and April comes after March. What happened in March? On March 12th I was booting people off for 2hr tops. If people actually understood how funny those messages in the screenshots were at the time… Because it’s always easier to blame everyone based on twisted facts when everyone forgets everything that happened.

MrSteyk: I wanted to make this separate because I did help develop TFO, I made the initial version of dedicated server for TFO, I fixed TF|1 in 2019, how am I portrayed as an enemy? I cheat but that doesn’t make me a dickhead, NoSkill has its own fair share of cheaters I recognise enjoying their time there.

p0358: To put things shortly, they could do bad things or good things with their knowledge. They chose to do good things. And I appreciate that.

I don't care if they did cheats for other games in the past or still do them, all I cared for was Titanfalls. Of course cheating is still wrong, but there's small harm of cheating in a top 10 popular games, not only these accounts get banned quickly, but a chance of encountering a cheater is very low for players, so they're never a real problem. However, in Titanfall where the population is tiny, you need to be a dick to cheat in there. But they never cheated in Titanfall. MrSteyk has specifically bought Titanfall 1, despite never playing any Titanfall game before, just to try to fix it, using his existing relevant knowledge. He's not a bad guy for me and I don't really care what he does in his free time.


This screenshot clearly contradicts the selling statement. Albeit it’s not true at the current time - I gave some cheat to my pal a long time ago, now he has his own. GAVE FOR FREE…

Red is clearly fooling around.

MrSteyk: Discussing the EULA, I don’t think anything dirty was stated here other than, yes for the 9001th time - I cheat in video games. Red is being completely reasonable here.

p0358: Cheaters were supposed to be allowed to still play, but in separate jailed matchmaking queues (basically official HvH) — thus the wonder about how it's worded in the EULA is an interesting thing to discuss obviously.

MrSteyk: If you can’t get the context he said that in, I’m sorry for you - it was more of a joke than a reality.

MrSteyk: I fixed TF|1 in 2019, helped with TFO development (there should be commits under my github in the logs for cpp repo, again if you have knowledge you can confirm that).

MrSteyk: I don’t see a contradiction - I never said I was truly better than Jeanue, I never said I was clean.

MrSteyk: I’m not mad at Jeanue, we only live once ffs, make most of your life how you think it will be made. Those messages are also part of the reason I was never active in the community - it’s all just constant hate, I try to get a good reasoning for their hate and fail to do so and get hated along the way.

p0358: Again, Titanfall and Apex aren't comparable due to their huge scale difference. It's annoying that most people who complain about cheaters helping with modding projects have never contributed themselves. It's not logical to listen to opinions of someone who only complains and doesn't do any work. Value actions, not words.

But you don't need to like MrSteyk or dogecore, I am not forcing anyone to do so. Thing is, they're still not the server attackers of Titanfalls and they literally contributed to fight them.

MrSteyk: Flames toward me are from public channels, prev screenshot for eg. Lost is clearly joking, we have established that we all were fooling around because those channels were supposed to be for the people we trust and can be more open and joke around with, in the last msg Octo (mrvn4) realises that it’s all a joke, hence the “Ahk”.

98 to a 100, smaller than before, good job.

p0358: Y'all really need to invest in some sarcasm detector.

MrSteyk: Not so long after 4th of July, Jeanue went full force on TF|2, thank the date for being 7/7 so I don’t need to break my head and guess which format it was.

We were literally thankful that Jeanue didn’t have access to XBox shit (TF|1), because at least people there could play the game just fine.

p0358: And hiti probably said "Thanks Titanfall 2 hacker man" ironically, I assume counting that this will maybe at least make Respawn move their ass and finally fix their games, something we all believed would happen if Jeanue ever touches the "bigger fish". But then doge said to not thank him regardless, because honestly such a dickhead doesn't deserve any thanks, I guess.

"Because he can" is a fact. Respawn allows this to happen, they don't patch simple vulnerabilities, thus Jeanue et al do whatever they want to. What stops them? They are only relevant at all because it's physically possible for them. Simple as that. And the solution is even simpler, but out outside of our reach as the community.

Also doge was a little bit mistaken on the differences in r1 that make him not attack Titanfall 1 on Xbox, but I'm not going to elaborate on this at all. I'm not Wanty to leak exploits for Jeanue and make him kill another game, sorry not sorry.

Also appreciate that these screenshots at least have the channel name included.

MrSteyk: Civil discussion about what was thankfully stopping him (p0 thankfully didn’t want to outline everything because XBox would’ve seen PC’s fate) and some IPsec tunnels thing.

Archive part is someone uploaded TFO to if I recall correctly. That effectively made it immortal in our eyes, so even if we didn’t succeed, someone else could. If this project was for personal gain, why would we use to upload the unmodified game?

p0358: Yeah, thank fuck I didn't say a word, because now after these chat leaks, that game would have faced the same fate as Titanfall 2 and Titanfall 1 at PC. And thanks to my shrewdness, that platform is still working fine to the present day, as the only one.

MrSteyk: This is some fucking time travel right there and no video, why? Also a jump from 100 to a 109, NoSkill, are you that incompetent, you planned this for a month?

This is spreading caution, again, gun knowledge and accusation of killing. There’s no solid proof that it’s p0, there’s no solid proof that it wasn’t NoSkill attacking TF|1 so they could get a bigger member base for their server since focus on TF|2, think about this for a minute. There’s no solid proof that NoSkill doesn’t know the real identity of Jeanue also….

Believing such empty claims is just dumb… we all were concerned about TF|2

p0358: Yo, a time travel to 2019. Yes, I tested that some exploits are still present in Titanfall 2 (all the way back in 2017). And thus my warning was valid. It was probably about ignorant players who boasted how they don't care about "dead game"*, that they should use caution, because it's possible that Jeanue could move to their game once he's finished with 1.

But he did not, and when the attacks stopped for some time in late 2019, the game's population still recovered to the state in which it was not dead, more-less.

* I want to remind you that Titanfall 2 (plus 1) community have felt the same in 2021 when Apex players were saying the same shit about us when Respawn dared to mention Titanfall a single time in two years.

MrSteyk: Wanty, you perfectly knew what was happening on that fucking server: Apex players went apeshit on the administration even though it’s “us” (Russians) who did all of that. You can even check my TG channel on 4th of July.

p0358: And isn't it fair to not feel sorry for someone who's insulting you and wishing you death for no reason? I think it's fair. Not that it changes anything. That doesn't mean it applies to the whole population, I was sorry for those Apex players who didn't act like angry animals. However I find it hard to not say that for those angry ones the karma just came back.

MrSteyk: There is nothing wrong with this sentence. Respawn as a company, as an entity is responsible for what is happening - Apex is their property, they are responsible for keeping it clean.

p0358: Still factual:

MrSteyk and dogecore never had any moderation privileges on Remnant Fleet, so the server cannot be blamed just because someone responsible for something happened to be in it. If someone committed a crime in a shopping mall, would you blame the mall and everyone inside for that? Where logic?

Also yes, seriously, the vulnerabilities in these games are stupid and trivial. If they didn't redesign improperly one thing in Titanfall 2 that was implemented in Titanfall 1 properly for no reason, and didn't carry this thing over to Apex despite not using it, this wouldn't have happened. Lessons from this: if it ain't broken, don't fix it; do some maintenance of code sometimes; unused old dead forgotten code can be dangerous. But who am I to say that.

Fun fact: "be mad at hackers" — MrSteyk and dogecore did not receive pretty much any hateful message at all from either drama.

MrSteyk: Also correct, I claimed responsibility, and we were really not involved with the moderation team of Remnant Fleet, all coordination happened in that Russian group, only 2 people (me and dogecore) ever interacted with the moderation team.

p0358: Still factual, they had no affiliation especially with the website whatsoever, they had no access to the channels where its contents were discussed etc.

MrSteyk: Context: TFO: Revive. It wasn’t that widely known at that time.

MrSteyk: Nothing wrong: Respawn failing to keep its property clean is only their own fault and no one else’s.

p0358: Or hire me and then I can do it with my bare hands. In seriousness: I don't care if they hire me or no. They were clearly not interested in that since the beginning. That period of time was simply my naive offer to help, given I basically have the required set of knowledge and could probably really improve the games' situations. But anyways, some people based on that desire on its own have created some idiotic fairy tales about source code theft. Seriously? Would anyone think I'd risk years in jail, for what? If they were to talk to me about a job offer, I would surely early bring up the concern of that I want to work on TFO, and ask if that would be a problem. This is how it's done in real life, rather than some "anime plot". Now calm down about it.

By the way, authors of the RedTape doc have also shared the exact same opinion, so what they're on about including this screenshot?

MrSteyk: It’s not Remnant Fleet, it’s “us”.

MrSteyk: p0 being mad and correct in that instance at the same time. This was literally a fuckfest that day - everyone can tell you it was impossible to have a normal conversation on the 4th of July. Also did we time travel again?

p0358: Seriously, the argument was that we should take the website down if we have no affiliation with the hackers, and that not doing so somehow makes us support the hack. There was zero logic in this desire whatsoever, so this response is about as much as could be said.

Like I don't know, if someone for example committed a terrorist attack wearing McDonald's shirt, should McDonald's shut down all their operations?

MrSteyk: He is correct, it’s not them, it’s “us”, we had full control but it was too late to back up and “we” wanted to make sure that message will stick in history and it did.

MrSteyk: NoSkill didn’t remove the link for a reason - all bad traffic was contained in Remnant Fleet.

MrSteyk: Correct, it's the fault of Respawn as a company. It’s useless to hate an individual when he works as a part of a huge chain.

MrSteyk: I’m getting too repetitive. Imagine I used some nice metaphor to explain the frustration.

MrSteyk: Wikipedia on “Joe job”

MrSteyk: Imagine some nice metaphors once more, I’m too repetitive to write the same thing like 20 times.

MrSteyk: p0 didn’t know about the situation until it started happening, this is correct. Other than that he is being a nice guy he tries to be most of the time. (insert a joke about “when a nice guy loses his temper, devil shivers” if you want, previous messages highlight the mad part of p0 because it was true hell, Discord clients would straight up lag behind 10th if not 100th of messages, almost like in the “funny” discord server “we” made, but it was more extreme there).

It’s also common knowledge amongst some people that Jeanue shuts up and hides when the media resonates to make it look like everyone’s being a bunch of schizophrenics.

MrSteyk: p0 being nice, nothing to see here I guess.

p0358: Also the subpage was written by our moderator MOM and contained a more detailed summary of how Titanfall 1 is being attacked. The subpage is presently deleted since after RedTape doc got published. The original post was published on EA forums. It was written in its entirety by MOM, but reviewed by me with no changes needed.

MrSteyk: He didn’t want to blow our cover up, also notice the “xd” (he knew in reality guys, he was being ironic). Some text in the game was Russian, hence he typed that. No one knew how to react so denying everything was all they could think at the time, no time to develop a strategy was given, everything was done on the spot.

MrSteyk: Imagine how much hate me&doge would get when everyone would’ve found out? It also wasn’t relevant in the big picture.

I already stated a lot of the shit that applied here, NoSkill could’ve chosen something better than p0 being nice.

MrSteyk: p0 being nice and hoping that TF|1 will finally be playable after so many years.

MrSteyk: Actually Red didn’t piece that part together - I guess it being on 4th of July and at a weird time for America did it’s thing to him.

MrSteyk: This conversation literally happened today (7th of August). Red will share his part without parts that I deem personal (that’s illegal, you know).

MrSteyk: He is correct.

MrSteyk: He really didn’t know for some reason, it really makes my matter worse because up until that point I always assumed he knew.

MrSteyk: Correct, no inconsistencies.

MrSteyk: Misinformation being that Remnant Fleet “hacked” Apex to display the message. Man, website is owned by NoSkill.

MrSteyk: Nothing wrong here, he just posted a few articles here and there.

p0358: Let's also take a quick look back at the beginning of their document:

p0358: So in point 2 you do admit that the cropped screenshots in your document itself are taken out of context? You very well realize people did not look into the folder, which is the source of the screenshots we did commentary above, instead you cropped out tiny parts of them and have maliciously mislabeed them, which was proven in this section.

p0358: Some of these people also deserve an apology now, because they were told it's all about just exposing the July 4th Apex hackers, not about creating the sick plot of manipulation and lies that NoSkill have created, and they admitted they wouldn't have put their hand to it had they known what the final intentions of the document would turn out to be.

Commentary on p0358's screenshot matrix

There is a matrix of screenshots presenting various messages from p0358 where the amount of complete randomness connected with lack of context goes out of scale. Let's take a look.

p0358: It's really a giant bunch of completely random and innocent screenshots, I don't know where to even begin... Most of them don't even mean anything and aren't relevant. But if you think spamming a bunch of screenshots with random parts highlighted incriminates me in any way, then read this section up.

p0358: Indeed. Refer to the definition of hacker and the fact that there are white hats and black hats, in other words: not all hackers are bad.

p0358: Proves my innocence and that I'm not jeanue myself.

p0358: Some random joke. Point behind the joke: finding a way to have the game fixed. Context: all servers went down completely, then someone made a dramatic post on Reddit, then they noticed and booted them back up. So if they did fix it last time this way, maybe that could be repeated.

p0358: Some random person accusing me of Apex hack, and?

p0358: Me as usual finding good things about bad situations. And the good thing was that maybe at least the games would get fixed. I refer to initiative in this case, since that's what was promoted. You guys again provide screenshots where we care for the game(s) and want to get them fixed in a pdf that claims we wanted to destroy them and were the attackers? Give me a break lol

p0358: Discord admin happy that his server is growing, how terrible...

p0358: Jump back to 2019. I don't know the context of it or where it was posted, but it was probably RedShield explaining to someone that they cannot play Titanfall, because it takes for Jeanue's bots approximately one second to crash a lobby. And that they can try it (playing the game) themselves if they don't believe. All that done using unfortunate abbreviations, due to fatigue caused by repeating the same thing over and over.

Historical context is that, for some reason, some people didn't believe this game is really getting attacked, and that all the video footage of such is fake. I remember many frustrating arguments about this. Ignorance is annoying.

p0358: This was already commented on before in the previous section.

p0358: Yes, during the attack and a huge raid of our server, after finding out who the Apex hackers are, I did not want to expose them to an angry mob of tens of thousands of people. They are still teenagers after all and I could not know what could happen to them. Yes, the NoSkill pdf has exposed who these hackers were eventually, even though they didn't ever put too much effort into hiding it.

Wider context:

p0358: So Respawn dared to make a SINGLE post about Titanfall in many years, with all posts being about Apex, and the Apex community goes apeshit. Despite their game working and Titanfall being broken for years. What can a Titanfall player feel in such a situation? Compassion towards these people?

p0358: Same as above, especially that most breakage in Apex were some tiny issues that didn't even impact the gameplay.

p0358: All three above are before the July 4th incident. Supposedly Apex was getting actual DDoSes in some servers on a small scale, mostly in competitive games. Most likely unrelated to what was happening in Titanfalls, but I didn't care about Apex, so I never really researched it. At that point however any Apex issues were miniscule, while Titanfall was completely unplayable for years.

p0358: Look, even there I explained that point. But importantly, that's not to mean such words are directed towards all Apex players. I feel sorry for any player who was impacted by any attack. As long as they don't at the same time wish death upon the game that I play. I think it's quite logical.

p0358: Guy got frightened by the massive raid of tens of thousands of people and a wave of pure hate, harassment and threats, is anyone surprised about it? And yes, Remnant Fleet was innocent, yet people could not understand that and apparently cannot still.

p0358: Was already commented. Genuine warning, since it's the same engine and it shared many issues. So it's better to patch these issues ASAP and nip it in the bud, before they get bored with Titanfall 1 and go to their other games. Which is what happened two years later, because nobody listened and nobody listens still.

Also the people who screenshotted this clearly did not read all the messages around this that leave no doubt we are innocent. But that's not juicy for a drama, right?

p0358: I don't know either. The person reading that does not know either. Next time crop out just my name and make me guess what was the message.

p0358: It's in response to me sharing how to connect to dev servers in order to play in the separate environment free of Jeanue attacks, probably before he realized people play there, as the method was widely shared. The method is known to sometimes cause account reset, so every time I shared it, I gave big disclaimers that it's on their own responsibility.

Honestly I don't remember what did he mean and what did I mean, though from messages after that it seems it wasn't the same thing.

What the hell is that even supposed to prove?

p0358: This was in the first moments of the Apex hack. Oh, we certainly were not prepared for how many would join on that terrible day. Again, what is that supposed to suggest at all?

p0358: Maybe because we are a Titanfall 1 server? But people were looking into info on Titanfall 2 issues. I don't know why he mentioned Apex at that date, it's completely outside of our scope. So people were coming to us to find out info on Titanfall 2 issues as well, but all our channels still solely focused on describing precisely what troubles Titanfall 1. Thus people had no idea and kept repeating questions about 2. Just a server management concern. And?

p0358: Part of some longer philosophical discussion about whom to trust in this world. I think the quotes should suggest the sarcasm if the jokish content of the message doesn't on its own.

p0358: WOW!!! People are surprised that the person who shared a list of things for Respawn to fix in the game, had to first reverse engineer the game in order to find them! And thus see all the broken stuff.

Then I say I won't go into details, because there are people (like Jeanue) who would abuse them hard. I again show my concern for the game I was always protecting.

I especially don't want to share this, because these things could even also be impacting their newer games, which could case even bigger disaster in wrong hands. Not to mention the whole conversation is from some private channel in the first place.

Thanks for pasting more screenshots showing my innocence, I like them.

Also, I think "how they authenticate as devs to the server, or if they have this possibility at all" referred to the actual Respawn developers doing admin tasks on the game servers.

p0358: I was thinking for a good while before remembering what it was about. It was about accessing system files on an Xbox One console and someone asking me if that's possible in the first place. Unfortunately it's not my level of expertise, my research back in a day was just googling around lol.

The more interesting things would be trying to run such dumped Titanfall game on PC and trying to play on console servers from there. And that at certain point in time it was possible to play like that in r2.

Honestly the level of theoreticallness in this discussion is similar to discussing how we could walk on the Moon bare foot.

p0358: Omg, another proof of innocence. So they broke my tracker by cutting out the sources I used to get server IPs. And my tracker does not work. But Jeanue's attacks are still ongoing as they were. Proving I'm not him once again.

p0358: If my grandma had wheels, she would have been a bike. And if I was a president... You see, it's a highly theoretical scenario. Yes, if I had physical access to the servers, somehow, I could make and apply some fix. That is just a factual statement. But I don't have the access. One does not just "hack the servers", it doesn't work like that. I guess similar to how one cannot just become a president? We can only debate which would be harder. Anyways, such a thing would be a crime, which is why I said on the screenshot itself that I wouldn't do that regardless.

p0358: A jump to 2017. Me explaining some design details of my Titanfall 2 tracker. The thing explained is how slow the tracker is in that game, and that you need a whole hour for it to find you on the servers. Again proving my innocence, because Jeanue attacked the matches within a few seconds if not faster. Honestly I would be curious how was he even able to achieve such speed, but I probably will never get to know.

p0358: Zero context, random message from the middle of some discussion. It's in a server I was banned from, so I cannot check it.

p0358: Do people know what sarcasm is? Calling it "social engineer" is funny, because I literally just asked them if I can get access to the beta during the beta signup process, and they said ok. I even found a screenshot of the request if you don't believe me:

p0358: I was even honest with them that I'm not even Korean. And the funniest thing? At that time I didn't even realize that the game download itself will be made publicly available to everyone once the beta period has started.

Hell, even to this day, the direct download links are still publicly available on the official pages (despite the download itself not working anymore):

p0358: In other words, anyone could download the game, even outside of Korea. These direct installer links used to float around the internet outside of Korea, people would download the game to their drives counting that maybe there's a slight chance they'll somehow get to play it, maybe the beta-tests would be opened to the international audience...

I can also show you the big DOWNLOAD buttons on their page. The left one was the actual game download (I think this is why I circled it, I don't remember, it was 4 years ago) and iirc it worked if you were logged in with any account, if you even needed to login at all:

So, anyone could download the game. So much for the "social engineering".

p0358: Talking of differences between the games that I know of, also mentioning a glitch from Titanfall 1 that I didn't experience myself, but found in some video from 2014 on YouTube where there was more than one person in a training game (possibly even from Beta times). I don't know what I wanted to look for, whether it was a way to load a map or seeing how they prevent players from connecting to lobby, or blocking Origin presence updates. Many possibilities, but I can't find that message to check it. Also it was before I got TFO to load up and before the project has started, FWIW. Nothing too interesting.

p0358: Prevent what? xD This is a completely orphaned screenshot.

p0358: I'm simply enlightening someone with a little bit of history of Titanfall 2. Early code meant a game code that you enter in "redeem code" section obviously. Respawn shared those periodically on their social media in the first week, and those who typed it first, got to play earlier, before they opened it up for everyone later on. I was eagerly awaiting these codes and thanks to my fast fingers I got to play.

They did playtest only on consoles, skipping PC, because for Titanfall 1 Beta the modding community has datamined the game and found all the content back in 2014. So as a matter of fact, they skipped PC for Titanfall 2's beta in order to prevent that situation from happening again.

Titanfall 1 Beta is archived on the internet and easy to find and in general the response must have been to someone asking something about some Titanfall beta. This screenshot gets categorized as completely irrelevant.

p0358: Wasn't it? Such a broken game, yet so big, with many people on UnknownCheats trying to break it, and nobody stumbled upon this crap? Then it really must have been a miracle (and I know that multiple people have known of some of the holes that I mention, just didn't do any stupid shit with them). Or maybe nobody was as retarded as Jeanue to abuse it destroying the whole game, nobody would dare? More likely. But then Jeanue started looking for ways to screw everyone over and he was the one who did that, ~4 years after the game release. Like — if you have a big hole in a pavement, someone is going to eventually fall inside, nothing crazy about that statement.

p0358: Yeah, we are trying to get people to know how the situation looks like. And that the attackers aren't some kind of sophisticated hackers, but a bunch of script kiddies that have found their exploits. And that it would be trivial to patch them for the developer, as easy as it is to abuse them for the attackers. We still try to say that...

p0358: Yeah, if you disable OriginSDK, then you will not be able to get your auth code. And you need that code to authenticate to game servers. So if you do that, it will break your game client's ability to join servers. That's how things work lol.

I see what the highlight is trying to suggest, so I repeat — this is about your local game client on your PC, nobody else. If you break it, it will be broken. If you spill water on yourself, you will be wet. Nothing more to it.

p0358: I don't know what stuff did I mean and I again cannot find the message. But I probably meant that they included excessive amounts of DLLs in the game. Like dedicated.dll, which is a bait, because you still need server.dll to run the game server. A funny thing they included in early builds was FairFight's anticheat library, which someone has commented "I don't know what's in their minds" or something like that on one forum. And they later removed it. I guess they were in rush, deadlines and stuff. Not relevant.

p0358: Differences of OriginSDK implementations between Titanfall 1 and 2. Very stupid way of including Denuvo, they realized how stupid it was later and removed it in a game update.

As for the highlighted part, back in old days Origin would let you run Titanfall 2 trial at any time, and the game servers would also accept you at any time. Thus it was possible to play at any time, not only on free weekends. They realized and patched it quickly, not much to it. I didn't share it with anyone.

p0358: Just replying to some dumbass and illogical argument. Why was the reply UI grayed out? To make it look more "scary"?

p0358: Yes, I was trying to lag a server of Left4Dead (another Source engine game) on my local PC, since this is what Titanfall was based on (Left4Dead→Portal→Titanfall, but Portal had no public DS), so the closest to that engine. Basically I was trying to reproduce Jeanue's DoS to find out just what the hell it is. Because I remind you that it's the thing that we could not find out, for the first time ever. He was using something mysterious. And anything I threw at that Left4Dead server did not look similar to what Jeanue did at all, even though I managed to kinda lag it, but the effect was totally different, meaning I was far from the answer.

I was basically doing Respawn's job for free, but without the resources that they have, so I was like a child in a fog.

p0358: Yep, same as above. I knew these exploits before Jeanue. For many of them, just anyone would stumble upon them. The last "DoS" thing was the only attack where I had no idea how it's performed.

I can't find the context of what I was responding to, but I probably meant in the first sentence, that being one of the only people in the world who could theoretically do anything about it outside of the Respawn devs themselves, I felt some kind of duty to try to help. I wouldn't have helped if I knew how this community would treat me in the end probably.

p0358: So first of all, I discuss bots that could chase Jeanue and prevent him from joining the games and cheating in them/crashing them. Should I call them sheriff bots? And yes, I did not know Jeanue would turn out to be a sociopath that would end up spending the next 3 years of his life just to kill this game, which was his goal already regardless, just that he started looking into exploits and blackhat hacking, at first failing miserably. I don't think I can be blamed for this, I tried to help the situation of the game and I couldn't predict that. It's like a "good guy with gun" trying to stop the terrorist during a terrorist attack. So he knocks him down and holds him until the anti-terrorists or police arrives. But they NEVER arrive. So can that guy be blamed if the terrorist eventually escapes the grip and starts shooting at people? I don't think so.

There's also a mention of TFO. I used the word "hacking", at which Red reacted with the American joke "that sounds illegal". Because you know, stereotypical hacking=crime association. Though later saying that it's not a bad idea.

And while TFO was some alternative, I could not get it to run at all at that time. And instead it was easier to use my workarounds and trickery to just let us play the original Titanfall 1, and thus TFO was forgotten again for a long time. I literally forgot about its existence.

p0358: Arguing with a great argument of some Apex player saying that they wouldn't buy a game they'd probably never consider buying regardless. Latter sentence remains true (about Apex attack), it's not us (Remnant Fleet/me/RedShield) doing it, we aren't a side of it in any way and we cannot control what's going on. Fully correct.

p0358: Imagine the world if game developers did maintenance to their older titles instead of pretending they never existed.

p0358: First, so was the case, as written.

Also, everybody completely missed the damn joke. Just click on the link, it's provided for a reason. You will see their page open up to a video of Risitas:

Just a funny quirk of the website, you can play any YouTube video on it, nothing that special, just a tad funny. And this is the sole reason that tweet was made. But nobody has appreciated it :(

You can find messages in Remnant Fleet around it, a few people had a giggle about it at that time.

p0358: Random message of a random anonymous person. If by hacking you mean reverse engineering the game to understand the exploits and know how to fix them, then yeah, it could refer to me. If by hacking you mean attacking the servers to kill the game, then wrong address.

But you can paste such a screenshot literally anywhere. Where is that incriminating proof everyone was talking about?

Wider context:

p0358: Basically some discussion about some basics of how Jeanue performs Titanfall 2 attacks. It doesn't take a genius to figure out it's attacking the servers and not the clients. And yes, everything stated here is correct, if someone wants to just destroy, they usually don't need source code at all to discover ways to break stuff. Fixing them on the other hand is harder and requires more thought. I don't know, compare this to knocking down a sand castle at the beach and rebuilding it then, if you want. And yeah, the thing that got mentioned by a person there is that Source's source code got leaked multiple times from Valve. Whether it changed much, I don't know. I know Titanfalls aren't the only Source games to have exploits, despite having many unique ones on their own.

p0358: I already said, maybe I was just naive. Thinking that if I know the exploits as well, then maybe I could get hired and help with fixing them, finally ending Jeanue's prevalence on the servers. Who wouldn't want to work at the company that made their favorite game either? I don't think this is incriminating, but whatever. I don't really care whether I get hired or no, it was just a proposition. It's not my business and not my decision whether I do anyways. But nothing wrong with dreaming big, is it?

p0358: Yes, jokingly sharing the belief that I could provide a good asset to such a job, given my experience. In the second message, expressing my prediction based on their track record from past three years, and even the fact that from "help is coming" tweet two months had already passed back then — something didn't seem right about this. Also the issue isn't really big, or at least so I believe, because idk what the latest DoS is precisely anyways, I'm only having suspicions.

p0358: Yeah, I already mentioned that, in old game builds they simply shipped some extra DLLs that they removed later. Honestly their usefulness was rather limited, more of a "fun fact" thing.

p0358: Tru, they don't support community initiatives too much. All true. Also, it proves again we are the good guys by sending the fixes to Respawn after discovering them (whoever wrote this message in particular though).

p0358: Same as above, but also that we got ignored. So do they even want these games to be fixed? Though honestly it's not our business, but we did our part here.

p0358: Me naively still thinking that auto-scaling is a thing, so if Jeanue fills up all the servers, then the auto-scaler should add more and more. And then Jeanue would keep filling them and thus Respawn could notice that there is something wrong and go fix the game. It's all before they ever publicly acknowledged the issues, hence where this hope comes from.

Because I thought that there is auto-scaling as they said, but it seems to be not true, and the amount of servers is configured statically, which is pretty bad in many ways.

Also no, they would not go bankrupt. They must have some monthly cost estimations in their server dashboard, and a jump there would raise alert, without actual costs occurring anyways.

p0358: A response to above. Yeah, imagine if through his idiocy he'd get Respawn to fix the game HIMSELF. Then he could ironically be called a "hero we needed all along", but not one we deserved, cause this poor game was obliterated by him before regardless. Shouldn't be anything hard to understand here.

p0358: Yeah, imagine using one of the most popular VPNs, ProtonVPN. And its free tier. They only use literally a few IP addresses for it. And thus I used it once for an unrelated thing, because for a free VPN it's one that works fairly okay, because I don't normally use one. And some months later I did an export from my Discord account, checked all the IP addresses that ever accessed it, and I found out that one IP matches an IP that was used for game attacks. And I was fucking scared, since I thought he hacked my account. But after calming down, I remembered I was using the VPN at that time, those months ago. And this is how I know he's using ProtonVPN. Because it's not something that the IP alone will tell you usually. Mind you, it's one of the five most popular VPN services in the world.

p0358: Yeah, I tried to be friendly to him at one point and for some reason he made this promise. Of course he did not. So later I pointed this out, he said I lied and asked for proof, but then immediately left the game, because we both know he lied, and not only he crashed the games, but also periodically stopped his bots to go in the game and cheat himself. "I kinda tried" — probably someone asked if anyone tried being nice to him before for a change, because everyone was just bashing him, can't check for sure because I'm banned from that server now.

Below is a screenshot of that later encounter (dated 30.08.2019):

p0358: The final message about him claiming I lie and to prove before leaving (knowing that I say the truth) wasn't captured in here. Notice that it's one of his original accounts and it turns out to be FairFight-banned, explaining why he had to change the account. Apparently even FairFight can detect a cheater if he obviously cheats in every single game for so long. Text at the top is "* FairFight: cheat detected". Also keep in mind the name "boxdog85" is just a random stolen name as always. And he used EA Origin exploit to join the party. And this was after a month break since I've seen him talk at all, hence "we're into conversating huh".

p0358: Look, even there I already commented on the above situation. I wonder why this was moved to an entirely separate place in the screenshot matrix. Also the thing on the very bottom of this fragment seems to be glued out of nowhere too.

p0358: Do you know what a joke is?

p0358: Yes, I run my server status website that collects the data that can be presented in a nice chart. On this very chart, you can see the first dip that happened when Jeanue has first time brought the servers down for many months, by utilizing his client-side crashing. Population immediately recovered almost to the previous state when he stopped (but still took a very visible hit). If it wasn't for this fucker's attacks, it could still have 100-ish concurrent players... Anyways, the global attacks stopped for a few months after MrSteyk has developed a fix. But we later learnt that Jeanue did not give up, but all this time was simply working on something new...

p0358: I already described it. The game was unplayable for the general population, so we gathered to play together and bypass his attacker bots using various trickery. He could not join the game and mess with it if the server was full, so we were filling the missing slots with guard bots if there wasn't 12 of us, so that he couldn't join, and we could play in peace.

The four upvotes in the bottom message also indicate that people who took part in that conversation perfectly understood there was nothing bad about it.

p0358: Yes. It really doesn't take a genius to spot this pattern. But if you don't believe it, then even the guy himself confirmed this on Twitch (someone has sent this to me):

p0358: Indeed, I still stand by belief he probably has some external help, given his shown lack of skill in the past. Also yeah, probably sitting every day trying to break the game for 3 years can provide results given how broken the engine is, on the other hand. Remember Jeanue is not a normal person, so he did spend that time in such way.

p0358: Literal innocence proof, thx. Also this thing was already mentioned somewhere above.

p0358: "Eureka" moment when I realize what Jeanue probably uses? And that he used it 3 years ago, but then never again, not a single time? So being surprised that he indeed still remembers the thing.

p0358: Talking about Wireshark, a tool to capture network traffic and analyze it. Titanfall protocol is incorrectly detected/classified as "QUIC" protocol in it.

A dissector is a plugin that can make analysis of the data in a protocol easier for a user of Wireshark trying to analyze the network traffic.

But even if we wrote that, we would not publish it, because it could theoretically help Jeanue in some ways then — "there's still stakes to lose" — proving again our care for game and innocence.

p0358: Yes, our Discord server in its early days had closed doors and an interview system in place, because Jeanue knowing anything about the trickery we use to play could jeopardize the whole effort.

And the system was proven effective. Jeanue tried to slip through a few times and was stopped at the front door. Showing that he wasn't that bright.

p0358: Not sure why it's here, but I checked. It's some wannabe Jeanue impostor, their Discord name is different and it's just a server nickname. Some people think it's funny to set their name to that, I can't help it, lol. Despite real Jeanue joining Remnant Fleet two times. You could have at least dug through a bit in your "research" and find some of his real messages on the server, I can help:

Real Jeanue's message before getting banned promptly.

Commentary on in-game screenshots

Some people might not be aware of that yet, but the game server does not verify the in-game usernames, at all. It does not matter what name do you use on Origin or what limitations on the username does Origin have at all. Because the username set when joining the server can be set to literally anything, without any limitations imposed, and all it takes is an edit of the username in game's memory before joining a server.

In other words, you can play the game with any name that you enter, and it in no way reflects who that user really is.

The only way to tell who that person really is, and that they're an impostor, is to click on their username in order to open the Origin profile. If there's a mismatch, they are not whom the in-game username says they are.

People have spotted old videos of jeanue impersonating p0358, and unaware of the above, assumed it was him. It did not help that the real jeanue changed his name to pO358 (notice the slight difference of O vs 0, which looks the same with the in-game font), stole the avatar and set the profile's "real name" to "p0358" as well.

This has boosted the amount of views and attention of the youtuber that has uploaded one of these videos, and he decided to screw the truth and just eat as much of the attention as possible:

This was all said despite this conversation taking place two years ago in YouTube comments:

The very same youtuber admits that he is well aware that jeanue is known for taking other people's names and that this has also happened to him and his friends.

How do we call the stance when someone willingly ignores the facts just to get some views?

The above conversation took place under another old video, where at 3:50 you can see that the cheater's profile is opened and the fake pO358 profile gets opened, in spite of a different in-game name being used.

Some people were apparently for some reason confused on why the "first line" says pO358, but the second one says p0358. Well, the first line is the Origin username that needs to be unique. The second name is the so-called "real name", a text one can set to literally whatever they want to. Turns out the idea to set it wasn't that stupid if some people unironically fell for it.

A screenshot of a random Respawn dev's profile for comparison:

However, in 2019 what's going on was pretty obvious to Titanfall 1 community. Nobody did fall for Jeanue's impersonation attempts, and those who did could quickly realize what's going on. But in 2021, with NoSkill's help, Jeanue did eventually win. And Titanfall 2 players who had no clue of the Titanfall 1 troubles did believe him.

And Jeanue is thus back to having his "fun", here impersonating MoDen31, content creator previously engaged in spreading misinformation along with NoSkill (the one running @Titanfall4Ever account on Twitter), using thus his name to spread further misinformation in the comments:

It's pretty evident it's one of their people, given he once again called out the names of his "favorite" Titanfall 1players, the ones he held a special grudge against for years.

Also nice Google Translate there on his profile. Consistent with his laughable attempts at pretending to be Russian in-game.

MrSteyk: As a native Russian speaker I can confirm this word doesn't make sense — same as typing "to fear" — infinitive form of the verb.

About actual Jeanue

Names, usernames and other personally identifiable information have been stripped; J will be referred to as “Hacker”, because we are fully against starting witch hunts or targeted harassment.

This data was shared to parties we considered to be "trusted", at their request of wanting to share this information with Respawn — with NoSkill and with iiishiii.

They later claimed all of this information was fake and random, while refusing to elaborate on that claim — thus we are sharing anonymized steps of figuring out our information in order to let people form their own opinion on that.


  1. Hacker was an awful player in TF1; when losing s/he’d stand around and spam chat with insults at players that were beating him
  2. Hacker starts hacking and players team stack against him/her
  3. Hacker then starts learning how to execute exploits and shut down Titanfall completely to stop the people he hates from playing the game
  4. Fast forward a couple years, a YouTube video on Titanfall 1 receives very distinctly Hacker style comments, I look at the commenting account and it has several videos uploaded.
  5. One of the videos itself has comments about a drag race and the Hacker account is responding, sounding like the owner of the car in the video
  6. I found the forum where these videos were embedded and shared, and the forum user sharing them obv
  7. I message said forum user asking about a for sale post
  8. He responds back with his name, phone #, and paypal email address
  9. Call this person (from a burner number obv) and he is a quick speaker, but then I ask if he knows anything about Titanfall… Few second pause then he keeps saying he doesn’t know what that is.
  10. Within 2 hours the YouTube comments, videos, and account are deleted
  11. Hacker-Titanfall’s behavior shifts dramatically
  12. Burner number gets signed up to spam lists and some of the texts, well… couple of them are addressed to my origin name that the Hacker knows me by… I know it's hard to believe with the name removed but:
  1. p0 finds old .dem file from 2019 with Hacker connecting and it appears Hacker forgot to turn on his VPN because one of the source IP addresses locates to the exact same Metro/suburb that this man lives in

Timeline of Events

****Obviously, much of this was not recorded in detail, so much of this is approximate range. “Hacker” was a legitimate player that was frequently online, but was pretty bad at the game. Instead of saying this game isn’t for them, or learning to improve, they sat in the game and complained that everyone else was hacking, and/or insulted everyone for ruining their games. Clearly, this individual was not destined to be popular in the community.

2017- Hacker begins using cheats/hacks with names like “paybackishell7” and “snwodtaeb” (beatdowns backwards), or mimicking other player names to masquerade (turns out [redacted] has an identity theft charge, coincidence?) as them. Simple things like an O instead of zero, or 1 instead of I. But the font makes them harder to distinguish. Hacker is online for huge swaths of the day. For HOURS a day non stop. Obviously whoever is doing this is not quite right in the head. Later on they were able to copy other player names directly.

2018- Hacker still can’t win games against players that organize against him so this is where he begins crossing into illegal territory. He starts experimenting with how to break the underlying software.




During this time, Hacker’s ego explodes. Frequent phrases in-game: “Hacker is a god,” “I run shit here,” ‘I am the god of titanfall,’ ‘you can play only when I want to.’ On a couple occasions, Hacker would solicit players to send money to stop. Our psych profile of this guy is that he’s egomaniacal, racist, petty, and this whole ordeal is centered around him ‘winning.’ He/she cannot handle losing and the tit-for-tat has made them dedicate years of their lives to trying to ‘win’ against some people in a video game. This has morphed from winning game rounds, to denying anyone from playing at all. Guess the saying is true for him, the only way to win is not to play the game.

Now, how do we know we found the right people?

Looks like Hacker was commenting on YT videos about him, and that account has car videos uploaded? The “me you” Youtube account’s comments sound like Hacker taunting us but doesn’t obviously contain any useful information. However, do you see what I see here?

Side note: Bullettotheface7 was a player Hacker particularly does not like. And the 4th comment that was cutoff was “Hacker is a god” (Hacker would frequently say exactly that in game)

Googling around with [redacted] and keywords, I found [redacted] on [Redacted] and this post [link redacted]. This post embeds a YouTube video posted by the “me you” account. At this point we’re pretty sure that the ‘me you’ account is a Hacker account, and that account has personal videos tied to it.

Looking through his post history, he has a few things for sale, which is an opportune time to list personal details… Hm, [city redacted] Alabama. The car above is Alabama plate [redacted]

Ahhh!! This is still available!! I wonder if he’ll respond to my inquiry about it?

OMG. He straight away responded with email, name, AND phone number. Let’s look him up.

OK, nothing too wild here...

Now. Ideas about this.

[first two redacted for personal info]

  1. [name redacted] is listed as having a child. Is it possible that their son or daughter is the perpetrator and using their name/account to make comments?
  2. There’s been speculation that Hacker pays for help in Titanfall. Hacker was on User’s stream the other night just gifting him subs like it was nothing… Hacker spends money kinda frivolously… And they do have some expensive cars?

Now, in order to try and ultimately determine if [name redacted] IS internet-Hacker, we decided to call [name redacted] to inquire about his for sale post. By hearing his live voice we can gauge his emotional state and response. Maybe we’d ask about Titanfall and it’d be genuine cluelessness, maybe there’d be nervousness hinting that we’re on the right trail. Notice that for the first half he is a fast speaker, then when asked about Titanfall.. There’s a definite hesitation before denial of knowing anything about it. He’s nervous and not sure what to say. Pretty quickly he shifts the conversation to a close.

Skip to 3:35, recording calls is legal in Alabama (and most states)

[link redacted]

The full extent of the text exchange with him: Not harassing, simply urging whoever it is to stop. In my opinion, it’s a pretty panic’d reaction to so quickly go to claiming harassment.

Comparing Hacker-Online actions to the suspects

Some people in the community previously believed they had figured out who Hacker was (J.O.), but their mockery of that individual in game was ineffective against Hacker. He would eventually laugh and every once in a while hint that maybe we didn’t have the right person. That is old, false info, with this new info [names redacted] are now the prime suspects and we have a solid basis to back that up.

Now we have chats like this:

Notes: “there are just 2 accounts of Hacker’s wife lurking in here”.... 2 accounts, husband and wife…

“I just have no idea how did it happen” the timestamp on this is a few days after the call, I believe this is he or she in disbelief that they were found in real life.

Activity was low around [names redacted] respective birthdays.

In March, and beginning of April (before we made contact) Hacker was online attacking Titanfall2 streamers almost daily. Once we made contact, activity immediately declined. For the next couple days the two Hacker accounts were not active at all on Twitch/Titanfall.

After that, new accounts identified as Hacker were coming back online and following streamers, then engaging in crashing games again. Where previously, Hacker would be online crashing people for hours, and repeatedly not allowing streamers to play at all… Now, when streamers would call out [redacted] with some vague but meaningful identifying information, suddenly attacks would stop. Hacker-online no longer engages in chat, will not respond to anyone’s private messages, where they would before frequently.

The same day one of our members was contacted by police and asked to stop ‘harassing’ them, Hacker was online that night attacking streamers again after a couple weeks of inactivity. [Redacted] may feel that they are safer to get back into it with police believing that they’re innocent.

Chat Logs

Highly pertinent: We also have this chat log.

User: I want to mail you something nice, which address should I use.
User: ?
Hackerwife: which one you have man?
User: [redacted], should I use [redacted]?
(redacted for brevity) User: you were sure you'd never be doxxed
Hackerwife: of course im mad rn :(
User: question is how long did I sit on that info?
Hackerwife: how long, User?
(redacted for brevity) User: so will [redacted] go to you or no?
Hackerwife: why didnt u do anything bout it?
User: just a little gift from me to you
Hackerwife: is it a bomb User?
User: lol no
User: I am not dumb
Hackerwife: im still not sure about it
Hackerwife: but sure, go on, that s the right one
User: it won't hurt you at all, promise
Hackerwife: ouch User that doesnt sound friendly
Hackerwife: but be fast with it, before the police will come to us
User: I want you to be straight with me, it's just a message for you two

We have been attempting to massage out a more direct admission that Hacker-online is who we think it is. During contact with a community member, police mentioned that they received a letter with no return address. No one with knowledge of the situation has actually mailed them anything. The only way [names redacted] would claim that they received a letter that they, in fact, did not- is if they ARE online-Hacker and believed that I was sending one.

Imgur links are redacted because they were links to screenshots of police reports filed that contained personal info.

User: Well, I can promise that Respawn asked me specifically for information about you before their tweet
Hackerwife: playing all night, fucking people with kraber
Hackerwife: oh, and you gave them the info?
User: Naturally
User: These things take time, please be patient
Hackerwife: ah i thought you love Hacker too much to expose us like this :(
User: So did you help set [redacted] up with her bots or what?
User: Admit you lose and the walls might stop closing in
Wednesday 2:57:20 AM
wehrmacht85: My Hacker always wins
wehrmacht85: if i admit we lose, would you just stop hunting us man?
User: Will the bots go down?
User: Will you move on with your life and forget about Titanfall?
wehrmacht85: hehe, you told me only to admit that i ve lost, not to delete the bots
User: Then I guess the police might want to learn that ~314037 people who have purchased Titanfall can't use their license to play because of you
User: And soon ~997125 Titanfall 2 players. Do the math on how much money has been wasted. Surely there's a DA that would prosecute that.
wehrmacht85: oh well, respawn shouldnt sell a broken game
User: Would you like to reconsider?
wehrmacht85: a slightly remider this account also belongs to Hacker's wife
wehrmacht85: but if you have anything important, i can deliver it to Hacker
User: Wouldn't you be an accomplice?
wehrmacht85: a loved one should always be an accomplice

Comments on the following log: Replies from Hacker on the wehrmacht account took a couple minutes, however when threatened with being reported to the police with “Ok guess I’ll pull the trigger then” the next few replies were back to back in seconds. They also dogmatically will not give up, as they were inactive for some time. But when they did get on next, they joined a streamer’s Twitch chat and the first thing they wrote was “Hacker always wins”

wehrmacht85: i know that you re salty as fuck, i dont need anything more, im not such a bitch
User: Ok guess I'll pull the trigger then
wehrmacht85: wait
User: Bye Hacker
wehrmacht85: i think
wehrmacht85: i think i ahve a deal
wehrmacht85: you should like it
wehrmacht85: come here User
User: You get once chance.
wehrmacht85: i have something to offer to you
User: Don't fuck this one up.
wehrmacht85: so listen
wehrmacht85: im sure we can get along this way
wehrmacht85: my offer is
wehrmacht85: a nice, kind and very deep Fuck you User
wehrmacht85: now go fuck yourself and leave us alone
User: LMAO I almost thought for a second you'd make a deal. You may have bluffed, but I'm not
wehrmacht85: oh no. Im so afraid
User: Bye [redacted]
User: Expect law enforcement soon
User: Hows [redacted, name of family member]?
Today, 9:55:00 AM
master_Hacker: Stop it!! Leave [redacted] out of this!!
User: Thats up to you
User: :)
User: User gave you an out. Wise up
master_Hacker: Stop messaging me. I hate both of you! Especially User!!! I cant fucking sleep because of that pos
User: Don't beg for pity when this is self inflicted. Stick your neck out, it gets chopped off
User: All you have to do is delete everything and walk away
User: Your choice [redacted]
master_Hacker: no. my husband and I didnt do anything wrong!
master_Hacker: leave me tf alone!
User: Man those guys on [redacted] were right about your psychotic episodes. Geez
master_Hacker: What does my [car brand] has to do with anything?
master_Hacker: leave my car out of this!
master_Hacker: you cant doxx my car's plate number!! you know that's against the law!
master_Hacker: you will get in trouble if you do so!
User: Bold of you to talk about whats agaisnt the law
master_Hacker: how tf did you guys find my addy, phone number and my name anyways?
master_Hacker: that's still illegal!
master_Hacker: how tf did you even find my name and address? Why do you keep spreading my personal info and doxxing me? you know that you can get into trouble for that?
5/28/2021, 6:26:07 PM
User: I didn't do anything illegal, you gave yourself up
5/28/2021, 6:48:58 PM
master_Hacker: how did I give myself up? you handed my information to other people by yourself? where's your logic?
master_Hacker: I will sue you if you spread my plate number!
master_Hacker: you understand that's illegal!
User: you posted it online yourself lmao
master_Hacker: Im going to tell my husband
master_Hacker: you think this is a joke?
master_Hacker: he already has your contact number anyways. thanks to you for phoning him!
User: that's not my number
User: I didn't do anything illegal, you brought this all on yourself
User: you could... you know... stop
master_Hacker: that is absolutely the fact
master_Hacker: You have to stop me by yourself! Come and meet me!
master_Hacker: we can settle this
master_Hacker: in person!
master_Hacker: Im sure you know where to find me
User: dude you're way out of shape
User: don't be writing checks that will bounce
User: be smart
master_Hacker: you even go through [redacted] bank accounts?
master_Hacker: you are all about words
master_Hacker: come and meet [redacted] then
master_Hacker: if you are really taunting
User: I mean, you wouldn't know if we were
master_Hacker: like that
User: but that phrase went right over your head
master_Hacker: action speaks louder than words. periodt
master_Hacker: you dont even have the balls to meet me in person
User: lmao what do you think you would even do
User: make some more baseless claims and throw a sloppy fist?
master_Hacker: dont be afraid. Im not gonna bite. [redacted] is also chill. we can settle this once and for all in Alabama
User: try to get me arrested?
master_Hacker: well if you feel guilty then why taunt like that?
User: [redacted], you're not cut out for this
User: give it up
master_Hacker: I have nothing else to say to you. you are either showing up or just keep babbling and crying over a video game
master_Hacker: why? how am i a joke? you got my info . you know where to find me
master_Hacker: "I'm a factual matter of fact kind of guy. if I'm making claims, I'm presenting evidence"
master_Hacker: so Im a joke after all of your claims?
master_Hacker: Im his wife
master_Hacker: remember?
master_Hacker: or maybe there's a flaw in your story and you are confused
master_Hacker: do you want me to enlighten you?
User: go for it
master_Hacker: so [redacted] is my hubby
master_Hacker: need more info?
User: tell me what you got
master_Hacker: give me a call if you need to
master_Hacker: I will share you all the info
User: tell me
master_Hacker: just Phone my hubby again. he knows better than I do
master_Hacker: he is sleeping atm
master_Hacker: you can call him tomorrow
User: sounds like you got nothing
master_Hacker: because Im not [redacted]!
master_Hacker: do you not understand?
master_Hacker: I'm his fucking wife
User: you have my spoof number
master_Hacker: I dont care if you wanna use a spoof number
master_Hacker: just fucking give me a call
User: call me
master_Hacker: no you have to ask [redacted] yourself
User: you have nothing
master_Hacker: duh
master_Hacker: Im not [redacted]
master_Hacker: my hubby is asleep
User: [redacted] has nothing
User: you say there's a flaw in my plan, what is it then
master_Hacker: oh im sure he does have plenty
master_Hacker: does it matter?
User: not particularly
master_Hacker: not your plan.. you story
master_Hacker: so who is this fucking Hacker ?
master_Hacker: [redacted]!
master_Hacker: we have a cute daughter!
User: duh
master_Hacker: Her name is [redacted]
master_Hacker: we have a [redacted]
master_Hacker: we live in Alabama
User: whats the big reveal then you dastardly devil
master_Hacker: nothing much. cuz as you claimed before you pretty much know every fucking detail about our family
master_Hacker: what else do you need?
master_Hacker: you just are confused about Hacker
master_Hacker: Im [redacted], his ([redacted]) fucking wife
master_Hacker: you keep thinking Im [redacted]
master_Hacker: and call me [redacted]
Hackerwife: not impressive to save a dying game
User: But I caught you, soooo
Hackerwife: i mean, if you catch Hacker, it is impressive indeed
Hackerwife: he s a God of Titanfall

Output from game match recording where Hacker was connecting, extracted from demo files. For some reason in Respawn's engine server-side events are networked to the clients, and one of them is the "player_connect" event that includes the IP address of the connecting player, shown in the field "address" of the export.

Our demo file archives were analyzed in order to grab a list of all IP addresses used by Hacker. A few of the older entries turned out to be non-VPN real IPs.

The following list of players are Hacker player connecting with bots in tow. For a long time his bot names were "Titanfall Anti-Nigger" or real player names stolen, there were periods where it was random stuff like this.

  name: '101tkerw',
  index: 2,
  userid: 7,
  networkid: 'UNKNOWN',
  address: '[::ffff:]:27005',
  targetIP: '',
  mtime: 2019-01-05T03:29:34.883Z,
  file: 'demo137.dem'
  name: '101tkerw',
  index: 2,
  userid: 8,
  networkid: 'UNKNOWN',
  address: '[::ffff:]:27005',
  targetIP: '',
  mtime: 2019-01-05T03:29:34.883Z,
  file: 'demo137.dem'
  name: 'pO358',
  index: 1,
  userid: 13,
  networkid: 'UNKNOWN',
  address: '[::ffff:]:27005',
  targetIP: '',
  mtime: 2019-01-05T03:29:34.883Z,
  file: 'demo137.dem'
  name: 'pO358',
  index: 1,
  userid: 14,
  networkid: 'UNKNOWN',
  address: '[::ffff:]:27005',
  targetIP: '',
  mtime: 2019-01-05T03:29:34.883Z,
  file: 'demo137.dem'
  name: 'pO358',
  index: 1,
  userid: 17,
  networkid: 'UNKNOWN',
  address: '[::ffff:]:27005',
  targetIP: '',
  mtime: 2019-01-05T03:29:34.883Z,
  file: 'demo137.dem'
  name: 'pO358',
  index: 1,
  userid: 18,
  networkid: 'UNKNOWN',
  address: '[::ffff:]:27005',
  targetIP: '',
  mtime: 2019-01-05T03:29:34.883Z,
  file: 'demo137.dem'

Update August 2021, captured IP address of Jeanue playing TF1 currently. IP address STILL the same IP from 2019 and in Mobile, AL area. It is likely that this person has a Static IP address (their own IP assigned to them permanently)

L0s7: Iiishiii and NoSkill are dismissing this evidence because p0 was involved in scraping the IP address from 2019, even though the trail to these people was found 100% independently of p0. Also, allegedly they got in contact with [redacted]'s EX, who supposedly cleared them of wrong doing.

First of all, why would you think an EX would know of their secret, illegal activities? And even if they did, do you seriously think that they'd just blab about it openly to some rando calling investigating the aforementioned illegal activities? "Oh yea, you're calling trying to find out who's doing illegal stuff? Yeah it's totally us! Thanks for calling, good chat!"

If that is what iiishiii did, omg how gullible. I mean, she's also the person who said this information was no good because it didn't help with what they were trying to prove about the hackers... I mean yea, because they were trying to find the Apex hackers and Jeanue wasn't one of them obviously?

Second of all, if they have some way to prove their innocence. WHY IS IT NOT BEING SHARED? If you truly believe they were harrassed based upon false information, and you have proof that they're innocent, isn't it your duty to do what you can to correct that?

UPDATE (4PM EST 4/5/21):

Since calling (~12:30PM EST 4/5/21), [redacted] (who claims to know nothing about Titanfall) personal Youtube account has deleted relevant Titanfall comments and his videos are deleted:

Account has since been completely deleted/made private.

STILL doubting that we found THE REAL Jeanue?

Well, how about this. We did some bonus legwork for everyone. The person we found posts on this forum FROM THE SAME IP ADDRESS THAT WE SEE JEANUE CONNECT FROM IN GAME.

Oh, well I guess we should check the burner account we made.

Other Conspirators

There are two others that take part in the attacks, to the best of our knowledge.

Egatreze/Revelgoc: highly likely this person is involved in terms of helping write code. I (L0s7) have played with him just fine (suspiciously aimbotty behavior), but once I talked trash to him on an alt (without ever seeing 'the jeanue' at any point) the next time I tried to play with that alt account it was 'blacklisted' in TF1. Before that egatreze has been partied with Jeanue in game on occasion.

He has slipped up and connected without a VPN before. We don't have a lot of information about him, but his IP address is registered in Warsaw, Poland (not where p0 lives) and runs a custom router firmware. He always denied hacking in the in-game chat but as soon as I chatted his IP, all of a sudden he said that getting player IP addresses is easy and that p0 is in (city name).

He also very clearly spoke native Polish on multiple occassions. Please refer to the incident on which he joined Remnant Fleet mentioned in the "evidence" section and how he messaged Leprawel, RF moderator.

Philippino dude: We also don't have any personal information about this person. But they have connected in game with Jeanue (total of 3 people) and his IP had no VPN detected, originating from Manila. Jeanue claimed in game that he was his "paid nigger slave," lending credence to the idea that Jeanue paid people to help him get the ball rolling. Automated crash bots of Titanfall 1 have also been running from this person's IP address in the past.

In DM's the RedTape authors have basically said it's possible the suspect alluded to earlier was Jeanue 'at one point', but also say they're sure Jeanue NOW is not them... Why? They won't say, they (RedTape authors) just think the "suspects" are not Jeanue, at least any more... Are they guarding a secret?

We've now seen more and more of Wanderer's behavior, crashing Titanfall lobbies, impersonating p0358 (classic J move)... A history of crashing CSGO lobbies, and when asked on twitch why they don't mess with some other, bigger game if they're only around to piss people off... A Jeanue account responds that maybe they'd move to CSGO? We don't know anything for sure, but this is extremely.... sus.

Our counter evidence: NoSkill being bullshit

MrSteyk: Would you look at that - a guy who is supposedly against this type of shit wants me to go big in Apex, how ironic portraying me as an enemy.

MrSteyk: I will put up a quote: “Not only are doxxing, harassment and hacking illegal, but they are also destructive towards the Titanfall community. We should not let a handful of individuals speak in the name of what we've built-- they are willing to sacrifice this for their personal interest” © page 5.

Are you referring to yourself, Wanty? I didn’t see any evidence on you nor mention in the document other than being an “author” of a pile of cropped garbage that clearly contradicts what you are saying.

By downloading the files you agree that you will not redestribute them elsewhere. The download link on external sources should excusively link to this page.

Also this seems a bit unreasonable, why would I want to visit a web page that literally has 0 meaningful shit on it? Original grammar was also saved.

My only reasoning is that they had a bunch of shit that even more contradicted what they have said against Remnant Fleet and resorted to deleting it.

Also don’t you think it’s funny that I literally went through every fucking picture in the archive and commented on it (or in a group)? Well, you see, I don’t have malicious intentions to make someone look bad - because I know who did this a bit too well, IT WAS MYSELF I DID THE 4TH OF JULY (sounds almost like 9/11 I swear to a cat God).


MrSteyk: Doesn’t this look really sketchy in the context of NoSkill being “a good community” whose “goal is to provide as much transparency as we can“?

Also a big lie there — they very well knew that removing their own messages isn’t shown in audit logs.

p0358: Also look at how convenient excuse there is for dropping the doc right as I went on my 2 week vacation. Respawn asked them to wait? They didn't think to use that time to rethink their accusations? To ask all the involved people on their opinions of these events and screenshots? Because they clearly did not understand the context of the screenshots they posted and the situations at their times. But how can we expect such understanding, if they were seemingly too lazy to even read the messages around what they cropped out to understand what was going on at all?

MrSteyk: This refers to coolcryptid, whole NoSkill admin team, UE, meaning they had a talk before this whole archive charade happened. Idk what the fuck they had to do with the IGN journalist, who has been doing HIS OWN research on Jeanue. According to some on full screenshot, the IGN journalist in question (ourillwills) was trying to make contact and got ignored purposefully by iiishiii, meanwhile UE says he(journalist) failed to make contact, an interesting inconsistency, don’t you think?

p0358: They meant for their propaganda to have as big impact as possible, which is why they reached out to content creators with the biggest reaches, and iiishiii herself was the owner of Creator Circuit discord, giving her direct access to pretty much all Titanfall content creators.

MrSteyk: iniquity is related to the NoSkill’s administration close circle. Like 3 screenshots before you could see him being mentioned, the next screenshot after that showcases iniquity in the group chats. Next screenshot will put the tweet more into a perspective (those two tweets were also ultra sketch at the time of him posting them (Jun 28 and Jul 27)):

MrSteyk: Moral of the story: “transparency” document clearly didn’t have any good intentions, because why didn't it solely focus on me and doge, but instead focused more on Red and p0?

p0358: Trying to portray us as some kind of power freaks while asking for the exact same thing? Nice.

Not to mention that plea by RedShield was irrelevant anyways with the ongoing attacks, where such bans wouldn't stop them anyways, and with TFO project works ongoing, where on its custom servers we could by definition ban anyone too.

TL;DR: NoSkill leaked ways to fuck up the game their server literally specialises in - Titanfall 2 -  and didn’t even blink (99.99% of what I, MrSteyk, mentioned is fixed in Apex), all while trying to make Remnant Fleet look bad for no other reason than personal hatred, that blinded them into thinking all that evidence is believable (other than stuff that really happened, but again it was just ME aka MrSteyk, and “us”, I got like 10% screen time I could say, dogecore got less because he joined at a later date).

L0s7: We were passed this screenshot. Josh Medina is a Respawn producer. Respawn spent years allowing the situation to fester, so long so that with Jon Shiring leaving a couple years ago… We didn’t know there was anyone at Respawn familiar enough with TF1’s networking infrastructure to fix it (at least not without way more engineering time invested than Respawn might be willing to spend)...

So just to be clear, the post p0 made applies only to TF1.

So assuming these “smart friends” were thinking of it in context of TF2, they are wrong.

p0358: Nonetheless, some fixes to the best of my knowledge should apply to Titanfall 2 as well, most notably the one for "DoS". The effectiveness of the fix in general was tested on a local server against one type of attack that we could reproduce there.

We don't have the opportunity to analyze what Jeanue is doing to attack the servers directly though in some of the attacks, since we don't have access to the servers that are being attacked by him, it's the privilege that only Respawn can possess. However through careful observation of the circumstances around the attack, we can pinpoint the part of the networking stack/functionality that gets abused and based on that we can voice an opinion on whether a certain fix should help with it or no. At least one of his newer methods was fully reproduced and the "DoS" fix was tested to fully secure the server against it as mentioned above, however.

I wonder how these "smart friends" have thus failed to patch their game servers against these basic attacks for several months/years. It sounds pretty prideful, to say the least, to voice such an opinion under these circumstances and feels like a huge slap in the community's face. If this screenshot is real, it just clearly shows the kind of attitude that they have. If you have been wondering why the game is still so broken, this is why. And while we despise the attackers as much as everyone else, there is a reason behind them being still relevant and able to mess with games in any way. The reason is that they can and there's nobody to stop them. We did everything we could from our side. It is a very sad image to watch, given how great of a game Titanfall is and what fate did it face.

p0358: By the way, the source of this screenshot is iiishiii as seen above, so it's on her if it's fake. She seems to have trusted their opinion about the fixes and take it for granted, but was that reasonable?

And indeed, the fixes they made were not because of me, what they changed in Titanfall 1 around two weeks before my article was something else. Almost all the things I described remain exploitable and we have seen the attackers still abusing those things from time to time.

Who would have thought they'd actually be the attackers who want to damage our image and the cause of saving Titanfall?

Attacker mind set? Guess he knew what he was talking about, given his input on shaping the Apex attack:

Threatening subreddit moderation

One of r/titanfall's subreddit moderators, hiticonic, have fallen out of favor with the website authors. As the situation with the attacks developed, he decided to make a short and concise post summarizing the situation across both games in bullet points — making informative posts like that is a normal part of a subreddit moderation. But in order to pin that post, he had to unpin the previously pinned one, which happened to be coolcryptid's wall of text containing links to the website (with which the sub wasn't afilliated) and to a survey related to attacks.

It was a slap in the face to coolcryptid. Thus he contacted the subreddit moderation to get explanations on the removal and was redirected to hiticonic on Discord — something that is an exception from the general rule that all moderation actions should be disputed by anonymous mod mail in order to prevent the exact situation that happened here — attacking the individual moderators for their decisions — an exception that was made by abusing the trust that the community shared towards

Not cooperating with them made hiticon one of the targets to get destroyed in the drama they were preparing — getting him highlighted out of many people who had access to the hidden channels, despite his activity there being rather small.

For a proof of these words, notice how coolcryptid have gotten back at hiticon after the liar doc was released, mocking his previous words:

What hiticon said on the other hand is nothing out of ordinary for anyone having experience in moderation. With long textual posts, people will miss the details scattered in it, and then proceed to ask the questions that were. With short and concise, but yet informative posts, more people will understand it. It's also pretty ironic that with the linked doc they indeed did prove that people can't really read — but in this case it's not really the people to blame, since they got fooled by team who abused their trust in order to start their witch hunt.

This didn't end here though.

The comment was since deleted, even before coolcryptid has deleted his whole reddit account.

Let's comment on the words related to hiticonic here out of this stream of manipulation:

He later proceeds to again accuse everyone of every wrongdoing they could possibly be accused of, proceeding to project the two out-of-context hiticonic's messages into portraying him as some kind of ultimate saboteur and malcontent.

And his action did succeed, hiticonic ended up getting removed as the subreddit moderator, and the other mods fell for some of these lies. All despite no actual wrongdoing on his side, and actually pretty small activity on Remnant Fleet.

Crafting hysterical panic in the community

Early September an interesting incident has occurred. A new attack was unveiled by Jeanue, ironically again exploiting a lack of player name length check, but this time in Stryder, where it was abused by sending network invites and causing the game crash while the parser was trying to read the massive name that was being sent.

NoSkill, together with iiishiii and wanderer have created a massive panic attack in the community, based on a deluded risk of an RCE vulnerability. It all started with this conversation on a small Discord server "PC Circuit Testing" belonging to iiishiii, and this screenshot from it was shared by iiishiii herself:

This screenshot together with an announcement from NoSkill made by DirectXeon was widely shared across Reddit, Twitter and other social media.

Also that's the same super-credible Titanfall news account (@Titanfall4Ever) that previously accused p0358 of being the Titanfall attacker.

Remember their accusation of us supposedly tricking the media outlets, while they in fact tricked everyone with their RedTape document? Well, now they created more false drama.

And it did indeed work one more time. With their computers' security at stake, people got frightened and believed these words, once again assuming they come from someone who has even a remote idea of what's going on and what they're talking about.

Apparently the owner of a modding server has not much clue on how computers work, if he calls that a good explanation. It's not a good explanation, it's ridiculous. Username getting saved to a temporary file that the computer starts treating as executable code? Seriously?

Thankfully no-one else than wanderer came to the rescue soon afterwards and have corrected that message to something that was a tad more logical:

Once again though, a big problem in this situation is — we cannot see how it was not meant to create a mass panic and outcry in the community. What was advised in the announcements was just illogical. Even assuming that there really was an RCE vulnerability. Which by the way wanderer really wanted to convince people there was, by even telling to those who ignored the warning and launched the game that they now probably already have a RAT on their PC — despite the username payload clearly not being anything that tries to exploit an RCE vulnerability*****.

But he did see that the name had nothing resembling a shellcode? So why tell people they probably have RAT on their PC already?

And even assuming that a theoretical RCE was a real risk at that time, the words carried out publicly by DirectXeon and iiishiii made zero sense.

Obviously game consoles would not be affected and be safe, since they run in the sandbox — sandbox that is designed at the very root exactly so that the game process (that would supposedly get taken over) has no permissions to mess with anything on the console's system. Even if the RCE did somehow happen on the console, considering its architectural and software differences, it would be entirely useless to the potential attacker.

Furthermore, the exploit only happened if someone entered the lobby screen with community features enabled, and as it turned out it only happened in the biggest game networks. Without knowing that the safe bet is to not enter the multiplayer at all. But why in the world would someone tell people to uninstall the game completely? There is zero reasoning that could justify that. Even going to the single player games would have been perfectly safe. But how could someone abuse an RCE vulnerability in a code that's not even running, if the game is not even launched?

The people who portray themselves as some kind of saviors, judges and executioners at the same time tell people to uninstall their game, and people on Reddit and Twitter blindly follow it without any questions asked. It cannot be described with words.

***** Because the whole payload in its first version was just a full version of the racist copy-pasta that Jeanue used for his long usernames back in 2018-2019, don't tell me random readable alphabetical characters are valid processor instructions, because they are not, both us and wanderer realize that.

However, the interesting thing about that situation and confirming that Jeanue was still the one behind the attack, was the event in which MrSteyk has checked the Origin account ID of the account performing the attack and sent a friend request to it. Promptly after that happened, the payload has been switched to the same payload that was used by Jeanue in 2019 to crash Titanfall 1 games. This reference was not random — MrSteyk is the one who designed a client-side patch back then to the exact Titanfall 1 vulnerability that was abused by this payload. Thus the switch of the payload after the friend request was sent, was a mockery on MrSteyk by Jeanue. A mockery that also did prove once again that it's the same Jeanue behind the attacks as years ago.

But it's again one of the things NoSkill wasn't aware of, since it's not something you will find on the first page of google search results, and that's how deep their research was usually going before drawing their conclusions.

A little cherry on top:

Everything they could to get as many people as possible to uninstall the game and cease playing it or what?

Surprisingly aggressive words towards Ryan Rigney must have been related to that tweet of him, given that was the only tweet he sent around that time:

Hate him or love him, but he is spitting straight facts here. These words also apply to our own situation as well. NoSkill has put out their liar report and people still mindlessly repeat allegations contained to it. It takes disproportionally high effort to refute it and show that it was not truth, this doc being hundreds of pages long being the sad proof of it.

But who even is this Wanderer?

Wanderer is a Counter-Strike hacker and cheat developer who knows many Source engine server crashing exploits (unfortunately, Source has a bad track record in this area). One of his exploits that he shared ended up rendering the 2018's version of Counter-Strike globally in the same state as Titanfall was rendered by jeanue.

Isn't that ironic that they accuse people who tried to help Titanfalls in any way of attacking the game, while at the same time cooperating with a person like this? Or perhaps more concerning than ironic, given their calls to uninstall the game they supposedly wanted to "save"?

Wanderer was given a big level of insight into their actions, and NoSkill has shared with him much more than they have included in the public report.

His mention of the harsh betrayal over the leak is also highly ironic, given he leaked TFO revival project's source code after being persuaded to it by team, which their whole group found funny.

You may ask though... wait a second, how did he even have access to that source code in the first place? Well, he did appear in Remnant Fleet out of nowhere and started talking of the exploits and ended up getting accepted into the project in order to help patch the exploits, so that they cannot be abused at least on the community servers, if Respawn cannot be gotten to fix it on the official ones.

However, one thing that seemed weird is how he was able to replicate what jeanue did in Titanfall, but in Counter-Strike. He did stream in the public voice chat one time, showing the attack, and the effect of players suddenly freezing was the exact same.

And despite them being aware of all these things, it didn't stop NoSkill from closely cooperating with wanderer at any point, and even playing some games together for chill while the mass panic situation over Titanfall 2 that they created was unfolding:

NoSkill moderation doesn't mind sketchy hackers and cheaters presence at all. It's only a problem if someone else speaks with a hacker. But not them.

It's worth to note that there are more screenshots where wanderer was discussing the mentioned vulnerability that has similar symptoms to the vulnerability that Jeanue uses in Titanfalls to lag the players and drop them from the server. We are not sharing them here, because they go into technical details that could allow others to easily reproduce them, and we aren't going to drop them publicly like NoSkill, because we still do care about this game and don't want to worsen its state even further. Contrary to what they want you to believe.

And indeed, in October 2021 he was found to be actively attacking Titanfall 2 servers and bragging about it.

This action got him banned on NoSkill, after which he proceeded to spam the invite link to that server in game networks, later faking his name to "p0358" and spamming the link to Remnant Fleet.

Who knows then, given how here he seems to have played on both sides, if he wasn't helping jeanue himself attack the game with those exploits? It is pure speculation, but one thing's for sure — this guy is sketchy. At the same time, the people behind the RedTape doc cooperated with him closely, without seeing any problem in that.

This is what happened in October:

"Out of snapshots" is a dev warning that exists only in Respawn's engine since Titanfall 2.

Notice the name "filthatm".

After his main account was banned on NoSkill for livestreaming attacking the game, he went to do the same on Remnant Fleet under his fake account:

We really wonder which "p0358" you gave your "ddos" in 2020, when you joined Remnant Fleet and first contacted the real p0358 in June 2021 (but also to immediately talk about these exploits).

After getting banned from Remnant Fleet as well, he decided to spice up the drama by spamming chat messages with Discord invites to NoSkill on various game networks:

He later also faked his name there to "p0358" and spammed the invite to Remnant Fleet instead, acting fully in line with how Jeanue used to act.

It is now quite interesting in the hindsight to see how strongly he was doubting Jeanue's motivations for attacking the game some time ago:

By the way, wanderer was listening to the "1-on-1" call that coolcryptid had with p0358. If anyone has any doubts about their level of cooperation.

He has access to the raw conversation between p0358 and Jeanue (the latter under fake names) **that was only shared with NoSkill back in a day**. The "juicy part" is talking of some cheater that was smart enough to upload his cheating videos to YouTube under his real name and then share that on Facebook. It was stupid enough that even Jeanue, one of the cheaters, laughed about it. Info in "public pages" with address etc turned out to be a phone book, a place where you have to explicitly opt-in to make your data appear there, which made the whole situation there even more funny. The "black list" question will be later mentioned in the iiishiii's section.

He has access to the raw conversation between p0358 and Jeanue (the latter under fake names) that was only shared with NoSkill back in a day. The "juicy part" is talking of some cheater that was smart enough to upload his cheating videos to YouTube under his real name and then share that on Facebook. It was stupid enough that even Jeanue, one of the cheaters, laughed about it. Info in "public pages" with address etc turned out to be a phone book, a place where you have to explicitly opt-in to make your data appear there, which made the whole situation there even more funny. The "black list" question will be later mentioned in the iiishiii's section.

Furthermore, he was actively participating in spreading the misinformation and lies in line with RedTape's agenda, aggressively shifting the blame for attacks on Remnant Fleet staff. Both on his main account and on his alt, after the main one was banned.

He well knew we were reproducing the exploits in TFO to test if our patches for it work, to secure the project before release, because he was participating in that activity himself. Then he pastes an irrelevant screenshot of MrSteyk's doings from March 12th.

He well knew we were reproducing the exploits in TFO to test if our patches for it work, to secure the project before release, because he was participating in that activity himself. Then he pastes an irrelevant screenshot of MrSteyk's doings from March 12th.

At the same time he goes out of his way to give us tips on how to handle the situation a day after their doc was released:

But... you were the guy who messaged him in the first place.

What is this guy playing?

Now, could he be the guy the community was looking for all along? We don't know that. While his actual activity is pretty damning and he is more suspicious than all of us combined could have ever been, keeping in mind the mistakes that were made by the community in the past (both allegations against us and J.O.), we cannot form such a verdict. Instead, we will leave those screenshots for the judgement of the reader. It is, however, very suspicious on why would the document authors cooperate with this guy, seeing all of this, and not considering it an issue in the slightest*.

*before he started bragging about attacking Titanfall 2 servers publicly on October 9th (but already talking of these exploits in CSGO)

However, it is certain that this guy knew the exploit that produces the exact same lag effect in CSGO, as we have seen happen in Titanfall. Since Titanfall's engine code doesn't have any patches from the upstream Source since around 2013, it is safe to assume with almost full certainty that these vulnerabilities do exist in this engine as well. He did factually attack Titanfall 2 the same way as well.

We do have to admit though, that if he indeed is the guy who could be helping Jeanue all along ever since he got the "DoS" attack working, it would be a pretty interesting outcome. It would mean that he had indeed fooled absolutely all of us.

More ridiculous accusations and immediately coming to conclusions without understanding anything

This was shared by iiishiii in Creator Circuit. The detachment from reality of the conclusions drawn here is just off the charts and it's one of the funnier screenshots here.

  1. So that's done by the people who say doxxing is bad, and yet they do the same thing?
  2. Congratulations on finding MrSteyk's public YouTube channel. He was never trying to hide his Apex hacking adventures in the first place.
  3. Now this is the most ridiculous part. Basically, he uploaded a video of playing a gamemode that wasn't yet released publicly, but was already in the game files. Thus titling the video "QA@Respawn" is a painfully obvious joke. From this they drew a whole conclusion that he had to work at Respawn, broke the NDA by sharing that video, and were questioning why would they even hire him. And the worst part is that they're dead serious about it again. The real QA/internal builds would have a few watermarks on the screen too, which his video does not have.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got him, he was one year older than we thought! Except you did not. If you want to do a word catch, at least check what words you're referring to. p0358 has never said MrSteyk was underaged. He did state that MrSteyk was still a teenager, and that stands true. One is a teenager until they hit 20. Try better next time.

Seriously, this a sample of their super-secret "extra" evidence. Some info found on google's first page, trying to catch someone by a word without first checking what the word was, and unironically believing someone is a QA at Respawn, just because that person wrote "QA@Respawn" in their video title. Respawn must be very happy about the misinformation you're spreading by telling them someone they're looking for is among them. If this is the info that they consider to be confirmed and not a speculation, then we're really afraid to think what else was on their google doc mentioned at the bottom.

Accusing more and more people of being jeanues, devolving further into insanity

Nice fairly tale, but let's now get back to reality and see what really did happen.

So Taskinoz was looking around ConVars in Titanfall 2 engine. This is not hard to do and there are multiple methods anyone can do it, from dumping strings from the library, through finding a dump on the internet, to just using the Icepick modding tool that enables an in-game console. And he did notice that a ConVar named "matchmaking_hostname" exists. Which was not a secret knowledge in the first place, since some people were changing this ConVar already in the past to play on dev servers, which were free of attacks at that time.

He noticed that the value of it is the domain "". So seeing "pc" in there, he tried inserting "ps4" in its place and checked if such subdomain also exists. To no surprise, it did. Thus he shared his wonder if it could be used to play on PS4 servers. That's it. That's literally all he did.

They have accused him of having admin access to Stryder, of "finding exploit that took PS4 down" and of supplying Jeanue with supposed information on how to take down PS4, their proof being that PS4 simply went down at similar time back then.

This just once again proves how they have zero clue what they're talking about. Zero. Obviously the existence of multiple Stryder subdomains for all platforms was a painfully common and obvious knowledge for anyone reverse engineering that game, and possessing such knowledge means nothing on its own. Unless you want to say that just because someone knows a domain "" exists, means they hacked Google. Pretty ridiculous, isn't it? And the existence of those subdomains was always obvious to Jeanue as well, because it really doesn't take a genius to think of supplying "ps4" in place of "pc".

The mention of "wall hack" refers to an old incident where Taskinoz found a dev feature in game that shows player names above their heads or something like that. He immediately shared his findings on Discord being excited about the discovery, without first thinking through that these names are always visible no matter whether a player is visible on screen or no, making it a kind practically of half-assed wallhack. Wanty, a then-admin, has noticed that and immediately removed that message, giving Taskinoz a warning. People make mistakes, but they now felt the need to bring that back and suggest he's a malicious cheater based on that, also mentioning "more shady practices" without further elaborating on that.

It is pretty sad, because Taskinoz was yet another person who did try to help this community to the extent he could. He is the author of the "streamer mode" for Titanfall 2 that did hide all player names in the game, making it much harder for attackers to track down the game that is being played by a streamer and the account that they use. And it's another person that was played by NoSkill and accused of being a Jeanue helper, based purely on their delusion.

The second person mentioned is Vitalised. No wonder he also became the target, given how he didn't hesitate to make jokes of their ridiculous accusations. But what did he do?

For little context, we need to talk about dev servers in Titanfall 2. It was found out once upon a time that a separate realm of servers hosted on a separate Stryder instance exist. They were free of Jeanue attacks at the time, and thus many people have played on them. The separation meant that the player persistent storage (where your level, generations, inventory, everything about the player) was obviously also separate.

But there was one big problem. In order to decrease the traffic and reliance on the main storage services, the servers do transfer player storage directly to the new server when a player joins a new servers from the old one, for example when entering or leaving a match. The problem was, if someone accepted an invite to a new server while being on a dev server, the clean profile from the dev storage would get transferred to the public server, and later override the existing storage from the public realm. In other words, if you accidentally accepted such an invite, your account would basically be reset.

And there was another thing: dev servers had Source engine's "sv_cheats" convar enabled, and allowed anyone to execute any script. And Vitalised did use that loophole in order to restore the generations for some people who desperately begged for that.

Little did he know, you're apparently not supposed to help anyone in this community, and thus he became another target, apparently being another evil mercenary with admin access on Stryder. Obviously he did, given Taskinoz was lambasted for simply noticing a domain name used by the game. It's logical the self-righteous self-proclaimed judges would not let Vitalised's act go unnoticed.

These two events have led a few content creators to dispute what was going on, seeing how NoSkill and iiishiii behave from front seats, ending up in them getting removed from CC and a drama being started there. Because one is not supposed to dispute iiishiii's words. It's a lack of respect to not agree with everything she says and pat her on the back no matter her actions.

Furthermore, Vitalised spreading false claims of them doxxing people? Did you see in the section above that they literally shared MrSteyk's real name*? Nonetheless, this conversation is one of the things the claim was probably based on:

The big irony of them doxxing people is how they always proclaimed to be against any kind of doxxing and harassment. They always criticized actions of anyone who tried to say anything wrong to real Jeanue, underlining they can't know for sure if it's them. But now suddenly they're sure? They're against harassment, but they started the biggest witch hunt the Titanfall community has ever seen? The level of their hypocrisy is really just hard to comprehend.

The cult of iiishiii. Shameless lies, manipulations and deception

The behavior of iiishiii and some people around her does deserve its own separate section.

It's hard to comprehend and summarize all the lies, deceptions and manipulations conducted by her. She creates this kind of mystic and cryptic atmosphere around her words, and acts like some kind of ultimate martyr, sacrificing herself for sins of the community. And people around her are only patting her on the back.

No need for ironclad evidence to form an ironclad opinion is clearly how most have acted after their report's release. Not much needs to be added on the screenshots above.

Let's take a look at a couple of messages in Remnant Fleet on early September, when she felt the need to join after her name was mentioned.

It is a pretty bold request coming from someone who is trash-talking people both in private and public, one of the authors of a manipulative document.

But this isn't the most interesting claim here. She goes as far as to claim that she doesn't care about a person's actions at all, in this case of p0358. Honestly this is pretty insane. Requesting to put her name on a document for credibility and some attention, but not even caring if anything stated in it is correct at all?

Another thing needs to be cleared up here. iiishiii did not personally speak to p0358 after the Apex attack happened at all (she did however remove some of the messages from the private message channel with him in order to make some messages look very out of place). It does remain a fact that p0358 and RedShield had nothing to do with the Apex attack and learnt of it after it was already happening — exactly the same as you did.

However, you seem to have forgotten about this conversation from Creator Circuit server:

You did not want to know who the attackers were in the first place. You were informed that it's known who they are per your own request, right on the spot. Why now claim that anyone did lie to you?

Again, she underlines she does not care to know what is the truth. She always has her own "truth" and seems that she will do everything to prove to be right.

How did p0 play you, where did he lie, why is that not mentioned? Again, mentioning that supposedly people in CC were mad at him for "things he said". What were those things? Why was it never brought up or mentioned to him or on the server? Why were these supposed concerns never cleared up, not even a slight suggestion given anywhere, if there really was any problem?

Unless by "in this server" you meant Remnant Fleet and the document. Then you very well knew what you're doing. Putting sensational captions, cropping the out-of-context screenshots even more out of context and mislabeling them. Playing on emotions by including some bullshit stories of 6 years old kids crying unable to play and the like (besides, what kind of parent allows such kids to play games like that). To be clear, we do understand the situation in these games is impacting to people. But to throw all of that onto us was just nothing else than a low emotional manipulation. Should we really bring up then the hundreds of messages telling us to kill ourselves and the like that we received as a direct result of your actions?

The twist and volume of the RedTape report's screenshots was so big that not many people have even reviewed them in the first place either way. They instead got mad at what YOU have told them about them. At what YOU claimed in the introduction to the document, allegations that found no backing in the screenshots whatsoever. Trusting that what was said is truth — it has to be if it's backed by such "reputable" and "respected" members of the community, right? You would not fool everyone, including Respawn by sending them fake information, right? Counting that they can be sued to laugh at them and even claiming that "extradition process is almost finalized" at some point? You realize that slander is a serious crime, had someone been to end up in court because of your lies?

Yes, you do have a screenshot of him saying "trolling streamers would be interesting xd". You didn't care to think of the timeframe it was posted at. How could someone know months before how this would age for Titanfall 2 community? Obviously nobody could. Why do you even assume "trolling" equals "not allowing any single streamer to play a particular game for months" in the first place?

Maybe you don't realize, but "trolling streamers" for normal people means stuff like this (which are just simply funny for everyone, including the streamer):

Why always assume and want the worst possible? It's not healthy.

Also, iiishiii has a very weird definition of respect. Apparently having a different opinion or questions on the Creator Circuit is disrespectful, even if you're not attacking or insulting anyone. But saying "fuck You" seems perfectly respectful, since "You" was written with the capital letter after all, right?

Ignore "bad resolve" here, it's wanderer's alt account spreading misinformation.

Oh, is that so? Then why didn't you use that time to verify your information? To ask yourself if you're correct at all? To try to understand the meaning of the messages you were looking at, at all? Why didn't you ask anyone involved if you didn't? Well, it seems that because you did WANT these things to be true. Such a simple explanation to everything, the least complicated. Let's just lambast innocent people, because it'd be convenient if this was them, right? But don't look into the materials too much, don't try asking anyone about the things you don't understand, because of the subconscious fear that it might turn out it's not right. And you'd again have no trail. Just like we don't really have much trail of the real attackers. But it was convenient to think it could be this easy to find them.

You got so many screenshots of us, because we never really did anything wrong in the first place. We had no reason to hide or feel any shame. We were the transparent ones all along the way. Yes, except of not throwing the Russian hackers right in the mouths of tens of thousands of hungry sharks on the Apex hack day. But you knew that. They never really tried to hide it too much either. You wanted to expose them for that? Sure, the doc could have been max 5 pages long. Even though the screenshots that you have shown actually didn't prove they did it either. But they did confess to it. Because they're honest. And you didn't want to understand any of these screenshots and conversations in the first place.

You, on the other hand, in your "transparency" have missed how Wanty was persuading p0358 to actually kill Titanfall 1 on Xbox One forever, unironically. And what was his excuse at that time — to "test us", "see if we were really telling the truth"? Yes, p0358 always knew what Jeanue was missing to attack Xbox One. And he protected this knowledge so much, he never mentioned anything even in the trusted channels. If he wasn't this careful, Xbox One would be a dead platform for Titanfall 1 now. And what would Wanty tell these people? That he wanted to test if a gun can shoot? That they'd from now on NEVER play their favorite game? Because he wanted to carelessly test something? And doom their game forever in the process?

Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?

But an attempt of any explanation is unsurprisingly met with an immediate "Cya".

Just as usual using some mystic words with zero concretes. "You bad, me good, bye".

p0358: You know what? I also trusted you. I could never anticipate you'd be trying so hard to look at my every word and joke everywhere trying so hard just to understand it in a negative way. I don't think you're the one whose trust was betrayed there. I was always honest with you — regrettably also I guess? Since my genuine honesty was turned against me, in the worst imaginable way, it's still hard for me to understand 'till the present day. Out of just my will to help on this situation, having hoped that time Respawn would finally do something, yet again.

You are abusing your position of trust and influence that you have (had?) to spread very serious allegations that you don't even seem to care about if they're true or not, you're very actively engaged in these actions. And you have the audacity to complain that people started calling you out? You can be threatening people to stay silent up to some point, but there is a limit. Do not be surprised that more and more people around you have started seeing what are you doing.

Let's take a look back at some messages in Creator Circuit:

Again, baseless claims of lies, even though everything that was said was true, including the things that were shared during the very first convo with Shiring. You never presented any arguments as to why would you believe any of that info was wrong. We would like to hear that. Calling suspect's ex who says she knows nothing and to piss off does not refute or explain the direct connections described in the Jeanue section in any way.

It seems that further on, the mismatch between the time spent on Titanfall by p0358 and alleged lack of care didn't tick anything. It's followed by a further conspiracy on the timing. But the explanation for that part was simple. p0358 wanted to finish that article that he was procrastinating on for a long time, to release it before he goes on holidays, of which he told everyone, and you were aware as well. Figuring out that if the article gets released beforehand, the game could get fixed two weeks earlier. Of course it did not age well, since you created a whole hell in this community, and Respawn decided to ignore the article altogether. But none of this could have been predicted. He wanted to help and he naively counted that Respawn does want to finally fix Titanfalls after finally releasing some server update. You didn't figure the vacation is also why he didn't notice the lack of access to the server? Pretty limited reasoning for someone who claims to know everything and more than anyone else.

The google doc that you mention? The police packet that has all the personal information on Jeanue? It was indeed pretty bold to leak that, while claiming you're all against doxxing and harassment, we gotta admit. The document was only ever shared to trusted parties, and you decided to drop it publicly. Thankfully the share link could be disabled afterwards. Because that information was only ever meant to be shared with authorities and Respawn/EA.

Also, speaking of "coincidences" in timing when mentioning things in range of weeks or months is pretty laughable. Though not surprising anymore after they lynched taskinoz, after he happened to mention PS4, and some time afterwards PS4 was attacked. Simply "irrefutable" proof. Tell you what, if you were the one to find out the situation about before-mentioned J.O. and how everything did align precisely against him, you'd probably hang him right on spot — and he did turn out to be innocent.

But let's focus on the messages highlighted in blue, they sound pretty incriminating, don't they? p0 not giving shit at all about Titanfall? Now let's take a look at how this conversation really looked like:

So, p0358 did post a link to his article, right after publish, "everything on a plate", all fixes.

But iiishiii... removed it. So p0358 responded sarcastically, "it doesn't need to reach Respawn, Titanfall could always stay ddosed [if you want so] xd", trying to question her intentions here — she supposedly wants the game to get fixed, so why in the world would she remove an article with list of fixes, one that's supposed to finally accomplish exactly that goal?

Then she follows with a picture of... what, confirming she's purposefully harming herself as a Titanfall player by removing it? Everyone was confused about it. Though of course after some time the reason became apparent, they were already planning to frame him. The article instructing Respawn on how to fix the game was a clear threat to the community believing her lies, so it was unfavorable to let it spread — because why would someone who's claimed to supposedly "want the game to die" write a guidance on how to fix it all?

p0358: Yeah, I remember that after this occurrence. I worked on this article for a few nights and was so happy to finally share it, genuinely counting that after Respawn updated their servers first time in years, this might be the final solution to fix the jeanue situation, that this time will be different from before and that there is an actual chance they'll implement the proper fixes. But I was met with the article being immediately removed and it felt like a punch to the face. I remember that after this bike picture was posted, I asked a few people what the fuck is going on in PM, because I genuinely didn't understand what was going on, and nobody had a clue either. A discussion about the article was started some time later, after it was pasted by others enough that it wasn't really viable to remove it and shut it down. Someone mentioned she's probably afraid of IP grabbers, and I just went with that. It didn't end up raising any red flags for me, iiishiii was frequently acting kinda weird, so I just forgot about it, I wasn't one to hold some kind of grudges against people or judge their behavior. But well, little did I knew they were planning to frame me into being the attacker myself, lol...

Now having that explained, let us remind you of this quote once again:

And p0 told me the day he published his fixes.., Respawn didn't have to see his fixes, TF2 could stay broken. He didn't give a shit at all.

A shameless lie or a complete lack of understanding of written words? Really hard to tell what's worse.

We mentioned how nobody was comfortable sharing any kind of disputing opinion in Creator Circuit or questioning anything iiishiii said or did. Let's take a look why:

Somebody disagreed on a productive discussion being shut down in the middle just because a "very scary" command prompt screenshot was posted. They were met with passive aggression and an immediate threat of removing them from the server. This is how stuff was handled in Creator Circuit under the command of iiishiii. The queen and the bees.

Let us continue. The following announcement was posted in September, after iiishiii re-joined Creator Circuit and before she has left it again:

While we won't comment on the drama and discussions from CC, because they do diverge from our situation, some things should be commented.

Dragging people through the mud when they aren't there to defend themselves.

Bold words for someone who did exactly that. You did silently remove people from Remnant Fleet from Creator Circuit and then did proceed to shamelessly shit on them and lie about them, without them even knowing and being able to defend themselves. They were not running away from you like you were running away from them and everyone else — claiming you want to hear their side of the story, but leaving every time they tried to share it with you. You never gave them any chance to defend themselves, neither before or after "RedTape" was published. What you're saying here is simply insolent. All that while talking something about respect. No, it is not respectful to spread lies about someone if you're using polite (yet passive aggressive) words, let's get this straight.

And again some mystic "truth" is being hidden. Perhaps it's better it wasn't shared, given what we've seen already before.

See? You didn't know everything at all. You've seen the agenda NoSkill wanted to give you, out of their dislike towards Remnant Fleet and whole Titanfall 1 community. But you did take that agenda, and pushed it full speed.

Yes, p0358 and RedShield remained in CC as things were developing. If you didn't get the whole truth, you should have asked them about their opinion or perspective. But you did not. Because sadly the real reason they were kept on the server was to raise zero suspicion of the action you want to pull off, to let it have the biggest possible impact, when nobody expects it.

Wait a second... two screenshots above you just said that you'd do everything again and that you stand behind every decision. Here you say you wouldn't agree to anything at all had you known the whole truth?

And yes, Wanty did have the access to Remnant Fleet channels as the only one back then. And it does seem he turned all of you against us. With how he kept repeating the community is looking at us, they look at what we're saying, it just seems that he was envy of that — given Remnant Fleet had more members and spotlight, even if it was partly due to his decisions. But it seems that once Titanfall 2 started getting attacked, Titanfall 1 community and everything around it became an unneeded part of the chain and an unnecessary ballast.

But once again, you never questioned his claims, despite being aware there was some beef between the two servers, resulting in Remnant Fleet being excluded from project.

Also, you do admit the reasons you wanted your name to be put on their document in the first place. And these reasons do not put you in a good light at all.

Now going back a little to some points brought up earlier.

Regarding the first message: oh please, she's not infallible like an oracle, even assuming the reputation and trust.

Regarding the rest, yeah, MrSteyk did test the overflow error on March 12th and he had gone a little too far at that day, admittedly. But obviously the error message was the same as the one Jeanue's attacks, because he was trying to replicate what he was doing and find out how. By the way, the messages around it were leaked by NoSkill, including how he did it. We nowadays do know that Jeanue was doing it some other way all along.

As for being told it's Jeanue, obviously, even the attackers referred to themselves as "Jeanue". All members of their group, because this is how they eventually became known and referred as. And this comes from the fact that other people were always changing their names, but the person named "jeanue" joined them on that fairly late, and was previously known for his cheating behavior (speedhacking + shittalking in lobbies). Not sure what "file" is referring to, so cannot comment on that.

We have shown all the clues that justify the presence of 3 people. We nailed down their non-VPN IP addresses and confirmed their usage between the game and p0358's website. His website confirmed the link between those IPs and the VPN IPs used to also attack the game through cookies. Jeanue section elaborates on how details of one of the suspects were found. And you just say it's all wrong just because. It seems that you cannot dispute how connections around these people were found, because you understand none of that. You just shifted your belief towards distrust, because it's what NoSkill told you, without understanding it themselves as well. Truly a comedy.

What ExponentSky2669 brought up here is partly fair enough. The only problem is, iiishiii isn't able to handle or understand all of the information about it either! But convinces everyone including herself it seems that she is. And that's a problem.

Now let's comment on the "facts":

  1. Maybe it is. You're implying all "hackers" are the bad blackhats. Putting everyone here in one bag is not fair. Most of the modders fall under the definition of "hackers". And Titanfall community really doesn't have that many around it, compared with many other games.
  2. I suppose this can be agreed with to a certain extent. But we really needn't had to been put through all this drama by you.
  3. You mean that video about Titanfall 1 attackers by UEG? No, he did start his lookout from within Creator Circuit. And what exactly you told him did influence his videos a lot, for example your strong belief of a conspiracy theory around Jeanue being a former Respawn worker. Get real, he wasn't and Respawn just doesn't care about Titanfall, there isn't much more to it. The fact that he claimed so while trolling does not change that. All these conspiracy theories really aren't helping with anything.
  4. Good, there's enough proof on it of our clean intentions. Just open your eyes instead of cherry-picking singular messages and refusing to look what's around them.
  5. Okay, and why would they? If they're not stupid, they will see our innocence. But you threw at them all these fake leaks, and instead of just simply fixing the damn game, they have to spend all the resources on reviewing all this information. And such a work undoubtfully takes much more than if they simply fixed the bugs that are being exploited.
  6. You seem to be connecting together a few distinct things here. Jeanue attacks? I think everyone was aware of them. If you mean how early we were made aware, people would simply send to us any anomalies they encountered in Titanfall 2 — some of which later did turn out to indeed be Jeanue testing his "toys". Completely separate is the stupid discussion about "what if" we took Titanfall 2 down to spread awareness about Titanfall 1 that RedShield was pushing, a discussion that wasn't serious in the first place either. You completely missed that after thorough discussion of all arguments, it was deemed to be the most stupid thing that could have been done, that all the possible potential positives are just potential and heavily outweighed all the disadvantages that were brought up. After eventual backlash from literally everyone on that channel, including p0358, Red did step down from this idea, saying it's out of question, not even as "plan B", after which the thread died with a comment from p0358 that we should focus on some positive work instead. All of this was already commented in the "evidence" response section. Thing is — it was so stupid precisely because we were already doing early work on TFO back then. So it made ZERO sense to pull off extreme measures like that to bring awareness to Titanfall 1 and get Respawn to fix it, while we were in the process of making something superior to it and DID NOT NEED it in the first place. So why in the world did Red bring this up at all? We don't know what. It does seem that the lack of sense around it made NoSkill assume it was about TFO, but it was not. In the discussion it was specifically mentioned that doing something like that would be the single worst possible thing to do while being the people behind such a project as well. And basically with all of us saying how terrible of an idea it would be eventually to do something like this, they somehow claimed that we "wanted" to do something like this. Reading comprehension skills are clearly lacking on your side.

"What does that tell me?" — nothing. Because that error was something Jeanue was causing in the first place and something that tried to be replicated in the Fleet, in order to know what we're standing on! Because back in 2019 such knowledge did let us make a client-side patch and resume playing! Because having the knowledge we could pass on the info to Respawn! (okay, they'd ignore it anyways, but still)

It's as if some guy with a blue shirt pushed you on stairs. So you'd later find any first guy with a blue shirt and claimed: ha, it's this fucker! The color of the shirt matches!

So was this seriously all your "proof" of that?

Because the streamer that MrSteyk did the thing to on March 12th was not you.

Skipping all the other manipulation, yes, of course you didn't get lucky with fixes and it was not a coincidence. It was hundreds of damn hours lost reverse engineering this game to find out what it all was. Only to be later ungratefully shat on by you.

We should have just left this game like most people did and not care. Not our business, right? But we did care. And apparently no good deed goes unpunished. A lesson for the future, presumably...

Oh yes, seems it didn't age well, because the game is still broken. Perhaps they should had implemented fixes from p0358 instead?

We didn't give Respawn a file full of conspiracy theories.

No, you did exactly that.

Random ips, and a bunch of connect the dots.

And in your case no dots were connecting, indeed. Nothing added up in your theories.

You filled them with all this misinformation and what did you achieve? We got hundreds of hateful messages and death threats, most of which addressed at p0358 who was the most innocent one out of all mentioned. And what did that give you? Are you satisfied with the witch hunt that you have created? Because clearly it did not help either Respawn or the state of the game.

Would our info on the attackers help Respawn in any way? We don't know that, but it's you who asked us for all of it in the first place. You seem to be in strong denial about this fact.

When I initially spoke to Shiring on April 1st, guess who helped gather info for me to help with that convo… p0.

p0358: Yeah, I regret wasting time on that, it didn't improve the situation in any way and Shiring didn't even work at Respawn anymore. But you did reach out and I wanted to help.

Looking at this does bring up emotions. How can someone be so self-rightous while being so wrong? Truly enraging.

You don't care about convos, but facts? Then why base all your claims out of some cropped out convos whose context or meaning you don't understand? Doesn't make any sense.

Yes, the old racist Jeanue is the exact same group of people. There are enough connections to prove that. And you did not explain why any of them are wrong, zero arguments to back your claim once again.

You eliminated Doge from the equation on Apex hack for good reasons? Again great research on your part, because he was a part of it.

Battlefront 2? Some random person putting this up on his client for a meme? Yes, we remember that, and?

Yes, we didn't realize that the Battlefront ("a second game") screenshot was simply photoshopped at that time. You should have realized that two weeks afterwards as well, if everyone else did realize it too.

And another twisted bunch of deductions that didn't age well, because it was those that you have excluded that did it. Those who you claimed to not know anything about the Apex hack were the ones who actually did perform it. And you only know this now, after RedTape was published, because they did confess to it.

But this right here, said after the doc release, just proves that you had absolutely NO IDEA who even did the Apex hack whatsoever. You just threw everyone and everything to one bag and basically told the community "they're responsible for all evil in this game, now eat them alive".

I can't go on feelings or assumptions

You're going ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY based on feelings and assumptions, it's pretty evident at this point.

About those blacklists and gamertags, you ignore the fact that people who didn't show their name anywhere on their streams also got blacklisted — so clearly no presence on the server or former knowledge of the gamertag was needed. But it doesn't add to your agenda, so you ignore it. Fact is that Jeanue was finding people through pattern matching and checking which players meet all the conditions, which only left him eventually with one possibility — and it wasn't a rocket science to figure out for anyone with a brain. This is simply literally the only method he could have used for that.

Now, to answer the specific question: what do you have if anything to prove it’s p0 or whoever?

Glad that you mentioned that, too bad you forgot to answer this question at all.

That's a typical manipulative technique that politicians love to use — if someone asks a question, pretend that you're about to respond to it, but talk about something entirely irrelevant, avoiding answering the question itself in any way, overload the other party with many words, and leave them uncertain on whether any answer was actually given. In this case, a total shift from the question to some cheap play on emotions.

Think for yourselves. Form your own opinions. Just, be careful.

Be careful — because if your opinion isn't "valid" and in line with what it should be right now, you will risk being removed from that discord server?

As of that conversation with jeanue on the screenshot, seriously? xD Jeanue asking p0358 about something is a proof p0358 did anything?

There was a question from Jeanue about blacklist interjected between p0 responding to the claim of 3 accounts. Nowhere in that screenshot is a response to the blacklisting question that iiishiii has claimed there is. Seriously that's all the base of your claims? This is either a lack of basic reading skills or just a lie.

It's normal in a conversation with someone that people split their thoughts into multiple messages and thus a new message can be injected in between messages relating to something else. Most people who ever conversated online should be well aware of it.

p0358: If you cared to look around at all, the conversation at that point was about one of the cheaters who was proud of his acts enough to brag about his cheating on a YouTube channel with his real name and to also share those videos later on his Facebook account. And I never hid the fact that I used to mess with some cheaters in-game back in 2018, to stop them from messing up the game for others and making regular players quit, and maintained a list of known cheaters along with their usernames, user IDs and links to the evidence of cheating. A questionable act, perhaps, but I did this because I didn't want Titanfall 1 to die. And its population did start to decline rapidly due to the rise of those cheaters, when there was nowhere else to go to avoid them.


jeanue questions p0's actions

Perhaps he did that. He's one of the cheaters after all. Definitely won't appreciate that someone is trying to get rid of the likes of him. Good to know you're vouching for cheaters' free hand, then, if you bring this up?

The sensitive information you request, much of that directly supports this.

Oh yes, in that conversation file there were even more misunderstandings about its contents, coolcryptid did later shed some light on one of them and how your group understood it. Basically p0358 was mocking jeanue for his complete inability to even make a proper HTTP request to the point jeanue left the server out of frustration, which they claimed was "p0358 helping jeanue". The "REDACTED" sensitive requests mentioned were simply the requests that the game literally makes every time you press the "PLAY" button on the main menu. And his inability to even reproduce such a request was simply laughable. Perhaps you could know this if you asked someone competent about it, but all of those were distrusted as "hackers" after all...

Now if all these public lies weren't enough, iiishiii, as we mentioned, was engaging numerous times in spreading lies about us in private, where it was harder to be questioned by the witnesses:

Blaming "tufi" on hacks was a meme, it was always obvious for everyone. Tufi himself used to even encourage attributing various hacks to him.

Now the claims about p0358...

p0358: Hating Gaze and Vitalised, seriously? xD Perhaps you're projecting your own feelings towards them on others. I didn't even know or hear of Vitalised ever before that drama, nor did he know about me, first time we spoke was after you disowned him for a set of lies against him. I guess congratulations on uniting the community? But it was most likely a manipulative act meant to discourage them from talking to me — because one might accidentally get the whole picture and form their actual own opinion by talking to both sides. 🙊

It's pretty ironic that this is carried out by one of the authors of a "transparency" document.

The amount of misinformation and manipulations presented by iiishiii so far is deemed enough, if we were to paste and comment on every single lie, it would take half of the document.

She was also well aware of the p0358's vacation all the time and laughed about it, when p0358 had to sit at his room with a laptop and tried to understand what is going on and respond to people instead of sitting at the beach, ending up with a fever from the whole situation. Joyful indeed.

Before we call it off, we should share one more thing, from a conversation with one of her moderators. Names censored to not put the participants at the crosshair.

That conversation sums up the situation around iiishiii pretty well, not much to add to it.

We could also mention the "Big Apex" conspiracy meme that was shared in Creator Circuit by someone to cheer people up, but instead taken by iiishiii fully unironically, with her starting a crusade against the made-up conspiracy and a search for its members. But let's save the readers from the cringe and second hand embarrassment we've felt following that story, and finish this section here.

iiishiii's complete lack of understanding and the confidence to speak on the matters as if she knew more than everything at the same time is truly just astonishing.

Short summary of their deduction skills

Let's summarize some of the "irrefutable" arguments that were carried out by NoSkill and iiishiii in the sections above:

*despite actually being guilty

What was that they said, "not based on assumptions or feelings"?

Hiding their heads in the sand

Seeing how nothing adds up in their report, they seem to be trying to silently retreat. But without admitting to any mistakes they've made or trying to clear things up.

Wanty was the first one to get snapped back to reality by the screenshots of his messages that have seen the dust blown off of them immediately following their document release. He at least did admit their existence right away and ended up leaving the community soon after, but without commenting much on it (really his excuses were making it even worse, so we'll skip commenting on them in order to not kick the lying one).

However, the rest didn't feel it's high time to stop and have continued their actions for over a month, further shooting their feet and getting rid of the remaining shreds of perceived credibility among more and more people.

Though upon realizing the range of their mistakes, they opted to cover the situation up. Coolcryptid has before deleted all his reddit comments around the situation, now he deleted his whole account and wiped discord DMs.

The website has been completely taken down as well (by the way, is DirectXeon silently suggesting the document that was also shared there isn't really valid?)

Interestingly enough, all the announcements Wanty has made related to the situation, including his attribution to the screenshots showing his sins and including his "transparency package" with all the messages, are also gone from NoSkill's announcements channel — though to be fair that package itself was also a privacy violation for many people involved and shouldn't had been shared in the first place.

Nobody however has the courage and dignity to admit they were wrong and apologize to those who were slandered and wronged by them.

There's also the last person remaining — iiishiii — who on the other hand just pretends to be done with everything. Her "I'm out" has become a catch phrase at this point. But these actions are meant to just deceive people. To be able to trash-talk people from the backseat and continue all her actions, playing the first fiddle, but try to avoid any responsibility should they end up getting exposed for all their wrongdoing (which this document tries to achieve). She passed the ownership of Creator Circuit to someone else, but tries to do a backseat moderation on it at the same time and then even demanded its deletion, and is trying to turn everyone against her targets silently in private messages. Everything she says at this point is one big deception. And it sadly seems unlikely to change, so long as people will support her in that and let her stay in her bubble of delusion.


The authors of the RedTape document, through their reckless, irresponsible behavior, have created an unbelievable soap opera via their sheer ignorance. While trying to claim some mantle of unifying the community against the "bad guys", they've done more damage than the bad guy himself in many ways. We can promise you that when RedTape dropped and the real Jeanue was seeing the fallout within the community — he was gloating big time.

Virtually every single claim NoSkill / RedTape have made has been false. They're also ironically guilty of almost all of the things they've accused others of.

Furthermore, their actions have directly impacted the state of the games and the chances of them ever getting fixed, by:

Nobody in this community has ever helped the attackers before more than the RedTape document authors, and their actions should never be forgotten, especially when they try to silently disappear and pretend nothing has happened. Once again: Wanty, coolcryptid, DirectXeon, iiishiii.

They explicitly warned some of us that some messages could be taken out of context and used maliciously against us, because that's exactly what they were doing. We're not sure what their motivation was, but these people cannot be trusted to provide any quality information. They did prove that they can destroy anyone if they want to, and people will just believe them.

When did we start pointing fingers and fighting with each other? Well iiish, we're really glad you asked actually, because we can answer that question. Precisely when you and your crew, via a lack of understanding, began accusing innocent modders left and right of being Jeanue and publishing false, extremely divisive, inflammatory reports. And rather than admit your mistake, you all followed that up with digging your heels in and continuing to point fingers, kick everyone from your servers for asinine reasons, and claim you have more evidence that will never see the light of day.

Your self-rightousness was impossible to be disputed by anyone. Those who tried to disagree or shared their doubts were threatened and bashed by the hivemind, being left with no choice but to stay silent, and those who refused to shut up and bow to your command ended up getting publicly lambasted, and you always did your best to turn everyone against them. "You're 100% with us or you're our enemy."

You were acting like some self-proclaimed judges who possess the ultimate knowledge on everything that nobody else can understand, but in fact you were the ones who understood nothing. Your "evidence" was all based on a total lack of understanding and the will to understand, on taking even the most obvious jokes and sarcasm literally, on twisting people's words in a desperate attempt of seeing wrong intentions where there were no wrong intentions.

You dismissed months if not years of work of many people in this community just like that, it all meant nothing to you. At the same time you have the audacity to teach others about respect to people, while by lack of respect you mean merely disagreeing with your actions. While you didn't hesitate in the slightest to start the biggest witch hunt and organized harassment the Titanfall community has ever seen in its history, against innocent people.

You did not care about the truth at all. You picked a thesis and tried to do everything to prove it against the facts. Aggressively rejecting any contrary opinions, because finding out what is the reality was not your goal. Acting completely insane.

And what was the goal? A mere chance you'd be right and it'd work? And for that to throw innocent people under the bus? While the real attackers only became more confident in their actions, with the whole blame shifted to exactly those who tried to defeat them.

It's really high time we speak up against all of that.

So much for "SaveTitanfall".

Wanty, coolcryptid, DirectXeon, iiishiii — you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Closing words to the community

As many have said, the community was tricked and lied to, indeed. But the other way around than they thought.

Those who claimed to present the ultimate reveal of the villains, did in fact lynch innocent people (those who did actually try to help Titanfall, to make things worse), and simply lied and made everything up (being only partially right about Apex hack, but also being a part of it no less than those whom they accused at the same time).

The community and the games of Titanfall have sustained major damage. With the absence of action from the game developers, people have jumped to their own throats. All while the real attackers had the laugh of their lifetime.

Nonetheless, after clearing stuff up, we hope we can eventually leave this drama behind. We did what was in our power to explain the content that was presented to everyone as "evidence", but that was for the most part simply unrelated or even a proof of actual innocence.

We hope this could be a lesson for people on thinking critically, be more careful with drawing conclusions based on pure intuition or what they just want to believe instead of facts.

If you still think we did harm the Titanfall games in any way after this, there is probably no saving for you. But we do hope we managed to explain what was happening in the last three years and what was just our part in trying to improve the situation of our favorite game.

If this still hasn't been stressed enough, Titanfall Online had nothing to do with it, their conspiracy theory around it is 100% false.

It is very sad that they so carelessly wanted to throw the months of work put on this project out of the boat for their own gain, truly disappointing.

But even though the community has been put at war and our reputation has been punctured, we hope the harmony can still be restored and the trust regained.

This is why we are starting a new modding-oriented Discord server for Titanfall — named Harmony.

In the Titanfall lore, Harmony is a planet that is home to the headquarters of Militia, a resistance organization formed to defend The Frontier against the greedy and evil corporation of IMC.

This is our land and we will fight for it!
— James MacAllan

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We would also like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout all of this.